Libra and Capricorn Friendship Compatibility

This friendship will have its ups and downs but ultimately, these two can really benefit from each other’s company.

Libra and Capricorn Friendship

The Capricorn can challenge the Libra in many ways when these two are being friends. Not having too much in common, they’re both good at leading, which means the power struggle in their friendship is very real.

The Capricorn is known to be very good at organizing, whereas the Libra can come up with many great ideas. The success of their friendship depends a lot on how they’re agreeing to have the same goals in life.

CriteriaLibra and Capricorn Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsAverage★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsAverage★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeAverage★ ★ ★

A case of opposites attract

There will be moments when the Libra is bothered by the Capricorn’s pessimism. However, he or she is known for being indecisive, so everything between these two will be fair.

They may very much enjoy talking about politics whenever getting together. It can be difficult to see too many similarities between the Capricorn and the Libra friends.

For example, the first is very open and happy when others are feeling the same. The Capricorn is disciplined and couldn’t be distracted from working to achieve one of his or her goals.

Both will get to fulfill their dreams, even if they may be walking on different paths that are only meeting from time to time. These natives are both very good at initiating things, so when working together, they may need to establish their roles and not cross one another’s limits.

The Libra is a great intellectual, whereas the Capricorn thinks success can’t be achieved without hard work. As soon as they will understand one another, they’ll become able to achieve great things as good friends.

The planet ruling Libra is Venus, whereas the Capricorn is governed by Saturn. These two celestial bodies don’t have many things in common, so the Libra and Capricorn must persevere when trying to overlook their differences.

Saturn pushes people to move ahead and to get over difficulties. Venus is the ruler of beauty and love, which means natives governed by it can sometimes be rather lazy.

When these two planets are combining energies and aren’t focused on positive things, they may become destructively antagonistic or influence individuals to repress emotions.

The Capricorn mustn’t cut down the Libra’s enthusiasm, while the latter should strive to keep the balance, just as usual.

The Libra belongs to the Air element, whereas the Capricorn to the Earth element. The first takes action according to what feelings dictate, the second is also an initiator, but one that thinks in a more practical way.

The Capricorn is always pragmatic, whereas the Libra is only seeking for more knowledge and good ideas, with no plan whatsoever.

It can be difficult for these two to accept one another’s differences when being friends, but if they’re struggling to get along, they can become complementary and very efficient as a team.

Completing each other

Both these signs are cardinal, which means they’re good at initiating projects and can function perfectly when given a precise role.

On the outside, the Libra may seem like an activist who fights against injustice and sometimes bends the rules, and that the Capricorn is in charge from the shadows and working tirelessly for his or her dreams to come true.

The Libra is constantly running away from conflicts, but he or she shouldn’t be the only one making compromises in their friendship. After all, they can be similar in many ways, it’s just important for them to reveal themselves to one another.

The Libra is extroverted and friendly, whereas the Capricorn is focused on his or her goals and also reserved. Capricorns will always give career more importance than to the people in their life.

The Libra can sometimes be demotivated, the Capricorn is never known to experience this. Therefore, the second will push the first to be less lazy and much more enthusiastic.

The fact that these two support each other through bad times means they can be great friends. What makes their connection successful is the fact that they’re both bringing something of value to their friendship.

It’s important that they all the time remain themselves and not try to integrate in groups that may ask them to change their ways. It can be said the friendship between a Libra and a Capricorn is challenging, but as soon as established, it becomes something between two people who are learning a lot from each other.

The optimistic Libra can be confused by how harsh the Capricorn is. He or she is only extroverted and always trying to have fun, whereas the Capricorn simply loves his or her moments of silence.

After being in each other’s presence for a while, the Libra may realize the Capricorn isn’t at all cold, but more reserved. This would be a moment in which the Libra decides to be good friends with the Goat.

Both are refined and can enjoy the most expensive food or the best art presentation. The Libra is positive and always shiny, so he or she can be bothered when the Capricorn becomes pessimistic. At the same time, the Goat will think the Libra is superficial. However, their friendship is most of the time meant to last.

The Libra friend

The Libra is calm, smart and really knows how to have fun. People in this sign are perfectly suited as good friends with those who need someone diplomatic, sensible and who’s always ready to run the extra mile for their happiness.

It can be said Libras are amazing people because they can’t stand being dramatic and would do anything to avoid conflicts.

It’s possible for them to sometimes bother others, but they’d soon realize what they’re doing and start to make a change in order to avoid nasty situations.

Natives of this sign are never petty or known to hold grudges, which means they never desire revenge after being crossed.

As a matter of fact, they’re known as great diplomats who are all the time assessing both sides of an issue and struggle for peace.

Their symbol is the scales, which is an instrument for weighing and judging. Therefore, the Libra is always bothered by injustice, not to mention he or she can help anyone become more diplomatic.

When faced with bad news, natives in this sign are calm and collected. While knowing what they want in life, it can be a problem for them to make decisions regarding their everyday living.

For example, they can never make up their mind regarding what movie to see or what to order at the restaurant. What’s great about them is the fact that they’re never bossy.

Those who want to be leaders in friendships should definitely get together with these natives because they simply love dumping responsibilities on others and not having to make decisions.

Furthermore, they’re very good at keeping secrets and offering their help with discretion. While it can be difficult for them to make some decisions for themselves, they’re very good at giving their friends a helping hand in the most awkward situations.

The Capricorn friend

The Capricorn is serious and very reliable, so anyone can trust him or her with every little detail of a problem.

People born under this sign know where to look for solutions, but they can be stubborn when having to change their mind or accepting something that isn’t based on fact.

Furthermore, they always need a reason to do things because only knowing what they’re fighting for, they can be the great leaders they usually are and organize chaos into order, by using effortless methods.

Those who can’t deal with the world shouldn’t even think of befriending the Capricorn because people in this sign have very high standards when it comes to choosing their friends.

They’re themselves very practical and mature in everything they’re doing, so they can’t tolerate people who aren’t even trying to fight for a goal.

Furthermore, Capricorns are always happy with the way things have been left by others and rely very much on tradition. It can be difficult for them to accept new ways and progressive ideas.

When it comes to these natives being friends, they can be either very supportive or the harshest critics. However, anyone can ask for their advice regarding any kind of business because they have impeccable executive skills and wouldn’t mind offering their help.

Not that they can’t be counted on with a different kind of problem, it’s just that money is an issue they’re very much interested in and are also very good at.

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