Libra Ox: The Compassionate Listener Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Libra born in Ox year

Libra Ox
  • Libra people are born between September 23 and October 22.
  • The Ox years are: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021.
  • Contradictory at times, they would like to pursue a million paths at the same time.
  • The Libra Ox woman makes for an incredible business woman.
  • The creative Libra Ox man should explore his talents more.

The Libra Ox is constantly searching to become a better person. People born in Libra the Ox year are artistic and patient.

They retain the Ox’s calmness and they are always balanced when it comes to their emotions but they are also fair and will adapt to changes required by those around them.

The Good-Natured Libra Ox Personality

Empathic, the Libra Oxen understand what others may be feeling and they are friends with most people they meet.

Because they are so sociable and reliable, many would want to have them as friends. And it’s a great thing to have a Libra Ox as a friend. Libras are balance and perfection seekers.

They live their life after some strict principles and a set of rules meant to bring equilibrium and peace.

Interested in fashion and elegant outfits, they are sophisticated and they have great taste. The Libra will always want to have high quality things.

People born in this sign are also confusing as they live in a continuous contradiction. It is very difficult for them to make decisions fast because they always take the time to analyze and weigh all the aspects of a problem.

Top Characteristics: Friendly, Self-sacrificing, Enthusiastic and Idealistic.

Devoted friends, Libra people born in the Ox year will get defensive when criticized. They would gladly stand up for others, but when it comes to standing for their own good, they simply become less interested and feisty.

Chasing ideals and emotional, the Libra Ox knows how to make the most of life, enjoying it to the fullest.

Not trusting people that easily, people in Libra Ox prefer to distance themselves from others. As soon as they trust someone, they become the most loyal, self-sacrificing friends.

Sometimes they can tolerate more than it is allowed to by any moral rule. They also tend to engage in overwhelming activities, concluding along the way they cannot handle what they were supposed to do.

Don’t be surprised if you catch a Libra Ox napping at an important event. These people need a lot of sleep and they don’t feel good when they’re not getting it.

As far as finances go, the Libra Ox is the type of person who enjoys concentrating on work and business for the rewards. However, they are not workaholics.

Perfect careers for Libra Ox: Journalism, Athletics, Education and Research.

They understand life’s more than being stuck working towards a better financial future. They are the friendliest people you will ever get to know.

With colleagues, they’re always helpful and fair. Everyone feels comfortable and happy when around the Libra Ox.

Their diplomacy and friendliness makes them perfect for any social gathering either work or fun related. These people will have more friends than they would need.

Flexible and tolerant, the person born in Libra Ox year will forgive easier than other people. They don’t forget, but they forgive and allow those who betrayed them to have a second chance.

The fact that they are so friendly can be both an asset and a weakness. Some people will easily take advantage of them, while others will want to be their friends. A Libra Ox finds it difficult to say no.

Love – Exposed

Love with a Libra Ox person is something wonderful. These people have many pursuers, but they may find it difficult to settle down with someone.

They often have to rearrange everything in their lives in order to make room for a more serious relationship.

They will let their intuition rule them when they fall in love as they believe destiny is the one responsible for their love life.

If they feel right about someone, they will leave life follow its course and they’ll enjoy the ride.

If you happen to be in love with a Libra Ox, pay close attention to his or her emotions. Libra Ox people usually don’t tell what they are thinking.

Once they commit, people born in Libra Ox are devoted and take their relationships very seriously.

As said before, they let intuition solve all of their love problems, even if the relationship is something long-term and promising.

When they are young, they run away from being responsible and they commit very rarely to someone.

As they are not very self-confident, they sometimes have the tendency to be manipulative with the partner.

But if they find the right person, they start to wake up from any dream they may have and they begin to be the person that you can rely on. When they like someone, they prefer for that someone to make the first step in arranging a date.

Most compatible with: Gemini Snake, Leo Snake, Leo Rat, Sagittarius Rat, Leo Rooster, Aquarius Rooster.

Libra Ox Woman Characteristics

The Libra Ox woman likes unusual things. This can make her detach from real life, thing that leads to impracticality and exaltation. This is also an opportunity for her to avoid real problems.

She should express more through art, taking the dream life she has where it belongs. It is recommended that the Libra Ox woman gives up her daydreaming and becomes more down-to-earth. She should pay more attention to her surroundings and she will understand what life actually means.

She will be much happier if she would manage to change all this about herself. She will also communicate better with the ones she loves. It is normal for the Libra Ox woman to be contradictory.

The great thing about her is that she’s full of life and ambitious, which makes her a great business woman. She shouldn’t let herself be influenced by other people and it is necessary that she searches for herself more.

In love, the Libra Ox lady sets up standards that have nothing to do with real life. She tends to forget that no one is perfect.

Celebrities under the sign of Libra Ox: Mario Lopez, Bruno Mars, Neve Campbell, Armand Assante, Pedro Almodovar.

Libra Ox Man Characteristics

Balanced and peaceful, the Libra Ox man has traits from both signs. He is communicative and open to new relationships.

You can find the Ox in him by observing his sense of responsibility and the Libra by seeing his calmness. Resolving all conflicts with logic, the Libra Ox man is nice and flexible. Because he likes to live a diverse life, he may change partners very often.

He likes the same type, but he will have many break-ups. He is loving and caring, always analyzing the partner in order to establish if the relationship works. The Libra Ox man will invest a lot of energy in making his and others’ life easier.

He is good with practical professions and he views money as something important. He will spend wisely and save for a better future.

It is recommended the Libra Ox man to start understanding himself and explore his talents. He should organize his life more and he will get some good results.

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