Libra Anger: The Dark Side of The Scales Sign

Libras are angered by seeing injustice of any kind happening, whether to themselves, those close or even complete strangers.

Libra anger

Libras are so in love with peace that they’re almost all the time keeping their anger in line. When arguing with others, they’re adopting the neutral position, not to mention they can’t pick sides.

More than this, Libras can’t be involved in any conflict, meaning they’re avoiding arguing, no matter what. In case someone’s pushing them, they can find ways to defeat their opponents until these are no longer taking them into account.

Libra anger in a nutshell:

  • Angered by: Witnessing any kind of injustice;
  • Can’t stand: Rude and nasty people;
  • Style of revenge: Righteous and elegant;
  • Make up by: Calling up on their sentimental hearts.

Fighting for justice

These natives are simply fascinated by beauty. They’re seeing themselves as “balanced” people who are instinctively looking for perfection in the most original way.

For this reason, they’re trying to make no mistake, almost all the time. Trying to be fair with everyone, they’re always making peace and keeping their balance.

They love having a balanced life and keeping their relationships fresh, so being upset doesn’t really seem to help them make their dreams come true.

Instead of being involved in conflicts, they’d rather keep things for themselves.

True fighters for justice and always fair, they’re also ready to give second chances.

However, they don’t want others to know this about them because they’re truly sensitive. Many can annoy them from time to time, so they need to carefully choose their friends.

When confronting other people, natives born in Libra would rather run, so those who have annoyed them shouldn’t expect them to ask for reconciliation.

It’s difficult to determine if a Libra has been annoyed, but in case they haven’t said anything for days, this is definitely a sign they’re upset. Holding grudges, they can bring up old arguments when fighting with someone.

Others are usually seeing them as the ones who are always pushing people around, also the ones who are available and most of the time agreeing with others.

Libras don’t have a private life because they’re all the time out with friends or at home. Wanting to make everyone happy, they’re always sticking to their friends, even if judging them too harshly from time to time.

These people are terrified of living on their own because they need to be surrounded by others. As the peacekeepers in the zodiac, they’re trying to evade arguments and getting angry as much as possible.

Angering a Libra

Libra natives are the best at keeping their anger hidden. It may seem almost impossible to have them upset because they know how to keep their emotions for themselves.

When having to make a fast decision that’s based on facts, they need balance. These people could be annoyed if the vote in a group wouldn’t turn out to be in their favor.

More than this, if they’d be forced to take a lot of time in order to make a decision, they’d be even angrier. Besides this, they completely hate seeing that injustice is being made.

When themselves or others are being treated unfairly, they can become the angriest at the table. Those who want to annoy them could organize a party at which gifts are being given.

After, they can give these natives the ugliest present. Because individuals born under Libra don’t like confrontation at all, they can express their angry feelings by being “furiously” passive-aggressive.

This is indicating they’re quiet and composed, making others suffer without too much drama. Their feelings of frustration can emerge after they’re asked about what went wrong.

Testing the Libra patience

Libras can’t stand people with no manners or those who are screaming at others when driving. In other words, they simply hate conflicts in traffic.

More than this, they don’t like it when their guests are doing what they don’t like, inside their home. This is because they’re like true nobles.

If working with someone in the same space, they’re extremely upset when their colleagues are living a mess behind them, no matter if it’s about paper for the photocopier or the soap open in the bathroom.

Their sleep is very important for them, so their partner or roommate should avoid using gadgets when they’re in bed.

Those who want to make them go mad could consume some smelly foods and after get in their proximity. Just like other zodiac signs, Libras are the type of people who would hate to have their basic traits threatened because this can make them very angry.

For instance, they don’t like being pressured to make decisions, being stereotyped or treated unfairly, not being given enough space and feeling like they don’t fit in.

Their hidden vengeful nature

As said before, it isn’t easy to anger the composed and noble Libras. These people are the peacemakers of the zodiac, those who are causing conflicts to cease.

Being a Cardinal sign and belonging to the Air element, Libras can’t forgive those who are causing wrongdoings.

When having to deal with someone “face-to-face”, they can cause real wars to take place. Luckily, they’re able to make their opponents silent with a single line.

However, in case a person is trying by all means to hurt or make them feel bad, they’re sure to get their revenge in order to bring back the balance and to help justice prevail.

Their conclusions can be very precise and they’re not stopping until their systematic revenge has made their opponents feel humiliated and in pain.

It can’t be said their vengeful nature can do either good or bad because their punishment is meant to last and their reactions have a reason.

More than this, Libras seem to love drama, but they’re not using it that much when having to obtain revenge.

Those who have hurt these natives can chill because they’re known to ignore any action taken and to only judge from far away.

In order for them to be angry, they need to be hurt continuously because this can have them shutting others out completely.

When it comes to romance, they like doing things dramatically and to turn love into an art. For this reason, they’re accepting exquisite gifts from their partner, even if upset.

Wanting a balanced life, Libra individuals aren’t looking to obtain revenge. Their way of thinking is always based on logic, not to mention they can see each side of a story, meaning most actions are justified for them.

Even if others are making fun of them, they take a lot of time to notice what’s happening because they’re giving everyone excuses and reasons to be forgiven.

Their analysis is most of the time based on justified actions, no matter how inappropriate these may seem. If their lover has done them any wrong, they can feel very bad and look to get revenge.

Venus is their ruler, which is also the planet of love, so if Libras are feeling really hurt, it’s because of romance.

Most of the time, Libra people are avoiding conflicts no matter what, so they don’t want to spend their time with plans on hurting others.

They’re nice and all the time in search of balance, so they’re good peacemakers for this twisted world.

No matter what kind of revenge Libras are putting together, it’s sure to not last for too long or to be the most destructive, not to mention these natives are most likely apologizing after hurting someone.

Making peace with them

Libras are people of luxury. They need the proper environment in order to no longer feel psychologically distressed, and they love listening to good music while sipping a glass of wine.

They can do all this when the situation is too dramatic and they have no hope of escaping. Having a very dark side, they’re starting to think positively again by spoiling themselves.

The sign of the Scales is sometimes crazy about drama. When involved in conflicts, they don’t know how to react. Their favorite tactic is to be cold and to no longer speak with the person who hurt them.

They can do this for years and even longer, so it’s advised for their loved ones to not make them angry because perhaps only art or sentimental cards can save the situation again.

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