Leo Sun Taurus Moon: A Purposeful Personality

Creative but proud, the Leo Sun Taurus Moon personality can easily get fixated on certain ways or decisions and will require convincing to try something new.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon

Leo Sun Taurus Moon people are strong-willed, ambitious and very serious. They can control themselves calmly, they can sympathize, and they have a common sense that can’t be seen in others.

In other words, these natives are wise and composed. However, when the situation is tense and things don’t go the way they want them to, they start to exhibit their quick temper, to show their moodiness and to become tyrannical.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Proud, sensual and practical;
  • Negatives: Egotistical, tyrannical and superficial;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who shares the same views as them;
  • Advice: You should learn to take on board other’s ideas more often.

They will shine the more they will learn to appreciate and harness their inner talents. Until they will study all this in more detail and see how much they’re worth, they will keep feeling as if they are missing out on something.

Personality traits

Leo Sun Taurus Moon natives are heavy creatures who will dramatize, think intensely and with a purpose, won’t desire that much but who will get consumed by the few things they desire.

They are sensual and wish for many possessions. Both the signs of these natives need comfort and to dwell in luxury.

Just like all Leos, they have a mysterious aura. They believe they’re strong and they trust their intuition no matter what. These natives will always work hard to achieve their goals. And they really have some high objectives.

Because both of their signs are fixed, Leo Sun Taurus Moon individuals are determined and open to explore great heights. But it’s possible they become their own worst enemies because they’re too confident and rigid.

And this can cause them to work against themselves. Practical and able to see beyond limits, they believe in themselves too much. This can have them ignoring other people’s opinions.

Only after they will make a mistake, they’ll discover that others may have been right. They will be capable to express their creativity only after they’ll learn how to cooperate.

It’s impossible for them to be right all the time, and they need to understand this. Learning how to be more relaxed and to accept what their colleagues and close ones are saying is a great idea for them. They may be natural born leaders, but some compromise hasn’t hurt anyone.

What makes them tick is being admired, getting recognized and treated like true royals. But for being royalty, they need to help themselves and others too. Not to mention they have to renounce their ego because it impedes their creativity and their power to express themselves.

The way they build themselves is important. They have to share what they have learned from others. Studying their own feelings and accepting them is something that will bring a lot of good things into their life.

The more they will give up materialistic impulses and their characteristic firmness or single mindfulness, the more they’ll achieve.

It’s essential these natives learn how to be fixated on one purpose and to accept change is normal. If they will value others as much as they value themselves, they’ll grow to be less egotistical.

They are ambitious enough to see their projects coming to an end. And there’s no one or nothing to stop them in their endeavors. Leo Sun Taurus Moon people need to be careful not to become impetuous, narcissistic and impertinent.

They will often choose passion over logic, no matter how smart they are. It’s because they tend to act before thinking. They don’t stop to analyze because they trust themselves too much.

A little bit of modesty wouldn’t harm them. Before they start a new project, they need to pay attention to what others are saying as well. When defeated, these Leos simply can’t deal with the failure.

They become angry easily when they’re not getting their way. It’s because they have a big ego and they are proud. But disappointments happen to the best too.

Having a little fun would only do them good. Harmony and serenity come from inside and from being relaxed. It would be better if they’d allow themselves to have a break and if they wouldn’t dwell too much on failure.

Looking at a problem from afar can help too. Focusing all the negative energy into something creative and constructive would be incredible. And they shouldn’t take their disappointments on their children or colleagues.

Going to a concert or practicing a sport would be more advised. If they don’t want to become obsessed with their goals, they need more variety in their life.

Patient lovers

Leo Sun Taurus Moon people are Earthy and have a rare sensuality. They’re happy when their sex life is going well. Not the most romantic people, they surely act like gentlemen and ladies, though.

It’s possible they’ll have many relationships. And they’ll be jealous and possessive in all of them. Sun Leos want nothing but the best in life. They feel like they’re entitled to it.

Their partner should support them and think the same. Not to mention they will always want more fun and attention. And they’ll act in dramatic ways to get it.

They will shower their lover in gifts and romantic gestures. But they demand twice as much back.

People with the Moon in Taurus want to be comfortable and to feel secure. If they’ll have everything they need, they’ll be happy. But their partner will have to be as well sensual and trustworthy.

Their defects emerge when they stick to a routine, procrastinate and run away from fights. When pushed, they’ll be quiet until they will burst into anger one day.

The Leo Sun Taurus Moon man

The Leo Sun Taurus Moon man is strong and capable of seeing the big picture. He’s idealistic, practical and fixed in his believes. This will help him in business and executive positions at work.

This man doesn’t leave any space for interpretation. While leaving room for him to make mistakes, he will reject other people’s ideas and opinions.

Strong-willed and not at all diplomatic, this guy needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut because he expresses his opinions all the time. He’s very honest and thinks that this suits his purposes and serves his ideas.

Because he refuses to ever make a compromise, he’ll have problems in his relationships with others. At least he’s always looking to get things done perfectly.

A leader by nature, he’s controlling and able to manage people and projects. While he can defeat his opponents easily, he likes people and to share. Hard-working and well-intentioned, this guy should be more detached and objective.

The Leo Sun Taurus Moon woman

This lady is a force, a Drama Queen and a serious worker. She doesn’t want much, but she will work hard for what she desires. She likes being in power, having comfort and enjoying luxuries.

Materialistic and sensual, she’s also an egoist, just like all the Leos. Her dreams will be achieved because she’s strong, ambitious and intuitive. Her motivation comes from the fact that she has two fixed signs in her astrological conjunction.

In spite of her qualities, she can work against herself when refusing different opinions. Everything this lady does is taken seriously because she’s stubborn, courageous and purposeful.

The wisdom and common sense of the Leo Sun Taurus Moon woman are famous. While she keeps it together and understands most of the time, she can also be the opposite and become tyrannical, moody and tough to deal with.

This happens when things don’t go the way she wants them to. Because she can’t accept others’ opinions, her efforts will often be in vain. And it will be difficult for her to admit she has failed.

She will also be depressed and angry. Not to mention she may take it out on others. This is because she has a big ego and she’s proud. Anyway, success can’t come to a person all the time.

So she needs to learn how to deal with unhappiness too. If she’ll detach herself from her actions, she will be much happier. After all, happiness and harmony are only inside her.

Taking things and failure so seriously won’t bring her anything good. She needs to understand she’s practical and efficient enough, but sometimes things don’t happen as she has planned them.

She can see the big picture and many innovative ideas, but she doesn’t work with them and doesn’t accept different opinions than hers. She most likely made mistakes and realized people around her were right many times.

Her creativity will unleash only after she will learn to be collaborative. This lady needs to understand she can’t be right all the time.

Not to mention how confident she’ll become when working with ideas coming from someone else. She may be a leader, but good leaders are all about cooperation.

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