Libra Ascendant Man: The Polite Charmer

He has a lot of charisma, a good sense of humor and is able to talk his way with anyone.

Libra Rising Man

The man with the Ascendant in Libra likes to go out and socialize. He’s friendly and appreciated by many because he is a charming and knowledgeable companion.

All that he wants is some peace of mind and balance, so don’t be surprised if his home is always clean and looking neat. It can be said he’s determined to succeed and would make a great leader, but when it comes for him to get his hands dirty, he prefers to just disappear.

Libra Ascendant man in summary:

  • Strengths: Selfless, captivating and understanding;
  • Weaknesses: Easily fooled, moody and quirky;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who is just as gentle and elegant as he is;
  • Life Lesson: Leaving fear aside and trying more things.

Having a very busy social life, the Libra Ascendant man will be present at all the parties and gatherings where influential people are. He’s rather the type who likes to work in with others than all alone.

He is seen as vain but attractive

The Libra Ascendant gentleman will often be accused of being passive because he never wants to prove anything to others. He prefers to withdraw rather than deal with an issue because he isn’t in any way aggressive.

Believing in justice more than in anything else, the man with the Ascendant in Libra can often not express himself because he doesn’t want to get involved in conflicts.

He’s a good colleague, no matter how arrogant others may think he seems. He will run away from authoritative figures because he’s sometimes uncertain of his ability to solve problems and to succeed.

But most of the time, he’s persevering and hardworking, interested in politics, yet not ready to activate in this field. He could never teach either, because he would feel like he’s doing pointless work that doesn’t bring him any satisfaction.

He is seen as vain but attractive, so many members of the opposite sex will seek his company. This man is always dressed elegantly, shaved and with his hair done. It can look like he’s superficial and only good looking, but in fact, he’s intelligent, mannered and very seductive.

As he’s polite, nice and good with words, he’d make a wonderful negotiator. He can get angry quickly, it’s true, but this can be kept under control with a few anger management classes.

He will probably alternate between careers and situations that require him to talk settlements and to judge. He’s the best at seeing both sides of the coin and solving conflicts.

This native hates lazy people who never clean and likes those who are positive, cheerful and also courageous.

The Libra Ascendant man wants a companion for life because he would hate to be lonely forever. He’s attracted to humble people who have good taste, not liking to be around individuals who brag too much.

Beauty is what makes his heart skip a beat, so art in any form will be very much his main hobby. His home will probably be decorated with all kind of beautiful statues and antiques.

His refined taste will have him chase cultural events and music concerts that enlighten the spirit. Full of compassion, giving, attentive to others’ needs, kind and affectionate, this man has high ideals, impressing and inspiring people with his words.

His artistic nature may make a good artist out of him because when he sets his mind to it, he can be very determined to succeed. He’s a free spirit who doesn’t like taking on too many responsibilities.

He will always try to achieve his goals by working hard and continuing to dream. Emotional people who complain too much confuse him, but his need for a passionate and powerful relationship may have him together with women of this type from time to time.

The Libra Rising lover

When it comes to romance, the man with the Ascendant in Libra may not always have all the good luck in the world because he flirts, sometimes without even realizing he’s exaggerating.

Libra is a cardinal sign, so its rising sign will want to initiate things with others. But this can have a negative effect on his partner.

Don’t think he’s not capable of being in a long-term relationship because he could stay for a lifetime next to a successful and sociable woman.

The fact that he loves flirting doesn’t necessarily mean he will cheat, he will just get friendly with women he barely knows and just smile too much. From this point to getting attached and having sex can be a very long way.

His female counterpart won’t have this problem because she’s more eager to be in a relationship. She won’t act based on what she desires, thinking rationally that her partner is the one with whom she should be the friendliest.

Having great taste and being good looking, women will want him in their life all the time. The ideal lady for him is honest and fair, wanting to give him both her love and her friendship.

Knowing how to choose his words for the person he likes and adores, he won’t hesitate to showcase his intellect with this lady, each time he gets a chance.

However, be careful with him because he usually seduces, creates the most romantic environment and after only one week, he completely disappears without even giving a call.

The Libra Ascendant man is charming and can conquer a lady’s heart with only one look or a touch on the hand. He likes being flattered and doesn’t mind doing it as well.

If there are two words to describe him the most, these are fairness and diplomacy. He sometimes may promise more than he can deliver, but his girl will still love him for the way he looks at her and the way he talks.

Careful to display only his positive traits and to hide his shortcomings, he will impress with good looks and what he says. Many of his partners will think he’s the perfect man because they won’t see that he can be hypocritical sometimes.

He’s very attracted to women who are in love with themselves, courageous and insisting. Many will feel they have a lot to learn from the man with the Ascendant in Libra because he’s not boring and presents every side of himself gradually.

He’s also into ladies who ask for a lot and have passion, but he should be careful around them because he can get fooled by their smile and glances.

However, there’s also the possibility he will spend a few nights with them and then leave because too much passion is not according to his taste, just like people who have a temper and too much energy.

He will probably be intrigued, but nothing more. Because he’s logical and peaceful, he looks for harmony and a settled love story, not to fight with someone for the leading role.

The man is also eager to be involved in partnerships of both love and business, but he’s less afraid to risk when it comes to romance.

Either way, he hates being alone and will try to be at all times with someone. It’s possible for him to also have more than one relationship at a time because he can’t choose between partners.

That’s why he needs someone who knows how to tame him, to make him more decisive and conclusive.

What to remember about the Libra Ascendant man

Having a lot of charisma, a good sense of humor and being able to talk his way with anyone, the man with the Ascendant in Libra is great company and he draws people in easily and naturally.

This person has many friends, but only a few are really close to his heart. Liked by everyone, he’s amiable and kind when among others.

Behind closed doors, he is however, very competitive and feisty. Indecisive, he won’t know where to go for dinner or what career path to follow.

The balance that characterizes him will always have his mind weighing and analyzing, so he may end up not making any decision sometimes.

He doesn’t like to take risks, so don’t expect him to ever be convinced of wanting to do something. This can also mean he doesn’t persevere and loses faith immediately after he has reached to a conclusion, thinking the other options could’ve been better.

Venus is ruling his Ascendant sign, so he’s more the meditative type who solves disagreements and never takes sides. This will always help him make new friends and keep the old ones close.

Very fair and having a highly developed sense of justice, he won’t stay around when controversies get born and the spotlight is waiting for him to give his opinion.

The Libra Ascendant man hates confrontation because it of course disrupts the balance and harmony he so much craves. He will always try to persuade people to do things the way he sees them, so his points of view will be often induced into other people’s mind.

It’s not normal for him to come on strongly because he’s soft and looking to always find common points, even with his opponents.

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