Libra Rising: The Influence of Libra Ascendant on Personality

These natives make great companions, in and outside of love, always enthusiastic and willing.

Libra Rising

The Rising Libra natives will always look for balance and to have as much harmony in their life as possible. They don’t like a chaotic environment because they simply can’t get on with their lives if everyone is arguing or there isn’t order.

Expect them to be mannered, friendly and nice all the time, these being the main reasons why they make friends very easily. These people love the finest things in life, so it’s very possible for them to spend a lot of money on luxuries.

Libra Rising in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Considerate, persistent and gracious;
  • Weaknesses: Indecisive, sarcastic and directionless;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who is ambitious and quick to take on challenges;
  • Life Lesson for Libra Ascendant: Being more open to all sort of experiences.

Libra Rising personality

Just like the Sun Libras, Libra rising people are governed by Venus, which makes them graceful, elegant and true diplomats. Noble souls and kind people who appreciate value, they are however, a little bit spoiled.

Their indecisiveness will be fixed by their Sun and Moon signs, so the stronger and logical the Sun in the chart of Libra rising native, the more decisive and firm the individual.

However, because Libra is present, he or she will still have second thoughts about their decisions. Don’t think that if these natives are mannered, they are also weak as you’d be surprised to discover their toughness.

Often, they are reputable politicians who lead revolutions or protest injustice because all the Libras are preoccupied with matters of equality and fairness. They like to carefully think of their options, to plan and to correctly assess a situation before giving their opinion.

When someone opposes them, they slow their pace and start to become hesitant, indecisive and more opportunistic. They often prefer for others to make the big decision instead of them.

All Libra rising want the perfect romance to bring them pleasure and harmony. When their expectations aren’t met, they start to criticize and to ask for their partner to adjust to their way of thinking.

Their Descendant is Aries, which means they feel constrained to compromise when their lover is too assertive and more selfish. It would be essential for them to expressively ask of their other half to not be too pretentious or unfair if they want a harmonious relationship.

It wouldn’t be enough to just wait around for things to happen because only stating their opinions and engaging in conflict can really help them make a change.

Any romantic relationship should have an equal give and take, healthy competition being encouraged for the partners to reach their maximum potential. Libra rising are very good with words and honest.

It can be difficult to say if they’re in love or not because they simply can’t sugar coat people, not even their lover. Intelligent and observant, they immediately spot liars.

However, they will always be kind, mocking only people they don’t like or who have hurt them. When they are being mean, it would be better for their opponent to just walk away because they can make cruel remarks.

They would hate to bother anyone, so they’re always anxious not to say something wrong. Just like Venus, they’re interested in beauty and live a very artistic life.

When Libra is rising, the influence of the opposite Aries can be immediately felt. Therefore, the Libra rising natives will also be enthusiastic, full of life and interested in sex.

They won’t mind hitting on the people they like, but when settled, they will work hard to make the relationship work. A Fire sign, the Aries influences them to be surprising after the relationship has advanced a little bit.

They will want to go out and have fun, never having to deal with resentfulness and being the perfect party planners.

It would be ideal for them to work as politicians or in PR because they simply love hosting social gatherings. However, while sociable and open, they also have a quick temper that they mask with elegance and cheerfulness.

Whatever they will do for a living, they will simply shine and be loved by people for their Venus-like characteristics.

All the Libra rising know how to flirt and to make people feel good. They can raise the value of things, so opening up an antique shop is the greatest business idea they could think of.

In love, they have something special for the Cancer because is at their chart’s pinnacle, the Aries as it’s their opposite and the Capricorn, which happens to be in their Fourth House of family and home. While afraid of having responsibilities, they still want their own family. However, it’s more likely they will marry when older.

The physique of Libra Rising

Because Venus influences them the most, Libra rising will be very attractive and graceful. Their face is nicely shaped and the body proportional.

It’s possible for them to put on a little bit of extra weight in their fifties, but they will still have an elegant and upright posture. However, when young, they will surely be slim and look incredible.

Not to mention that their extra weight will look more like voluptuous curves, not as actual fat that just lays there on their body.

Their skin is truly incredible, having a color that can’t be seen in other people. When smiling, their white teeth that look like pearls will be revealed.

If they’ll be Caucasian, it’s very likely they will inherit their parents or grandparents’ blue eyes. The woman Libra rising will look a lot like Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess, when it comes to her body.

Because Libra belongs to the Air, you can be sure all the ascendants of this sign will always be kind and balanced. There’s something very attractive in the way they move, walk and dance.

The areas and organs of the body this sign rules are the kidneys, the behind and the skin. Venus has an influence over the thymus and the ovaries. Therefore, Libra rising should be more careful with their health when it comes to all these organs.

Libra Ascendant man

The Libra rising man will often be superficially involved in relationships because he simply doesn’t want to be single and can go only after looks.

It will take him some time to realize that sexiness is never that helpful for a romantic relationship.

He’s also traditional when it comes to the way he approaches love. As soon as he has found the lady with whom he can have something beautiful and harmonious, he’ll become the most faithful lover.

As a father, he’s caring and as a husband considerate. When making love, he likes to give more than he receives, allowing his partner to take the lead most of the time.

Libra Ascendant Man: The Polite Charmer

Libra Ascendant woman

The Libra rising woman has a lot of charm and is very intelligent. She’s very much like her male counterpart because she also hates being single. But she’s not the same when seeing someone very attractive because she’s looking for wit and smarts.

She would never judge or label people, so her partner can be sure she’ll all the time be fun. It’s tricky to get to know her romantically because she acts helpless one minute and controlling the other.

Her partner will think he’s in charge while she’ll make sure to have things done her way. Wanting peace and a good balance, she’s generous when making love, always returning the favors she has been granted.

Libra Ascendant Woman: The Harmony Seeker


You can count on the Libra rising to always be alluring, tasteful, elegant, beautiful, indecisive, friendly, imaginative, balanced, eager to please and not at all interested in catching the attention of the public.

They need all of their actions to be approved and supported by others. It’s very difficult for these natives to be alone because they simply love having company.

They usually give their best to please people because it makes them popular. But at the same time, they can be selfish. As they hate chaos and conflicts, they will say “yes” most of the time, just not to heat up things.

They normally see all the aspects of a problem before reaching to a conclusion and deciding what’s right. Analyzing and comparing is their favorite thing to do.

Very diplomatic and nice, they also pay a lot of attention to how they look, which means they will attract people more than others.

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