Libra Cardinal Modality: The Intuitive Personality

The cardinal modality means these people are calm on the surface and fierce underneath, with an amazing spirit of initiative and great resilience in accomplishing their plans.

Libra cardinal modality

The Libra cardinal zodiac sign is an Air sign that places great emphasis on intimate relations as well as socializing and sharing stories with others.

These deep, emotional souls have an otherworldly connection with everything that represents art and freedom of expression. They are highly sensitive, empathetic and can love easily and fiercely.

Libra modality in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Delicate, observant and sociable;
  • Weaknesses: Suspicious and undecisive;
  • Advice: They should seek joy in the little things in life;
  • Dates: Every year, between the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October.

Children of Libra are an excellent judge of character and can quickly get the grasp on any situation. Well mannered, kind, gentle, just and imaginative Libra is here to bring balance and joy in people’s lives.

Showing dedication like no other

The cardinal power in this zodiac sign turns people into advocates of balance and justice. Their determination and pragmatism are also off the charts.

While Librarians tend to take the initiative and have a knack for motivating others, they also have the habit of doing this not with actions, but with inspiring words. Their advice and guidance is what helps a project reach its completion.

More often than not, their way of doing things is actually more efficient than charging straight ahead at an issue.

Those born between the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October carry the weight of the Libra, an Air zodiac sign that puts emphasis on the analytical and efficient mind of individuals.

Most people see Libras as over-thinkers, mainly due to their lack of a quick resolve. While they do appear to take their sweet time before making a decision, once they manage that, it might as well be set in stone since nobody will be able to change their mind about it.

The main effect that the cardinal energy has on Libras is in their ability to socialize, communicate and start up the fire of determination in anybody.

These people show dedication like none other. After all, how else would one feel secure about never losing their progress or achievements? They are patient and modest in all of their endeavors.

For them it’s not about seeking the thrill and adrenaline of amassing accomplishments. It’s more about reaching a certain point in life. Slowly and steadily, brick by brick they lay down the foundation towards success.

The fundamental energy of the cardinal signs is known for being responsible for the world’s greatest pioneers, and the Libra sign is no exception.

Their fierceness is felt not in their overall behavior, but in their ability to influence the outcome of any situation through their amazing ability to convince those around of their ideals and methods. The spark of creation lies on the tip of their tongue.

All of their qualities make them fit for leadership, since they can easily understand and analyze everybody’s abilities and come up with the most efficient plan based on everyone’s aptitude. Doing this ensures the success of any project and it makes them a force to be reckoned.

While they do have the spirit of initiative, sometimes they lack in the stamina to continue with their plans.

In these cases they would do well to cooperate with someone from the fixed signs, since they are famous for never stopping until they can grasp success.

Libras are defenders of justice and righteousness. There must always be harmony in the world. After all, this wise air sign is represented by the symbol of the balance, so it takes its duty seriously.

Being governed by the planet Venus undoubtedly brings quite a few blessings. Among them, of course, are good lucks that leave others gasping in awe.

Put that together with their charisma and seemingly effortless and exquisite sense of fashion and they’re bound to make quite a few people fall for them.

Naturally, being at the top of the three air signs, the Libra leads both people and the initiative for development and intellectual evolution. As such, it comes to no surprise that they’d have some of the best socializing skills.

After all, communication is key for any sort of relationship, which in turn are paramount to challenge the mind and nurture it with wisdom and ideals from all over the world. Acceptance and tolerance are also important in this regard.

When a Libra functions in the adequate parameters, they concentrate on their blessed duty of keeping everything in order. Maintaining harmony and serenity for all to enjoy.

This gives the impression that they are some of the most composed and calm individuals. In fact, one of the reasons why Libras fight so hard for equality and balance is because of the emotional turmoil and stress they feel within themselves.

They have a strong belief that universal love and respect is what everybody needs, so that they wouldn’t go through the same spiritual conflict as them. What humanity should hold in high esteem is a strong bond based on kindness.

If there is an imbalance in this zodiac’s energy, they become needy and pushy in their social life. They’ll constantly need the company of others in order for them to feel at peace.

In order to conquer their inner demons they ought to first learn how to create their own personal space and respect that of others. Ultimately, there is such a thing as intimacy and everybody needs some of that.

On the lookout for progress

Libras that came into this world during September’s ending tend to be the quick-witted out of the bunch.

Their decision-making game is stronger than the norm and it comes with a stubbornness to fit. There’s just no changing their mind. It’s their way or the highway!

For those born at the start of October, the branch doesn’t fall far from the tree. Similarly to their September born siblings, they too insist on having their way and using their own methods as opposed to listening to advice from others.

The folk born in the midst of October are knowledge seekers. Always on the run to find the true ethics of the universe and the meaning of life, so that they properly judge a situation for what it truly is, without external, corrupted influence, only pure and righteous morals!

It’s easy noticing a Libra in a crowd. These children of Venus brim with artistic expressionism and contagious brightness and warmth. They are the creators and caretakers of society that rule in justice and harmony.

Their abilities make them dabble in the domains of art with ease, becoming successful actors, musicians, writers and painters if they so desire.

Even through such means, they can balance out society in order to bring forth an era of tranquility.

The main, fundamental energy that governs these signs pushes them into becoming the innovators of a generation. The leaders that will usher humankind into a different era.

For them, it’s easy to create new and lasting bonds, whether they would be friendly in nature, strictly professional or of a romantic demeanor.

Their desire to create and reach their goals might actually get in the way of their progress from time to time. Libras need to learn patience and order so that they can further develop their intellect to take on bigger tasks and projects!

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