Leo Sun Virgo Moon: A Dignified Personality

Proud but realistic, the Leo Sun Virgo Moon personality doesn’t consist of exaggerated behaviors but rather of well rounded, practical attitudes that support everyone.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon

Leo Sun Virgo Moon people can exhibit contradicting personalities because their Sun wants to be in the center of attention, admired and praised, while their Moon is all about stability, staying in the shadows and not engaging in dangerous activities.

They won’t be the great leaders they’re supposed to be because their Virgo makes them reserved. If they want all the attention and admiration, they need to be of help first.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Observant, elegant and hard-working;
  • Negatives: Isolating, obsessive and criticizing;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will compliment and support their plans;
  • Advice: They should stop letting themselves tied down by self-imposed rules.

But despite all the limitations one sign imposes on the other, their signs can manage to work harmoniously and this will be seen in key life moments.

Personality traits

Shy and reserved on the inside, Leo Sun Virgo Moons are assertive, methodical and precise on the outside. They seem to know their direction and what to do.

These natives want power and to rule in the most effective way. And they will do it by using their mind, not their emotions.

They will prefer to fight with the pen and not with the sword. When having a problem, they will insist on their own opinions and criticize others to the extreme.

Whilst a little bit too direct, they are most of the time right with their conclusions and suppositions. People will be impressed by their abilities.

Conservative and reserved, the Virgo makes them less sociable. But they will still be charming, open and friendly. At parties, they want to be in the center of the stage.

They have inhibitions because they don’t want to allow themselves to have all of their pleasures satisfied.

When it comes to their ideal job, they would do great reporting, analyzing, communicating and organizing. Not to mention they need a disciplined environment in order to thrive.

Leos have a few fixated demands for themselves. Virgos want only perfection. Imagine how much the natives of these signs will work. And they will sometimes be obsessed with their job.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon individuals will find methods of ruling others even if they’ll be overwhelmed. The fact that they push themselves for perfection can’t be denied. But if they’ll continue being hard on themselves, they’ll end up being nervous, self-criticizing and agitated. Not to mention they may aim their negative attitude at their colleagues and friends.

They should give up advertising this ethical code they’re ruling their life after and be more inspiring. These natives are the neurotic Leos. Their combination of signs has them fighting against themselves from time to time.

Leos are usually proud and confident, but the Virgo makes them doubtful and nervous. This also means they will be much more modest and less bold. Not to mention cautious and attentive.

Hard workers, they will have high demands from themselves. No matter if women or men, their standards will be high and the disappointment when they won’t meet them even higher.

Obsessed with health from the Virgo’s influence, they will take an interest in exercising and diets. Leo Sun Virgo Moons know precisely what they want, this being the reason why others may find it hard to work with them.

But no matter what, they will always want to be of help. Many will trust them because they’re dignified and serious.

They worry about people, being the best friends anyone can have. Because they think they know what’s best, they’ll reject other people’s opinions. Many will try to get under their skin, but they won’t accept it.

When they happen to be in a disorganized environment, they become chaotic themselves. But they will struggle to put things in order and continue their work. It’s possible they’ll suppress their feelings, which will interfere with their honest and authentic ways.

Pretentious lovers

Leo Sun Virgo Moon lovers think big and want the entire world to pay attention to them. They are dramatic and expect to be admired.

Their partner has to be exciting and interested only in them. Also to see the child in them, for they are innocent creatures who only want to have fun and to laugh.

These natives tend to think nothing is too much or too great for them and their loved ones. They will buy luxurious presents for their partner. But they need to be complimented and appreciated for this to happen.

Lovers with their Moon in Virgo want to improve and fix things. That’s why they like broken people and faulty situations. When things are perfect, they poke until they find something wrong.

They will support their lover no matter the times and circumstances. But they can be seen as nagging with their tendencies to always improve.

The Leo Sun Virgo Moon man

This man combines these two signs in a very harmonious way despite them influencing towards two very different personalities. For example, Leos are energetic, passionate and kind, Virgos are cold, reserved and careful.

But the Leo Sun Virgo Moon man is opinionated and has strong emotions. He can criticize and be very right about what he’s saying. However, many will consider him a big mouth.

This guy needs to have all the attention on him if he’s to be happy. It’s like he’s dependent on being admired and complimented all the time.

People who’ll give him their attention will get to see his generous side. He’s careful with what friends he makes and doesn’t let too many people close.

Always stubborn and having an opinion, he can be stuck in his own ways. His principles are well established and always kept. And he expects others to have them too.

While shy, he will always struggle to please. He’s proud and would never do what’s wrong. Maybe he will sometimes do it just to see the effects of his actions.

Discriminating, insightful and always useful, the guy with this combination will always look to improve and make things perfectly.

He’s not tactful, but will learn this quality with age. However, he is polite and charming. If he will use it to his advantage, he’ll be very successful in everything he will do.

The Leo Sun Virgo Moon woman

Just like all Leos, the Leo Sun Virgo Moon woman is determined and noble. She will want others to see her the way she sees herself, so she’ll use her persuasion to “wash their eyes”.

Very generous with those who are thinking the same as her, she can be ruthless when someone is opposing her. Not to mention she’s completely crushed when she fails.

She wants to be in power and that’s that! Another thing this lady will pay attention to is keeping her reputation intact. Don’t cross her or you will suffer.

Leos are motivated and can’t rest until they have gained the respect of everyone. That’s why they will keep their promises and be honorable no matter the situation.

The woman in these signs makes no exception to these rules. She also wants to be noticed and treated like royalty. And she’ll express what she wants.

She likes to think that she has some special talents and abilities that will simply illuminate the humanity.

But if she wants to express her individuality and be creative, she needs to also be serious and to reflect more of her personality.

When she was born, the Moon was in Virgo. This means she needs stability, comfort and for things to be under control. She will be protective with anyone and anything that makes her feel good.

Don’t expect her to dream big and to think of unachievable goals. She only wants a normal everyday life, to improve and to find a place for anyone and everything.

She relaxes when things aren’t out of control. When it comes to her friends and close ones, she takes good care in choosing them.

This lady lives after a set of rules and knows where everyone belongs in her life. She thinks of life as of a puzzle, a chessboard on which people need to be moved around.

She will remember anything important and will collect many nice things that remind her of different moments in her life. And these are all qualities brought to her by the Virgo’s influence.

The Leo is more about passion and enthusiasm, also boldness and courage, but she doesn’t have them in high dosage anyways.

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