Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon: An Inspirational Personality

Passionate and knowledgeable, the Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon personality will use its charm and persuasion to inspire and motivate others.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon people will always be passionate about traveling, new adventures, diversity and thrills. These natives are constantly looking for new challenges.

They think life is a game meant to be played in the most daring and exciting way. Their combination of Sun and Moon is all about the Leo’s energy, magnetism, warmth and bossiness coupled with the Sagittarius’ sincerity, adaptability, straightforwardness.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Respectable, caring and principled;
  • Negatives: Selfish, pretentious and drama-prone;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who can bring a little variety in their lives;
  • Advice: They should stop being as criticizing of themselves as they are.

Personality traits

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon natives will speak their mind and be honest. It doesn’t mind that this attitude makes them unpopular.

While direct and even hurtful, they also have a good sense of humor and are never bad intentioned. Many will find them playful and entertaining. But their competitiveness and selfishness will have them fighting all the time to be the best.

Proud, these people will always look to use their knowledge and inspire or motivate others. Their mind can never rest and is always positive.

As both of their signs are Fire, they need to avoid engaging in pointless activities and waste their energy. It’s easy for them to burn themselves out doing what they are not meant to.

The more they will use their passion to do something constructive, the more they will succeed in life. Not to mention they’re charming and alluring.

Having a great energy and a vivid imagination, they can come up with good ideas and make them become a reality.

It’s difficult for them to commit to a job or relationship because they can’t focus on only one thing. But they will never feel sorry for themselves or focus on their failures.

Not at all subtle, Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon people will get into trouble for speaking the truth and not choosing their words more carefully. Always on the run and independent, they would be very unhappy if tied down or told that they can’t do some things.

It’s rare that they are silent and reserved. And they are always preparing for something new. These are not the type of people to just sit there and dream. They take action all the time.

Just like all Leos, they demand respect and work hard for their high goals. But being too optimistic, they can also become reckless.

In their heart, these natives are children. It’s impossible to have them feeling old, no matter their age, the seriousness of the situation and the people they are dealing with.

They want a soulmate and to explore the world, just as simple as that. The Sagittarius’ arrows will be illuminated and lightened by the Sun Leo’s light according to how developed the individual is.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon individuals enjoy life and putting their creativity to work. Everything is a journey for them. Because they can influence people to be more energetic and fun, they will be loved and appreciated. And all this respect will make them feel emotionally fulfilled.

Their passion and great spirit are about freedom and being able to search themselves. But there is the danger they won’t recognize what they are seeking inside their own world.

It would be good if they’d believe they are the heroes they are searching for in life because they really are. Their ideal self has a noble warmth and is curious about every subject.

When they sense that things are not working the way they’re supposed to, these natives don’t hesitate to take initiative. But they can be blinded by power and make others think they have not so good intentions.

What they want the most from life is to pursue their ideals and to get to live them. But they are more powered by inspiration and not by hard work. Energetic and optimistic, these natives will never get to know what depression is.

It’s not normal for them to keep their feelings hidden. No one can impede them from saying what they want, when they want it.

Honesty and truth are principles they highly believe in. But they tend to also believe everyone and everything. Usually confident in themselves, they will make any dream they have come true.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon individuals are more people of action than of introspection. And they are fascinated about everything. Because they are always looking to change and explore new territories, they will not have enough time to reach to conclusions very often.

Not to mention it can be difficult for them to be patient. If they want to be truly creative, they need to focus on only a few projects.

It’s also essential they are all about variety and stimulation of mind because they easily get bored with people and activities.

When they need to obey orders, they become restless. That’s why they have to have a leading position at work and to rule at home too.

Expansive lovers

Leo Sun-Sagittarius Moon lovers are the royals of the zodiac. These natives are always looking to be number one and to live in glamor. Everything they do is grandiose, including their love life.

Expect them to buy expensive gifts for their partner. They are generous but at the same time demand a lot. They want to get back as much attention as they give.

If admired and praised, they feel great. But when ignored, they will no longer care about the person that doesn’t pay attention to them.

People with their Moon in Sagittarius need their freedom and to be independent. Not that they can’t commit. They just need their own space.

Enthusiastic about expressing themselves, these natives need a partner who’s OK with them being honest.

When they know they need to engage in a new adventure, they’re the most optimistic. Their relationship has to have a little bit of excitement and variety if they are to be happy.

The Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon man

This man is among the most independent males in the zodiac. He likes to rule and it’s very likely he’ll be his own boss. But he needs to learn how to be more modest. As soon as something will get his attention, he’ll invest many efforts in that thing.

Because he’s open and expressive, the Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon man won’t be held back by anyone. It’s impossible for him to lie. But he’s proud, that’s for sure.

The way he acts is unique because he can be very mannered. His biggest wish is to travel and see the entire world. He likes learning and is positive about everything new.

You will never see him depressed or negative. When having problems, this guy doesn’t sit aside and immediately takes action. Helping people is something he truly enjoys and thinks has the power to make a change in.

A good leader, he will never be pushy or mean. He’s more the type that guides others in deciding what’s best for themselves. While open and expressive with what he thinks, he will have problems talking about his feelings.

He can fiercely guard his emotions because he doesn’t want to seem vulnerable. When a situation will be tense and difficult, he will use his sense of humor and not fret too much about it.

The Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon woman

Noble and assertive, the Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon woman will convince others to see her the way she sees herself. When people don’t contradict this lady, she’s the most generous person there could be.

But when contradicted, she will be ruthless and not accepting defeat. This lady will fight with men for power. She wants to have a good reputation and won’t be bothered by anyone in achieving it.

That’s why she will keep her word and be honorable in almost any situation. Because her Moon is in Sagittarius, she will want to travel. And she will do it both physically or with her mind.

As an independent creature, she will always look to gain more knowledge and seek for the truth. This lady never rests, she changes homes, boyfriends and behaviors as often as others change their clothes.

She’s has her Moon on the Gemini-Sagittarius line, which means she’s flexible and open to what the outside world has to bring her. She can easily adapt to new situations and people.

This is not the type of woman to be rigid. Many people are stiff because it makes them feel secure. She changes her ways according to new circumstances and people in her life.

And this can help her succeed because she can find solutions to new problems very easily. All the people who don’t mind change can adapt and improve their life according to what destiny has prepared for them.

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