Libra Flirting Style: Approachable and Intuitive

If you’re wondering how to seduce a Libra, understand how they flirt so you can match their love game.

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A Libra’s style of flirting may appear too serious for some but surely seals the deal, and in these native’s case, we are most likely talking about forging a relationship.

TraitsLibra flirting in action
Subtle It’s all a game of lights and shadows.
Enthusiastic They can’t resist not to get involved sometimes.
Honest They don’t hesitate to show they care.
Dependable Being able to rely on them is the norm.
Comfortable They need their sweet personal habits for comfort.

When going about the romantic battlefield, Libras have one of two choices: either look for a one-nighter or someone to share life with. And they do it directly, and in a straightforward manner.

They are looking for future prospects, for a stable relationship, security and, obviously, marriage and children. If they aren’t asking you about what you think about couple life, and if they don’t put you through an interrogatory to see if you can handle the pressure, chances are they’re not interested in anything more than a casual discussion.

The Libra natives will meet people in all of their social escapades, and those they deem worthy, they will flirt with, but that doesn’t mean that they will reject everyone else who comes close to them.

No, they will behave in a very friendly and amicable manner, just so that no one gets upset or feels insulted in any way. It’s just one of their quirks that they don’t want to have any crises of consciousness over spilt milk.

They won’t resist the temptation to put themselves in the spotlight if their crush is watching, and it’s obvious that it’s done with this express purpose. Because they are very honest and straightforward individuals, it’s really easy to deduce their motivations.

Libra flirting body language

Librans won’t be able to control themselves, or their weird quirks for that matter, when they’ll see themselves falling in love with someone. It’ll be so intense and otherworldly that mostly everyone will notice that something’s wrong, and that the usually calm and calculated strategist has become full of spirit, jolly beyond measure, and erratic, surprisingly.

If the partner is tolerant enough, and if they also have an innate craziness, then there’s nothing stopping these natives to unleash their inner beasts, or sociopathic tendencies.

No matter what it is, if it involves staying close to their lovers, then these guys will do it. They might even try to touch them indecently in public spaces, but that’s just a part of their personality.

Romance, passion, seriousness, playfulness, are all parts of the same Libra. And these sides are fueled by countless act of affection love, coming from the partner, obviously. What would make others shiver with anticipation works on them, there’s really not much difference here.

It’s really impossible to predict what they’re going to do, because it seems they have no pattern at all, or that they still haven’t found out what they like and dislike. It could also be a split-personality disorder, but that’s more the Geminis’ playground, rather than the Libras’.

Nevertheless, if in the beginning they’re very tender, soothing and lascivious, then over the next 10 minutes, you could witness a real metamorphosis. From greatness to downfall is just a step, and just like that, from a sweet and kinky individual, there’s a barely visible barrier that connects him to the inner animalistic and barbaric sex addict that lies within.

However, these exaggerated and non-conformist proclivities are rare to appear, and will only show up when either they’re emotionally strained, or in the case of the most extreme of Libras to walk the face of the Earth.

How to flirt with a Libra

Now, it’s time to show exactly what Libras are made of, and where their name comes from, because it does have a pretty clear symbolism. It has to do with their clear-cut personality, in that they try to approach most things with a clear head and a steady mind.

Well, the same thing goes in their romantic games, and they expect their partners to have a perfect approach. Not too obvious and intense, but also not too shy and disinterested, because they’ll either feel suffocated, or ignored.

And neither is good or desirable. They want to feel secure, encouraged, pushed towards their peak potential, and build a strong and everlasting relationship with that special someone.

From the start, there’s a pretty big obstacle standing tall against any and all comers, namely the high expectations. The approach and manner in which the potential partners flirt has to be top-notch, flexible, and devised having their personality and character in mind.

Furthermore, ma sure you pay attention to your attire and overall appearance, because these natives have high standards here as well, and what they want is pure elegance, classic and mysterious charms.

Besides that, they want to feel like they’re the only ones that matter, cozy, taken care of, and with the impression that you’ve given no one else that treatment before. They need to be the only king or queen in your life.

If you want to really get it going and have the best chances at conquering them for real, then open up a controversial and complex subject. These guys are smart as a whip and very intellectual, so it’s a given that they would absolutely love seeing you exhibiting the same interests.

It’s a real pleasure and satisfying experience when meeting someone with the same passions and interests as you, and that’s exactly how they feel when they hear you talking about a juicy and interesting topic.

Most importantly, if you have to bring counter-arguments, do remember never to insult or get down to petty offenses, because that’s going to ruin everything you’ve done until now. It’s a verbal debate, one based on arguments, not a gipsy charade where there are no rules.

Libra man flirting

These men have a pretty straightforward and naïve manner in which they flirt, probably a part of their generous personality. Therefore, they are especially helpful and want to be there to assist their loved ones whenever they need it.

Offering his aid with a heavy box, picking up her dossier if it happens to fall down, bringing her lunch when it’s clear she didn’t have time to eat, there are plenty of opportunities for him to show his affection and interest.

It’s incredibly easy for them to flirt, because this approach requires nothing else than honesty and a nice smile, and it’s pretty much done.

Libra woman flirting

Just as their male counterparts, these natives prefer to know that they’re presenting themselves the best they can to everyone they meet, and don’t make any differences whatsoever.

Being Libra ladies, they are naturally endowed with charm, intuition and great sex appeal, so it won’t be difficult to make everyone fall for them at a glance. They are, however, very focused and determined to show their true selves only to those who possess the qualities necessary for a stable and secure relationship.

If they lack those traits, then it’s good to just move over after saying hello and dropping a smile.

This lady may feel like dressing to impress from time to time, especially when she knows exactly who’s attention she wants to capture.

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