Libra And Pisces Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Libra and Pisces can be very romantic as this is a combination of an empathic and a dreamy lover.

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Get ready for when the Libra and Pisces get together as a couple, because they’re doing it for life. The balanced Libra can make Pisces feel safe. Attentive and responsive, when in love, the Libra is open and fun. When Pisces falls for someone, they become subjective and they start to idealize that person.

CriteriaLibra Pisces Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

On their first dates, the talkative Libra will keep the conversation alive, the Pisces can follow his or her lead and talk about anything interesting. What people in this sign will like the most about Libras is their eccentricity. Pisces lovers like a mystery and want to make people they are interested in to slowly reveal their feelings.

The Libra’s soul and charming attitude will surely impress the Fish. It’s best to also let the Pisces talk and be seductive, in which case the Libra should pay attention to the body language in this case.

The most positive traits will be observed and they have the ability to take out the best in the other. Honest with each other, the Pisces and the Libra will never lie to get an easy fix or to seem someone that they are not.

When Libra and Pisces fall in love …

Both the Libra and the Pisces are romantics who wait for their prince and princess to show up. When they’ll meet, they’ll be relieved they have found one another. Their hearts will beat faster, many bottles of wine will be opened, they’ll talk about themselves and their hopes and dreams.

The love story between these two signs is like magic, Hollywood producers could turn it into a good movie.

If they will take the relationship slowly and won’t question what the other is doing all the time, they will be happy for a very long time. They should find people to help them be more practical. This is a dreamy combination that needs someone to help the partners stay on track.

Pisces are different when they are with Libra from how they are when in the company of other people. These are two signs whose traits complement one another. The Libra’s imagination will help them achieve many things and have fun.

Libras love to start something new and put their ideas into practice, while Pisceses love to help. They are both good with money so they could easily open a business together, as partners of another nature, not only romantic.

In general, the Pisces Libra relationship will be progressive and they’ll be open to many new things. Libras are relaxed and Pisces don’t find it difficult to be like them. Libras want to be the perfect partners as they have always wanted someone to be next to them all of their life.

Pisces are the most spiritual sign in the zodiac, almost mystical. They will teach the Libra many things about yoga, healing techniques, crystals and how to help their energy flow improve. And the curious Libras won’t shy away from learning these things from their partner.

The Pisces-Libra relationship is beautiful from the beginning to the end. Even if it ends sooner than expected, the partners would have something romantic to remember.

The Libra and Pisces relationship

Like with any other relationship, things may not be entirely perfect between the Libra and the Pisces, but it’s surely worth for them to continue as a couple. Both emotional, these two won’t have problems making compromises.

The Libra-Pisces lovers will be puzzled by one other, especially in the beginning of the relationship. They can’t really understand one another’s personality and attitudes. Their relationship would’ve probably not even started if they wouldn’t have been introduced by a friend or a family member.

The attraction between them is very subtle initially and only develops with time. As soon as they discover how interesting and captivating the other is, they will start to really be attracted.

If they would work on their differences, they would develop more. It’s true the relationship needs more spontaneity. Pisces and Libra are great conversationalists, active and progressive people but they need to break the barriers between them and push each other more.

With encouragements and support, they will each manage to be a better version of themselves. It’s important for both of them to be appreciated and understood.

Libras enjoy art and luxury things, while Pisceans know to recognize beauty and want to give it practicality. It’s a known fact Libras are among the most refined signs in the zodiac, they appreciate a classical music concert and an outdoors theater play.

But there’s one thing they need to know about their Pisces. And that is Pisces are complex and emotional, people in this sign subconsciously need stability and security. When they’ll have this from a partner, they’ll offer love and affection in return.

Libra and Pisces marriage compatibility

Pisces are the type who prefer to stay at home rather than go out whilst Libras are social creatures who wish to go out and have a lot of fun with friends in all sort of places. In this case, Libras can leave Pisces take their time being lonely at home, or decide to stay inside more.

The thing is, either way they choose, one of the partners will be hurt. This is something that makes them very different and causes them to avoid each other as much as possible.

They can be happy together as a couple, but only if they establish from the beginning how their relationship should be. If they would be siblings, these two would help each other as much as possible, without being too disturbing. If it were for them to be friends or colleagues, they would be more than formal and debate from time to time. As relatives, they would be distant because they don’t have anything in common. As husband and wife, they should find what makes them both tick and do those things as often as possible.

And only so their life together will evolve into something beautiful and long lasting in most of the cases, which is a huge advantage for both of them because they each want someone to spend the rest of their life with.

Sexual compatibility

The Libra and the Pisces are like two love birds. They take a partner for life and grow closer to one another between the sheets. Sex between them is passionate.

Pisces are imaginative and want to satisfy their lover as much as possible, furthermore, they may be into sexual fantasies and erotica and Libras will love this about them.

If these two want to be more aroused in bed, they should be more aggressive with one another. Both generous with their feelings and when offering pleasure, they will forget all about the differences between them when they’ll be in bed.

The downsides of this union

The problems between the Libra and the Pisces will appear when the latter will be in denial or when they will both avoid conflict and try to escape the root of their problems. These two can lose themselves into a relationship that is in fact, not so deep. Pisces can become manipulative because it’s easy for them to identify what makes their relationship with Libra so strong.

What’s easy about them is that they don’t have anything to fight about, and the conflicts they’ll have will be rare. Neither of them holds on to the past and they usually concentrate on their tasks.

Libras can be insincere if the situation requires them to be. They want balance so badly, that they are ready to lie for it.  Also, people in this sign are prone to cheating from time to time, something now many people can accept lightly.

Pisces are deep and spiritual, this meaning Libras can be a little bit too vain for them. The fact that Libras want only what’s best and luxurious can bother the Pisces who prefer to be simpler and to have things that aren’t necessarily expensive.

It’s possible the Libra will think Pisces are too emotional and irrational. Pisces are known to throw tantrums and to be demanding, so it will be difficult for Libra to tolerate such attitudes. Progressive, Libras may think Pisces are too slow and unmotivated. Compromises are necessary for this relationship to work.

What to remember about Libra and Pisces

Their relationship is complex, with many things they can discover one about the other as long as they work to have something together. Libra and Pisces are amongst the most romantic and loving signs.

However, these signs can build a fantasy world in which they will both escape from reality. And this will put them in denial of the reality that surrounds them.

They will give each other presents and recite poetry because this is how they are. Sentimental and looking for comfort, they will build together a home that is welcoming and cozy.

These two will respect and love one another with all their hearts. But don’t think they will be immune to all the problems relationships can have. Just like any other couple out there, they will have their moments of tension and differences.

Everything about them will spell romanticism. The Libra is known to want to be swept of feet by a big love, while the Pisces will do anything to have someone trustworthy and protective.

It’s a give and take relationship. Every time the Pisces will be lost in a dream world and wishful thinking, the Libra will be there to help them land back to Earth and do something about it.

On the other hand, the Libra will be convinced by the Pisces to be more sensitive and emotional. The Libra will bring peace no matter how many fights they will have, while the Pisces is the compassionate one. However, these two won’t fight too often because they are able to understand one another very well.

It may be that when life will be tough, they will encounter some problems because their needs are completely different. Libras want to talk about things, to think up solutions and make things better again, while Pisces become too emotional and withdraw.

It will be difficult for a Libra to support Pisces emotionally as much as they need it. This couple will be tried through stressful times, and the Libra may think the Pisces is too needy and vulnerable.

On the other hand, the Pisces will think the Libra is too distant. So the compatibility they’re usually having as a couple can suddenly disappear into thin air.

If they will fight, the Libra will be careful not to hurt the emotional Pisces and will try to bring the harmony back. You’ll never see a Libra taking advantage of the fact that the Pisces is too altruistic. Pisces have a tendency to stay in bad relationships, but with Libras, they won’t have this problem.

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