Leo Sun Scorpio Moon: A Temperamental Personality

Instinctive, the Leo Sun Scorpio Moon personality relies more on the heart than on the mind.

Leo Sun Scorpio Moon

Leo Sun Scorpio Moon people have a magnetism that can intimidate anyone. Their aura is strong and sexual. Not to mention they have a clear insight and can read people better than anyone else.

In certain situations, however, they remain closed and don’t like to express their emotions. There’s something royal about them and this becomes apparent through the way they behave in key life moments.

Leo Sun Scorpio Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Optimistic, instinctive and ambitious;
  • Negatives: Insecure, stubborn and impatient;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will share with them their deepest and darkest secrets;
  • Advice: They should be a little bit more cerebral when it comes to work.

People will automatically respect and admire them. While they are able to be cool and chill on the outside, you can be sure in their heart they feel everything at high intensity.

Personality traits

Leo Sun Scorpio Moon natives are temperamental and very energetic. They have a passion that needs to sometimes be kept in line if they want to achieve the true potential of the combination in which they are born.

Strong and always active, these people can get too personal and emotionally involved in any type of situation. It can’t be said they know what they like and what they don’t like very clearly.

It’s possible they’ll end up ranting and being very annoyed when they won’t keep their emotions in check. As a matter of fact, their entire success depends on how they manage to control themselves. Also on how they focus their energy on something constructive.

Their magnetic ways will help them achieve success in a leadership position if they would be a little bit more cerebral. They are optimistic and they believe in themselves very much. No one can mess with how proud they are of their achievements.

Instinctive, Leo Sun Scorpio Moon individuals will rely more on their heart than on their mind. No matter if women or men, they will have some demons and insecurities that will impede them from achieving what they want.

These natives never give up. It doesn’t matter what life has put them through, they are fighters with a lot of determination and many ambitions. Not to mention they inspire others to be creative and as efficient as possible.

There’s no one more delicate, kind and interesting than them. Flirtatious and in love with love itself, they will never deceive their partner. But they will surely attract the opposite sex in a great way.

They will always work to be the best that they can be. And no one will be able to take them away from what they want in life. Good intentioned and sincere about their defects, they won’t want to always sit on a pedestal, which is unusual for Leos.

The Leo Sun Scorpio Moons are more about expressing themselves and protecting their own feelings. But there’s a difference between trying to be emotionally safe and putting up some impenetrable walls that will never allow the loss of control.

They would have to work with what makes them intense and their Sun’s energy in order to not become too extreme about safeguarding their feelings.

If they are not aware of what makes them tick, it’s very likely they won’t get to fulfill their dreams. It’s suggested they look deeper into their every wish and secret desire if they are to see what’s beneath appearances.

Their own psyche is the only one that can help them find the answers they are looking for. Their ideals are high, so they carefully select their friends and judge based on their own standards.

Many won’t be able to live up to their demands. Their personal beliefs colorize their entire life, so they can’t really be objective or detached.

Their combination of the Sun and the Moon suggests they will have positions of power and be authoritative. These natives are known to obtain good jobs at their workplace.

When it comes to business and executive matters, they are impulsive but not reckless. They will always fight for their financial gain to be as high as possible.

When they have an idea, they quickly act on it. There’s no one more determined and observant than them, not to mention dramatic.

Leo Sun Scorpio Moon people want to be in the center of attention no matter where they are. And they will use their nobleness of the heart and firmness in everything they will do. But their persuasion will be used to make others see them the way they want to be seen.

They are generous only with those who don’t contradict them. These natives don’t accept failure and to be opposed. What they want the most is to have power and to rule.

When they were born, their Moon was in Scorpio. This means they’re intuitive and rely a lot on instincts. Impulsive and a little bit aggressive, they are receptive and can perceive what others want or where the situation is going.

They don’t like following trends and going with what others are saying. They are too individualistic for such behaviors. People who will enter their life will be carefully selected, many will be considered intruders until they get closer with those people.

Secretive lovers

Leo Sun Scorpio Moon lovers really want to be in the center of attention. They want to be recognized and admired for their efforts. While they require this from their partner, they also need a bigger audience.

They will make grand gestures for their other half. It’s normal for them to buy expensive presents and to take their lover to romantic vacations. They will never cheat, so you can trust them to be next to you no matter what.

Moon Scorpios are dark creatures. They want to be in control because it makes them feel safe. That’s why they will be secretive with their other half. But they want their lover to tell them all their hidden wishes and darkest secrets.

And they need someone who understands that they need to be private. If their partner will try to make them lose control or will cross over their boundaries, they’ll simply become jealous or cruel.

The Leo Sun Scorpio Moon man

Used to tackling things slowly but steadily, the Leo Sun Scorpio Moon man is adaptable. No one can resist his presence and magnetism.

Just like the male with both his Sun and Moon in Scorpio, he can be extreme about his sexual life, even make out of this a main purpose in life.

If he was born close to the noon, it’s possible he will divorce a few times. His passion and sexuality are wild. If he will channel his energy and do something constructive, he will be very successful.

It’s impossible for him to accomplish much if he will only focus on the bedroom. He should explore his fantasies and play as many roles as possible. This guy is a kinky man indeed.

If he’ll manage to have his lady thinking about something else than his sexuality, he will prove that he’s committed and serious. As soon as he has settled down, he will become over-protective and jealous.

And he would definitely need to be tamed when it comes to these aspects. He won’t mind leaning on his lover for some help. Bold and daring, he will take on any challenge.

When it comes to work, he’s a great colleague who would do a great job as a doctor or fireman. If he won’t be a policeman, he will surely act like one around the house.

This native needs some assistance in finding himself and turning what’s negative about him into positivity. He can be difficult to live with. When he’s unhappy, he tends to greatly hurt people around him.

The Leo Sun Scorpio Moon woman

The Leo Sun Scorpio Moon woman is strong, authoritative and very attractive. A little bit rigid and intense, she’s good with politics and research. It’s possible she’ll dedicate herself completely to her work.

This lady simply doesn’t know half measures. Giving a lot of importance to sex, she will experiment in the bedroom from a young age.

She doesn’t think chaotically, not to mention that she’s very cerebral and can focus on the matter at hand better than many other people. She’s not at all needy.

When it comes to her love life, she’s completely devoted, but she’s not looking for a soulmate. This girl wants someone who admires and praises her all the time. With her friends and colleagues, she’s protective.

When someone will have a problem, she’ll be the first to help. But if you have too many issues, expect her to withdraw and not to know what to do. She won’t hesitate to give her opinions though.

Powerful, a little bit extreme and interesting, this lady gets along with other Leos and Scorpios. A submissive Pisces would be good for her too because she would be able to lead.

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