Libra Dragon: The Peacemaker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Libra born in Dragon year

Libra Dragon
  • Libra people are born between September 23 and October 22.
  • The Dragon years are: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024.
  • These people take their time when needing to make a decision.
  • Adventurous, the Libra Dragon woman needs to always move forward.
  • The goals of the Libra Dragon man are sometimes a little too high.

One of the most tolerant people out there, Libras born in the year of the Dragon will accept others as they actually are and they never criticize their peers. This specific type of Dragons is the most artistic one, and also the most determined.

With the refinery and talents of the Libra and the classic elegance of the dragon, these people multiply their good look in a charming and mannered appearance.

The Sophisticated Libra Dragon Personality

Always balanced and fair, Libra Dragons are emotionally stable people. While they have a charm and a style nobody else has, they are not standoff about it.

They rule their lives after certain moral rules and they like to keep their integrity intact. Their skills coupled with their diplomacy makes these guys great business people who are able to communicate without problems.

Always looking for justice, harmony, and equality, Libras born in the year of the Dragon are quiet and reserved, but with a quick temper.

They will succeed in life as they are hardworking and strong-willed. When they see violence or they assist at an injustice, these people go crazy and they’re looking to change the situation.

They are the peacemakers in any group. Because they need others’ approval, Libra Dragons will always look neat and they’ll appear nicely dressed. Their perfect job would be in assisting others. They like to help their peers and they are also good at it.

Top Characteristics: Classy, Hard-working, Insecure, Helpful.

Sophisticated and with a fine taste, Libra Dragons will appreciate the finest perfumes and the best wines. The clothes they wear are eccentric and original, but always elegant and classy.

It’s impossible to beat these people’s good taste. Charming and honest, these Dragons have a drawback, though. And it’s from the Libra’s side. This drawback is the fact that they can’t make decisions fast.

It takes them forever to form an opinion and decide if something or someone is good or bad. Always seeing the full half of the glass, these people’s determination relies in their optimism and their thirst for life.

When they embark on new projects, they do it with enthusiasm and energy. Since they are adaptable and creative, Libra Dragons will have many hobbies and will be able to perform well at many jobs.

They like to be friends with people they work with but they don’t spend a lot of time at the office. Like with everything in their life, these Libras will keep a balance between work and personal lives.

Loving to shop and having an eye for bargains, they like fashion and being in style. Their home looks like is decorated from magazines and their closets are colorful and full.

It is impossible for Libra Dragons not to buy extravagant things. They’re not the most careful with their money.

Just like most Dragons, Libras born in this Chinese year will confront any problem they may have directly. While other Libras prefer a more skewed approach, these ones are more offensive and they don’t abandon the fight till they’re completely sure it’s not possible for them to win.

Perfect careers for Libra Dragon: Politics, Television, Sales, Medicine.

Imaginative and creative, Libra Dragons will live differently than others. They have an instinct that enables them to identify the best opportunities. They want to live the good life and they will work hard to obtain it.

There are occasions in which Libra Dragons will show signs of weakness too. For example, they can defame people if they’re upset about something. Also, they can be ignorant and mean when someone has angered them.

It’s because they can’t stand their balance to be tampered with. Not all the Libras in Dragon have this, but many of them tend to exaggerate.

If they would keep being more down-to-earth, they would be able to achieve more in both their personal and professional lives.

Love – Exposed

The Libra Dragons’ love life has its ups and downs. After many tryings, they will finally be able to find someone they can actually love and care about. Their ideal partner will be a person who knows how to listen and to take care of them.

They need these things in their partner. Attached to their families till the end, these guys will not be that interested in their love life.

When they’ll be seduced, they’ll only be curious about the experience and the pleasures a relationship can offer.

When involved, they like to keep the partnership fair and harmonious. They are easygoing people, with whom you can live a balanced life. Sometimes moody, they never lose themselves in a feeling or a moment.

Most compatible with: Leo Rooster, Virgo Monkey, Gemini Rat, Leo Rat, Gemini Monkey.

They would never cheat on their partner and they are known to devote their entire time to the person they love. These people are incredibly scared just thinking they could be abandoned.

They fear loneliness above anything else, and they would do anything to keep their partner in love. It is easy to keep them satisfied, but you need to be as balanced and as elegant as they are.

Libra Dragons hate the idea of cheating and being cheated on. They are very protective with the other half, and they sometimes become jealous because they don’t want to end up alone.

Caring and passionate, they don’t have an issue being honest and open about their feelings. If you are with a person in these signs, make sure you respect and express your admiration for him or her.

Libra Dragon Woman Characteristics

Strong and confident, the Libra Dragon woman can’t be scared that easily. She is always optimistic no matter how tough the situation.

She knows her own strengths and she is will not hesitate to play her cards when the time comes. She only needs to focus and properly assess, and she can achieve anything that she wants.

Modest and balanced, others respect and appreciate the Libra Dragon woman. This girl takes her strength from her family and closest people in her life. When she’s with someone, she only gains more energy to move forward. But she needs a partner who’s supportive and appreciative.

When this lady likes someone, she doesn’t think about the fact that he may refuse her. She just goes with the flow and flirts. She likes spoiling her other half with expensive gifts and a lot of attention.

Celebrities under the sign of Libra Dragon: John Lennon, Jeff Goldblum, Sharon Osbourne, Monica Belluci, Clive Owen, Ryan Reynolds, Alicia Silverstone.

Libra Dragon Man Characteristics

Attractive, direct and kindhearted, the Libra Dragon man will impress others everywhere he may go. Libra supplied him with calmness, and the Dragon with frightfulness.

But the last-mentioned trait appears less, so it is the gentle side of him that is being displayed. Intellectual, this man will succeed in life from a very young age.

He has the ability to channel all of his moves before taking action. He will struggle to achieve perfection and a higher post at work.

The Libra Dragon man doesn’t like laziness and people who don’t have ambitions. He doesn’t want to stay fixed for too long, and he implements his ideas with ease.

He could be an excellent leader as he knows how to speak and to convince people. You could easily say this is a guy who treats life like a child and with whom you can talk about anything.

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