Libra Kissing Style: The Guide to How They Kiss

Libra kisses are precise and intense, whether of the French type or of any other kind, these natives know how to press the right buttons.

Libra kissing

Libras are good kissers who love to join their lips with their loved one and are experienced at it. They’re sexy and can crack a smile that’s making others want to go to bed with them.

These natives can, however, be noisy when kissing because they’re known to moan and to feel the pleasure intensely. Being ruled by Venus, they love everything that’s beautiful. More than this, they’re sociable creatures and the person who’s at the center of their attention can follow their glances at any party.

Libra kissing in a nutshell:

  • When starting to kiss, Libras are firstly looking into the eyes of their partner;
  • Their kisses are the most relaxing and soothing in the world;
  • The Libra man is charming and sexy, so he wants to enjoy intimacy in its greatest forms;
  • Th Libra woman’s kisses say everything about whether she is truly interested or not.

When kissing in private, Libras are intense and not too aware of themselves. As far as smooching is going, they prefer to study before doing it. They haven’t only looked everywhere to find out what the perfect kiss is all about, they’re also learning from their own experiences.

Libra kissing style

When looking at a Libra’s astrological chart, it can be seen they’re great lovers who like to be smooched in a passionate manner, also to learn new tricks that people in other signs wouldn’t have the courage to adopt.

It doesn’t matter if they’re performing a French kiss or another kind, they’re sure to do it properly and to impress their other half.

More than this, they’re the ones who can’t make a decision when it comes to love and who stress a lot when choosing a partner.

They need their partner to portray the way they’re kissing, but seem to ignore other elements regarding the joining of the lips.

Those who are kissing them and feeling that they’re stressed about something can relax under these natives’ breath.

However, they shouldn’t doubt that the Libra is going to kiss in the most precise and interesting manner, no matter how anxious he or she seems.

This is usually because Libra natives are afraid of making decisions and don’t want to make their other half think they couldn’t do a good job.

Romantic, Libras are the type to come with flowers for their lover, to play lovemaking games, just before they’re starting to kiss and to make their passion work.

In conclusion, romantic kisses are their favorite. They’re looking to hook up for life, to be with someone and not bothered by anything else.

Their kisses can make anyone escape the everyday troubles. As said before, Libra is the sign of romance, so the loves of these natives is pretty much like in the movies.

They don’t want to give up romanticisms and their kisses are discreet, sometimes slow. Before sweeping their other half of his or her feet, they’re building up the passion and the tension.

When starting to kiss, Libras are firstly looking into the eyes of their partner, expecting to be answered the same way.

They love to hold hands with their loved one, as well to touch him or her in a subtle manner, on the ears, the neck and even the face. All this can lead to hugs full of passion and many smooches.

They’re looking for the perfect kiss

Since they want to have balance and to have consistency in almost everything they’re doing, Libras are not necessarily this way when it comes to their love life.

They’re romantic and can get intoxicated with all kind of love stories, more than other signs in the Western zodiac.

These natives are known to wait for their perfect lover, the person to take them on a walk into the night, towards success and beauty. The fact that they want a love story like in Hollywood makes them the best kissers.

They have their delicate ways of joining lips, and they’re not offending the more conservative people. It’s a lot of tenderness in their kisses because they don’t use their tongue too much, not to mention they’re sometimes softly biting.

Those who are their boyfriends and girlfriends should consider themselves lucky because these seductive characters can keep anyone on his or her toes when it comes to love.

These people have a passion that’s radiating all around them, not to mention they never want to hide it from others.

People who are embracing their love and aren’t shy can advance with their pursuits as far as love with them goes because the Scales are very serious when it comes to what they want and need.

Their romantic ways are unique and they’re the best when having to share their bed. Love with them can be one Hell of a ride.

If they feel like their love is the right one, they can enjoy some spanking as well. Anything about a little aggressiveness can turn them on.

In other words, many of them want their buttocks to be stroked in a gentle manner. It wouldn’t hurt them to try.

They can conquer any person with their looks, so at parties, they’re the ones whom others are all the time noticing.

These natives can wait to be in the private life of their lover until they’re convinced their relationship is profound and true. They want to let go of their passion and to release their love.

For this reason, they’re kissing in a tender manner and can get lost doing this. Their way of joining lips is tender and profound because they can get lost when kissing someone. After being with them once, people can get lost in love.

Kiss a Libra man

Libras are all about peace, balance and loving. The man in this sign is responding to everything that’s sweet through his kisses and tenderness.

He loves a real woman, not to mention how much he loves to kiss her. He’s very popular among the ladies because he can easily relate to what being a woman is.

This charming and very elegant man is in love with beauty and art. He’s spending a lot of his time building up relationships, so this way, he can have the perfect love connections.

In bed, he’s creative and wants to relax. He seems to possess the necessary intuition for having sex in the most interesting ways, not to mention he really knows what can turn a woman on.

More than this, he’s very sexy and sensual because he wants to enjoy intimacy in its greatest forms. The ladies who know how to flatter can have him in no time, but they need to tell him all the time what good of a lover he is.

Like other Air signs in the zodiac, he should be approached in an optimistic manner because he has an incredible sense of humor and he’s always happy.

The Libra man could enjoy a crazy and out of the ordinary lifestyle next to his partner, or he could have a relationship in which he’s laughing all the time. Either way, he’s sure to hook up women with his funny side and to have women getting close to him, no matter what event he may be going to.

As a matter of fact, his rich sense of humor is something everyone is enjoying and the way through which he’s getting the girls he wants.

His charm can have two facets because it can be both a way for him to get women and one through which he’s being brought down to his knees.

The time spent with the Libra man can be the best if the partners are both letting their playful side come to the surface. He is a person who enjoys playing with words and making the smartest jokes.

Kissing a Libra woman

The Libra woman is very sociable, she loves going to parties and bringing harmony wherever she may be going. This girl can be a mediator in the most negative circumstances because she’s a woman of justice and loves balance.

All of her good traits can appear in the kisses she’s having with her man. She doesn’t want to show off when kissing because she prefers to just establish a powerful connection with her partner.

More than this, she’s always listening to body language and has her way of responding to physical interaction.

When kissing her, a man can obtain everything he wants without asking anything. She’s a good mind reader who can put up with any type of personality.

The Libra woman needs to know that her man is always by her side. She likes it when her partner is focusing on her, when he notices her clothes and when he listens to what she has to say.

This girl is very intelligent and wants to be appreciated for this, but also for other things. Loving traditions, she expects to be loved in the same way by her partner.

She’s in love with the idea of romance, not to mention she wants to be in love. Sensual and having the best tastes when it comes to what she’s eating, she can pick the best wines and decorate her home in the most elegant manner.

Being ruled by Venus, the Libra woman can bring out everything that’s beautiful in others and in life. Her aesthetic talents can be applied when it comes to her most intimate connections.

She’s a romantic who wants to spoil her lover with all kind of gifts in order to make her connection spark. When it comes to lovemaking, she can be dramatic and have all the attention focused on her because she wants to charm and to impress.

Besides, this lady is known to want her partner to express his feelings for her. She’s looking for the perfect companion, a man who’s romantic and knows how to make a woman happy.

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