Libra Monkey: The Diligent Entertainer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Libra born in Monkey year

Libra Monkey
  • Libra people are born between September 23 and October 22.
  • The Monkey years are: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028.
  • These people can be rather vengeful when hurt.
  • The Libra Monkey woman will always have her merits recognized.
  • Social standing is one very important concept for the Libra Monkey man.

The Libra Monkey is a very balanced individual who takes what is best from the two astrological signs that make up their inheritance. Patience is a virtue, and combined with the energetic and dynamic personality of the Eastern sign, it makes for quite a serious punch of enduring enthusiasm and great elation.

They are artists at heart, people who see the world through a looking-glass of imagination and creativity, full of embellished paintings, chimerical images and idealistic goals even.

The Cautious Libra Monkey Personality

They make for a very intelligent and communicative person, who can quickly adapt to any sort of social context and build up on many subjects to express a point of view.

This open-mindedness and broad overview of the world account for many of their future accomplishments, as well as make a strong social impact on anyone who meets them.

There are quite a few skillsets linked to their character, which were either built through hard and long-fought for trials and experiences, or natural talents that they only developed across time.

Both are a testament to this native’s great potential and over-reaching grip on their future prospects. To put the nail in the coffin, they are also ones who prefer to gain the most information and knowledge available before committing to a decision.

This means that you won’t ever hear about this individual having failed at something because of ignorance, superficiality or lack of preparation.

Professionally, they are obviously people who aim for the highest position and actually put in sufficient effort, perseverance and determination to reach that place.

Dangerous situations and threatening problems or opponents are nothing but obstacles in their path to eventual dominance, counting as nothing more but the next steps that they have to take.

Top Characteristics: Keen, Independent, Generous, Lively.

These people are very keen and interested in looking good and following the fashion trends in order to keep a fresh and modern look.

Luxury and sophistication are no strangers as well, but only on their own expenses and efforts. After all, they are quite independent and have a high self-esteem, and thus it wouldn’t be acceptable to live off of someone’s money.

Above all else, they are very observant and analytic people. They don’t let any opportunity slip away that they could take a closer look and make a mental note of a given situation’s implications, potential issues, eventual solutions and possible manners in which to reach them.

The same goes for their social interactions, their approach to other people being based on the mind-set that knowing the enemy means that half the battle is as good as won.

Sun Tzu certainly didn’t think that their ideas would be used anywhere else other than a literal battlefield, but here we are.

The world is, after all, a huge warring field where survival is the most pressing issue, and so each of us has to find a way to live and thrive against all odds.

Even more, they are individuals with high hopes and humanitarian beliefs, mankind being for them an unpolished piece of jade that had tremendous potential and needs only the right push to shoot for the stars.

In this sense, they are the first ones who actually do something for a change, in that they simply offer help and support to any in need, without expecting anything in return.

People tend to appreciate and take it to heart when someone is there for them just because it’s what they want to do.

Perfect careers for Libra Monkey: Education, Engineering, Journalism, Arts.

Of course, that does not mean that offense and personal attacks are received with the same generosity and tolerance, not in the least.

Sure, nothing too explosive will take place, but there will be a bloody and enduring act of vengeance at play here, and just like the proverbial saying goes “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”, this native knows how to react when provoked.

As for their shortcoming, because there’s really only one that poses some degree of danger to their development, it’s tied to how they act when contradictions take place.

When a discussion goes down-south and different points of view appear, they won’t likely put down the sword until either the combatant has resigned, or they find it useless to continue debating.

There is no middle ground, and the concept of defeat is non-existent for this native, much less being forced to admit defeat.

Love – Uncovered

This native has a very complex and determinate perspective on what a good and long-standing relationship should embody.

Equilibrium in general, devotion and mutual trust in one another are one of the most important things, from their point of view, in order to ensure that everything goes as it should.

Being a cool and patient individual, it’s pretty clear that you won’t have to worry about any emotional outbursts or unforeseen conflicts.

If something bothers them, they won’t stand on ceremony and have a discussion immediately, only to find the right and fitting solution to it.

Also, they will be a perfect lover through and through, having nothing but the deepest and most sincere affection and attachment for the partner.

If it ever happens that they should fall into the pit of despair, or feel down about a pressing issue, fret not, because the medicine is actually very close by and highly efficient. You might have guessed what it is by now.

Yes, all they need in order to escape their predicament and fly towards the skies again is the partner’s care and tender support.

Knowing that somebody loves and cares about them is the greatest and most important achievement that they will ever desire. In all reality, your love and affection is a panacea for them, and there’s nothing more to say, because it’s self-explanatory.

Most compatible with: Gemini Dragon, Leo Dragon, Sagittarius Dragon, Aquarius Rabbit.

Libra Monkey Woman Characteristics

The sheer willpower and resoluteness of these women is mind-numbing and something to hold in high regard by anyone.

They are capable of almost anything on their road to self-development and success. From day one, what matters the most is the achievement of the set goal, and no matter the obstacles, problems or enemies that may appear, it’s all a matter of effort and time well-spent.

Thus, the best position for such gritty and determinate individuals can only be a leadership one, for obvious reasons.

In relationships, once she establishes with certainty that the other functions by the same principles and follows the same motivations, the game begins and ends there.

Confusing, isn’t it? It ends in the sense that they fall in love then and there, and become ultimately determined to make that person theirs no matter the cost. For her, the prospect of failure is strange and alien at best, and won’t stop for nothing in the world in the quest for love.

What they have to work on imperiously is their attitude towards the world. These natives expect that everyone else has to recognize and acknowledge great achievements and brilliance when they see them.

Compliments and praise are thus very important and vital elements for them, but this superficial desire also leads one to forget the more complex and essential principles of past struggles and experiences, leading to self-indulgence.

The Libra Monkey women have to realize this and try to fix it if they are to forge a new path for themselves.

Celebrities under the sign of Libra Monkey: Michael Douglas, Carrie Fisher, Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts, Jane Krakowski, Thom Yorke, Kim Kardashian, Nick Cannon.

Libra Monkey Man Characteristics

Libra Monkey men are highly communicative and friendly individuals who can establish relationships with almost anyone that comes their way.

Brimming with optimism and a high-paced enthusiasm that seems to exude out of their every pore, the levels that these natives can reach are uncertain at best, unfathomable if we are to speak the truth.

As such, from a professional point of view, it can be said that they have achieved a lot in life, because just from watching and analysing their lifestyle, one can quickly come to that conclusion.

What not many realize is that their social standing and success were built atop a mountain of hard-fought victories.

With the sweat of their brow and shed blood, they have built themselves the kingdom in which they now reign supreme. To put it into perspective, imagine someone who walks through life unabated because he receives the support of others, or he may even ride upon someone else’s back in order to reach the heights of personal success.

Nonetheless, he is still someone with power and influence, an individual whose words and actions matter.

Now, picture the same individual going step by step, fighting bitterly for each and every scrape of advancement, facing unjust and possibly even overwhelming odds that are stacked up against him.

And this continues on until he finally manages to defeat the last guardian, break open his chains and sit on the throne of success and fortune. Who is it between the two that is more admirable and worth having as an idol?

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