Libra Goat: The Thoughtful Judge Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Libra born in Goat year

Libra Goat
  • The Libra dates are between September 23 and October 22.
  • The Goat years are: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027.
  • These people prefer to put their life in a routine early on.
  • The Libra Goat woman is known to set high goals for herself.
  • With strong life principles, the Libra Goat man is hard to tempt.

You are sure to like the Libra Goat when you first meet them. They are optimistic people who are always curious about the world around them. Observant, active and intelligent, they can sometimes be too sensitive.

It couldn’t be said they are the most sociable people, but they aren’t unsociable either. They value their privacy and they take people just the way they are, without misinterpreting.

The balance of the Libra makes it possible for all the qualities of the Goat to surface. People born in these signs cam make good decisions about their life as they analyze people and situations very thoroughly before taking action.

The Gentle Libra Goat Personality

Libra Goats like to learn about everything without being too insisting. They have a great taste and they are refined persons who are appreciated by others for being discrete.

These guys don’t impose themselves and they attract with this quality. Open, Libras born in the year of the Goat want to be surrounded by peace and serenity.

They could get irritable and aggressive, but only when they’re debating. It’s because they have a need to be admired and appreciated for their opinions. Their observation skills and consideration for others make them good caretakers.

Top Characteristics: Admirable, Gentle, Observant, Cautious.

At home, they are respectful and they have a diplomacy that makes those around them want to reach the same balance and harmony they themselves desire. If they live in a place that is comfortable, Libra Goats can start making different pieces of furniture and elements of decoration by hand.

One of their main weaknesses is the fact that they aren’t confident enough. They like stability and routine, but they can’t stand the idea that they are going to be ordinary people for the rest of their life.

When something goes wrong, they easily get disappointed and start to no longer believe in themselves. Libra Goats are gentle, sensitive people.

They will always weigh in all the pros and cons before making a judgment. It is very rare that a Libra Goat does something without thinking about it first.

This would only happen when they have to decide about what to buy or what type of food to order. When it comes to important decisions, they are thoughtful and cautious.

Libra Goats are impulsive buyers. It is advised that they take a friend when they go out shopping as they can spend all their money on expensive things.

They aren’t that bad with managing their finances, but they tend to overspend. The Goat has a deep sensitivity that no one else knows about.

Only when combined with the Libra, this fragility comes to the surface. The fact that they aren’t self-confident is not the only weakness of Libra Goats. These people can also be very undisciplined. And this is another reason why they sometimes are broke.

Not that they aren’t good at budgeting, but they can forget to pay a bill once in a while. Not the most ambitious of the Libras, these Goats will work hard to obtain what they want in life.

Perfect careers for Libra Goat: Writing, Journalism, Politics, Music.

They are good friends who will listen to others’ problems. People love them for being reliable and nice. When they participate in big, lengthy projects, they can take a lot of time to complete the work.

They just need more time to apprehend what the project is all about, but as soon as they have understood it, they will make something great out of it.

One other weakness these people have is the fact that they are a little bit impulsive. Also, they are so caring and attentive with other people’s needs that they sometimes forget about their own.

It is normal for them to take problems that aren’t theirs and start focusing on them. When they do this, they become stressed and irritable and they upset their natural balance.

Which is not a good thing. When they don’t make use of methods to relieve stress, Libra Goats can become short-tempered and slightly angry.

Love – Revealed

It isn’t difficult for Libra Goats to be involved in relationships. They know how to deal with people and they are in search of their true love. Attractive and intelligent, people adore them.

They like to always be groomed and nicely dressed, thing that makes them even more attractive. Dependent on their life partners, Libra Goats don’t like being alone.

People born in the year of the Goat are known as being loyal and faithful. This means Libras born in this sign are great partners.

They are supportive with their loved ones, being also protective and loyal. While they appreciate being lonely and the calmness of the solitude, these guys aren’t that independent.

Most compatible with: Leo Pig, Gemini Rabbit, Aquarius Pig, Gemini Horse, Sagittarius Horse, Aquarius Rabbit.

They usually surround themselves with people in order to feel secure. Their loved ones need to take them into consideration.

They will even break their own rules for the purpose of being respected and loved by that special person in their life. Empathic characters, Libra Goats will understand what their other half is feeling.

They will be able to provide sound advice and great support to the person who deserves them. If you want to attract a person in these signs, try talking about social issues and the latest news.

Libra Goat Woman Characteristics

With incredible oratorical skills, the Libra Goat woman can convince anyone of anything. She is charming and a good communicator.

This means she will most likely be successful at everything that she will do in life. If she shares her successes with others, she will achieve even more.

Strong and ambitious, this lady sets high goals for herself. She’s hardworking and she combines confidence with a good sense of humor succeeding at fulfilling her dreams with these qualities.

The communication skills of the Libra Goat woman help her with her romantic relationships. It is recommended that she identifies what she’s good at and she works with that.

She also needs to exclude all the negative thoughts and focus only on positive things.

By the time she is mature, the Libra Goat woman will know which are her weaknesses and she will manage to reduce the impact of her negative traits in her life.

Celebrities under the sign of Libra Goat: Chevy Chase, Catherine Deneuve, Toni Braxton, John Krasinski, Ne-Yo.

Libra Goat Man Characteristics

Talented and intelligent, the Libra Goat man will achieve many great things if he works systematically.

He is good with business and he takes on the most challenging projects. His oratorical abilities make him a great manipulator, especially in romantic relationships.

Ruling his life after a set of principles, this guy differentiates himself from other people. He likes being in the center of attention and he can get very unhappy if things don’t go as he plans them.

Moody, the Libra Goat man can be a little bit unpredictable. This will impede him from having healthy relationship.

He cannot make decisions fast and he will be unstable financially, just like he is in general. It is advised that he evaluates his values and priorities in life. Expressing his feelings more often would be a great idea too.

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