Libra And Capricorn Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Libra and Capricorn will be charming but with ups and downs as this is an ambitious combination.

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Intense and believing they will find the love of their life, Libras and Capricorns can overcome what makes them clash and can succeed as a couple. When in love, Libras are extroverted but still balanced, Capricorns become melancholic and self-absorbed.

CriteriaLibra Capricorn Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

From an astrological point of view, these two can have some friction between them, if they decide to be a couple. But this doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t a match or that their romance won’t be successful.

Libras like what love offers, while Capricorns think a relationship needs hard work. But if they end up together, the Libra can be sure he or she will be gifted by their Goat partner with a lot of love.

They both want to get married and while there may be some tensions in their life together, they can be a harmonious couple. The Capricorn will take care of the basics of the couple, while the Libra will make it develop.

Capricorns are down-to-earth and reserved, so it’s not likely they will fall for Libra’s charms straightaway and this can disappoint the latter.

The fact that the Goat is distant will intrigue the Libra and their seriousness will be interpreted as interesting and challenging.

The Libra Capricorn relationship will be perceived as delightful by those around even though it is filled in with ups and downs.

When Libra and Capricorn fall in love …

The love between a Libra and a Capricorn can be addictive. They can grow to be obsessed with one another from the very first date. Capricorns are powerful and elegant, Libras are charming and beautiful. Their traits combined can intrigue anyone who’s an outsider.

While they are impressive as a couple, they also have many things that make them different. They will also impress because they both want to look good, so they’ll dress as elegantly as possible.

When it comes to the positive things that make them so good together, it can be said they are a successful couple because they don’t step on each other’s foot.

The Capricorn will support the Libra in his or her fight for justice, and the Libra will help the Capricorn fulfill their hopes and dreams. Not to mention the Capricorn’s practicality will help the Libra be more down-to-earth too. They will both commit to make things work, and this commitment will be tremendous work from both sides.

And the Libra will work hard too, in order for harmony to be in its place. This is why they will always have a peaceful environment in which they will be able to build a nice relationship. They will both analyze situations from more than one point of view.

Capricorn Libra couples may have a problem when they’ll have to make a decision because neither of them wants to rush to reach a conclusion when they are facing a difficulty.

It’s good Libras are as meticulous and thoughtful as Capricorns. They both like to organize and to have plans ready so they can reach their goals at the end.

Their actions will be carefully thought and their plans will be realistic. It’s often that these two come up with the most facile solutions for problems others would give up on.

Capricorns would need to pay some more attention to their Libras, though. It may seem Libras are too argumentative, but they would still need to be cared for and admired. They usually don’t ask for too much, perhaps just knowing that the people they are with care enough.

The Libra and Capricorn relationship

What would make the Libra-Capricorn relationship happier is compromise but before this, they would need to trust one another first.

Libras are sometimes emotional and too demanding, they want their partner’s time to themselves. A Capricorn wouldn’t want to let anyone down, so they can become exhausted in this relationship.

Capricorns are determined and they want success more than anything else. That’s why they will be busy working most of the time. A Libra should understand that giving the Capricorn enough space and time means there is trust between them.

As soon as Capricorns receive all this, they start to reward the partners with a forever-lasting love. The differences that exist between these two should be covered by all the trust and optimism in the world.

The Capricorn will protect the Libra, who will feel more secure and happy. Their connection is very strong and they should keep it this way. Libras bring gentleness and compassion to the table, while Capricorns are all about determination and a good energy.

They may have different ways of dealing with things, but they are pretty much the same. Both of them want to succeed and have harmony in their lives.

Confidence in one another will only make their bond stronger, but if they are both stubborn in not accepting the other’s ideas like they are known to be, they won’t manage to get along and will destroy something really beautiful.

It’s important for this Capricorn-Libra couple to work together, to compromise and find the balance they so much need in order to be happy and satisfied with one another.

It’s good they are great friends. While the attraction between them is strong too, it can’t be the foundation of a serious relationship. The Libra will admire how the Capricorn is so ambitious and patient. But will not necessarily like that he or she is so serious and doesn’t loosen up a little bit.

These two are a great team indeed so outsiders will see them as a strong couple. If they focus to achieve the same things, they will surely achieve them and a little bit more. And it will not be only them who will benefit from the success, but also the ones around them for they can be very generous.

The Libra seems charming and always competent, thing that will definitely turn on the Capricorn. The fact that the Libra wants to adapt to be to the liking of the Goat will make them even stronger. If they want to have peace as a couple, they need to mold into one another’s personalities and values.

Libra and Capricorn marriage compatibility

An Earth sign, the Capricorn likes to have a settled life and doesn’t like change. Air signs like the Libra are on the move and they look for variety in everything that they are doing.

Therefore, the Capricorn and the Libra may seem odd as a couple on the long term. They have different paces at which they are living their lives, which can mean different timings.

Air signs like to talk and to express their feelings openly, Earth signs are more action-oriented and reserved about feelings and thoughts.

Staying with a Capricorn for a long time, you can start to notice how these people react to change. Completely different from Libras, Goats avoid and dislike change more than anything else.

They prefer to know about what’s coming next, and they panic when they have no idea what’s going on. The marriage between the Libra and a Capricorn will only resist if the Libra will deal with everything new coming their way, and the Capricorn will organize and plan for the future.

Sexual compatibility

Capricorns are attracted to people who admire and respect what they are standing for. They like it when the partner is friendly but still plays hard to get.

People in this sign don’t like shiny clothes and too much jewelry so they cannot really be impressed with such gifts and definitely cannot be brought to bed by them.

In bed, Libras are caring, wanting to pleasure and ready to experiment. They can be very exciting between the sheets and they will want erotic fantasies.

The Capricorn knows a few tricks, but doesn’t like any fantasy games so their sexual compatibility is questionable. Libras need too much time in bed with someone, while Capricorns can stay too much at work instead of being in the bedroom. Libras want to enjoy life, Goats want a career, however, they will have nights of passion and intensity if they love each other.

The downsides of this union

There are a few things that are different that can make the Capricorn-Libra relationship go downhill. Capricorns want security too much, and they strive to raise money for a more stable future.

Libras, however, prefer to live in the moment and spend all their money on what they feel like, when they feel like. These guys don’t actually perceive the value of money, and they are sure they will make more again. And they may be right to some degree.

The way each sign gets emotionally attached is also different. Capricorns are working to always be up on a pedestal and they don’t have too much time to pay attention to what the other needs and wants.

Libras are more passionate and attentive but they can become possessive and clingy.

The Capricorn hates it when someone wants to showcase their love. Anything even sounding like this makes Capricorns think of vulnerability.

When it comes to having fun, Capricorns are different from the Libras as they tend to bring work to where they are having fun and include responsibilities in their free time. Libras definition of fun involves being with friends and completely relaxed.

What to remember about Libra and Capricorn

In the Libra-Capricorn couple, the Libra will be the one who will admire how determined to achieve success the Capricorn is. On the other hand, the Capricorn will be fascinated by the Libra’s intelligence, balance and charm. Yet they may distance from one another after a period of being together.

It’s a combination between a realist and a romantic idealist, a compatibility between the slightly pessimistic Capricorn and the forever optimistic Libra.

These two have different opinions about many things. This is why a romance between them can be a challenge but at least they don’t get bored as a couple.

The fact that the Libra takes forever to decide about something may annoy the heck out of the Capricorn. In this case, the Libra would no longer seem as charming as he or she did in the beginning.

The seriousness of the situation would prevent the Goat from seeing things in a positive light anymore. Capricorns are known to rush things and to want only their way.

Both ambitious signs, they have different ways of dealing with situations and attaining success. The Libra may be too relaxed, but this doesn’t mean people in this sign don’t know how to reach the top of the social ladder.

Capricorns should chill and accept the fact that their partners have different ways of approaching life at their own pace. Another problem they may need to overcome is the Libra’s flirtatious attitude. It will be almost impossible for the Capricorn to realize that his or her partner wants only to socialize, not to flirt.

Winning the Capricorn’s trust can be difficult, especially for a Libra. The latter will probably be shut down by the Goat’s judgment and preconceptions.

What these two share is their need to have a high social status, Libras are ambitious as well, but more for the financial gain. When the Capricorn’s determination meets the Libra’s social talents, something really intense may happen between them.

The Earth will meet the Air, which means the combination take a practical sense. If there’s true love between them and they’ll compromise from time to time, these two will work greatly as a couple.

The Libra will make the serious and reserved Capricorn more relaxed and open, while the Goat will help the Libra be more stable and practical.

It will be hard for them to make up after a fight because the Capricorn is too stubborn. Libra will usually save the situation, as people in this sign are diplomats and open to negotiations. They may need to work for their compatibility, but if the love between them is real, they will manage to overcome everything.

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