Leo Tiger: The Practical Leader Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Leo born in Tiger year

Leo Tiger
  • Anyone born between July 23 and August 22 is a Leo.
  • The Tiger years are: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022.
  • Methodical people, they can focus for lengthy periods of time.
  • Honest and sincere, the Leo Tiger woman expects the same thing from everyone else.
  • Leo Tiger man can only be satisfied when pursuing his career of choice.

The Chinese sign of the Tiger portrays dedication and charisma and also unbeatable strength whilst the Western sign of the Leo is the ultimate leader.

Therefore, the Leo Tiger will have an almost addictive presence, will show pride in his or her accomplishments and will have others follow them in an instant.

The Caring Leo Tiger Personality

The Leo Tigers are loving and they have a charm that makes people want to be around them. They like to be in the centre of attention, wanting for others to be affectionate and caring with them.

They also have a lot to give in terms of affection, but they can’t live without being sure someone loves and admires them.

Kind-hearted people, the Leo Tigers can end up disappointed if those around them don’t pay them enough attention.

They are methodical persons, which is very good as they tend to focus too much on emotions and not on the practical side of things.

If they manage to channel more of their energy into work and they focus on what’s important, these people will have a more relaxed attitude.

Top Characteristics: Active, Integer, Emotional and Kind-hearted.

Besides being warm and nice to everyone, the Leo Tigers are also active individuals who enjoy life to the fullest.

Energetic, they are usually good with sports and anything that involves physical activity. Practicing a team sport would be perfect for them. If their reputation is at stake, Leo people born in the Tiger year become very angry and dangerous.

They will lose all the respect for the person who has threatened their social integrity and they’ll plot a revenge.

The Leo Tigers work hard to get what they want in life. They are people persons and others really enjoy their company as they are always happy.

They prefer to be surrounded by fewer people they really care about, rather than being with many acquaintances. You will find them at small group gatherings and family reunions.

If you want to give a person in Leo Tiger a present, don’t hesitate to buy him or her a book or a classical music disk.

They are passionate about these things and luxury, and they can sometimes spend their money without thinking too much, but they are not motivated by getting rich. They have a superior attitude and some people may find this annoying.

That’s why it’s sometimes difficult for the Leo Tigers to maintain long-term friendships. Natural born leaders and majestic, these people can also be dangerous when they are getting challenged. They are strong and they know how to dominate a situation.

They will definitely defeat the person that opposes them. The Leo Tigers are very interested in fashion as outfits indicate their social position. They can get lonely at times, but it doesn’t bother them enough to do something about it.

Perfect careers for Leo Tiger: Visual Arts, Politics, Engineering, Editing.

When worried, frustrated or angry, the Leo Tigers become furious and they’re not struggling to hide it. Having two wild animals as their astrological signs, these people’s fury can be forceful and terrifying. It’s their weakness to have a bad temper and be feisty. It would be better if you’d avoid a Leo Tiger in a bad mood.

Luckily, these moods don’t last for too long, and they easily forget why they have been angered in the first place. People may think the Leo Tigers have too big of an ego, but things aren’t like that at all. What they are trying to do is to attract all the attention to themselves.

Generous, they will always protect the ones who are weak. They appreciate people who leave them alone to calm when they are in a bad mood.

The most courageous Leos, these individuals will always stay positive, no matter what life prepared for them. They are over-protective as parents and they tend to feel lost when their children leave home.

Love – Uncovered

Devoted and loyal, the Leo Tigers expect their partner to be the same. They believe in being faithful and when they commit, they commit for good. Believing in true love, they can never find it easily.

Because they are sometimes arrogant and superior, it is difficult for people to settle with them. But if you’re only looking to be loved with intensity and you also want someone romantic to be next you, this is the type of Leo to go for.

They are loving partners, but they can be jealous and possessive as they think their partner should be theirs and only theirs. Great parents, people born in Leo the year of the Tiger will invest a lot of their time in educating their children.

Most compatible with: Aries Dragon, Sagittarius Horse, Capricorn Horse and Gemini Dog.

They like being in the traditional family and they will not be with someone who isn’t their match in terms of emotions, way of thinking, and finances. They are better life partners when they are older. When in love, they will accept anything the partner has to say, any suggestion will be welcomed and implemented.

The Tiger is known to have high standards, so if you want to spend your entire life with a Leo Tiger, you’ll need to be balanced and fair.

They have an overpowering way of imposing themselves and they often get what they want from the partner. They need someone to stick with them in times of depression, because they tend to become very sad when life’s difficult and tough.

Leo Tiger Woman Characteristics

The Leo Tiger woman is lucky and talented. With an incredible magnetism, she finds it easy to communicate with others.

People admire and trust her. But sometimes this lady can also attract envy and people who are only looking to flatter her with interest. Attentive and caring, the Leo Tiger woman will sense what others may be feeling and she will try to do something about those who are in a bad mood.

Honest and sincere, this lady expects the same thing from people. She is can get very attached and she can get hurt easily.

Her self-confidence and ambition are constructive. She keeps a realistic attitude all of her life and she will achieve her goals without being too proud about it.

Devoted and fun, it is great to live your life next to a Leo woman born in the Tiger year. She needs love and she is very optimistic.

Celebrities under the sign of Leo Tiger: Shawn Mendes, Usain Bolt, Amy Adams, Hilary Swank, Steve Carell, Connie Stevens, Kenny Rogers.

Leo Tiger Man Characteristics

The Leo Tiger man will do anything to ensure comfort for him and those he loves. He has an authority that will make others think he’s obsessed.

This thing leads to communication difficulties. Noble and strong, this guy likes being independent and he will set many goals for himself. Having many talents and qualities, he will attain them with not so many efforts.

Provided he has chosen the right career path, the Leo Tiger man will be successful and satisfied with his life. He needs more diplomatic skills to be 100% liked by others.

Not having a clue how to plan a budget, he will not be financially stable all the time. Intuitive, easily influenced, and sometimes insecure, he needs friends to support him and to communicate with him. A good person, the only thing a Leo Tiger man needs is diplomacy.

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