Leo Sun Libra Moon: A Reliable Personality

These people are responsive to criticism and wish to please others.

Leo Sun Libra Moon

Leo Sun Libra Moon people are buoyant and interested in socializing. Their creativity can get them far in life, not to mention they have great energy and are always optimistic.

No matter how depressing a situation is, they will only focus on the half-full side of the glass. That’s why they inspire others to be less worried and neurotic.

Leo Sun Libra Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Caring, witty and creative;
  • Negatives: Anxious, indecisive and obsessive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will bring beauty in their lives;
  • Advice: They should take a step back and analyze the moments in which they become egotistical.

Natural born leaders, these natives can motivate people to do what they’re supposed to do and a little bit more.

Personality traits

Because they’re too optimistic, Leo Sun Libra Moon individuals may perceive reality in a wrong way and the harshness of a situation can cause them to be further confused.

They expect people to be like them, which is warm, reliable and caring. And this is not at all efficient. It’s necessary they learn others can’t live up to their standards.

Because they’re amiable and rarely angry, they will have many friends. Not to mention how the fact that they’re nice and open helps with this situation. When they need to be tactful or to occupy the center of the stage, they are the happiest.

These natives enjoy being around people and having a busy social agenda. Their tastes are expensive. It’s possible their home will house many art pieces.

It doesn’t matter if women or men, they will want peace and harmonious relationships. A balanced life makes them emotionally stable. If they don’t have all this, they can develop a temper and no one will be able to put up with them anymore.

Vulgarity, brutality and negativity makes them want to run away. When it comes to love, Leo Sun Libra Moons like to have fun. It’s possible they’ll be often deceived by many partners because they are eager to have someone in their life.

And after breaking up, they become a real mess. It’s very difficult for these natives to no longer think of memories they have created with a dear person.

Wanting to meet “the one”, they will have problems finding a lover. And they will never give up the idea of true love, no matter how many breakups they will have.

As they are both under the influence of the Leo and that of the Libra, they will remain calm even when an argument or a problem will bother them.

Romantic, Leo Sun Libra Moon natives have an innocence and a good soul that will always have them attract the good kind of people into their life. While good leaders, they find it difficult to be in charge of other people.

Not to mention they don’t want to step over some boundaries or hurt anyone. But their desire to be admired will always persist. It can be difficult for them to make a decision because they want to hear every opinion.

And this can influence the relationships they’re developing with others. In such situation, they need to be tactful and at the same time bold. Their Sun and Moon combination reveals they’re artistic, self-appreciative and peaceful when it comes to interactions with others.

They get their energy from being creative and individualistic. These natives are caring, objective and sometimes profound. Their biggest challenges are being aware of when they need to take the center of the stage, dealing with their own ego and deciding on something they don’t agree with, just for the sake of harmony and serenity.

Not to mention they can’t decide if to put themselves or others first. As Leos, they want everything to be about themselves. But their emotions may not allow them to not care about others in any way.

They like to relax and to live a comfortable, luxurious life. But they can withdraw at the first sign that tells them they’re not being appreciated at their true value.

They will choose a profession that can build them a good reputation. And they’re creative enough for the arts or the marketing industry. They wouldn’t be bad as lawyers either.

Conflict makes them want to settle things down all the time. And the instincts they have from the Leo’s side can be very helpful. Leo Sun Libra Moon people are proud and can see themselves the way others see them, not the way they actually are.

If criticized, they become repressed and obsessed to make changes. But they should only remember that their opinion of themselves is as accurate as anyone else’s.

It’s not healthy to give others so much importance. While they can charm their friends, they will also tire them because they always want to be complimented. When not paid attention to, they become anxious and indecisive.

Difficult lovers

Leo Sun Libra Moon lovers are all about being in the center of attention. It wouldn’t matter if they’re celebrities or janitors, they will want to make themselves noticed.

And they need their partner to admire them all the time. These natives should avoid being as jealous as they actually are.

It’s true they’re loyal and romantic, but they have their own ways of flirting. If their lover will consider them the most important persons on Earth, they will forever be devoted and in love.

Moon Libras need beauty because they are ruled by Venus. And they need it in both material and emotional form.

Their partner should understand that while they would do anything to ensure their relationship is working, they are also jealous and often discontent.

It can be difficult to understand they’re not happy because they’re all the time passive-aggressive.

The Leo Sun Libra Moon man

The Leo Sun Libra Moon man is autonomous, romantic and has high ideals. Kind, this guy is warm with anyone. He believes in honor and integrity more than in anything else.

It’s rare that he disobeys rules and prefers a traditional approach to life. Not to mention that he’s rational and puts a high price on others’ opinions.

Because this man is honest, you’ll know a lot about him from the first time you two will meet. But there are a few things he will keep to himself too.

It’s just that he doesn’t know what people want of him. That’s why he prefers to think things through and not to commit immediately.

Others usually respect his opinion because he seems to always think in a correct way and to found his opinions on facts. He definitely isn’t the extreme type.

Aside from the fact that he thinks clearly, this guy is also creative. He would do a great job working as an actor. Drama and being attractive are not something new to him.

He likes being independent and often doesn’t seem to have what is needed for relationships. Because his emotions are complex, he seems detached.

Yet no one can observe people better than he does. Still, he avoids getting involved too deeply. It would be a good idea for him to notice what emotions others have for him because he can often focus his energies on useless things and people that would make him go in reverse.

He hates arguing. But if he still does it, it’s important he remembers what others said they think about him, not the ugly words. This can help a lot with his indecision.

The Leo Sun Libra Moon woman

The Leo Sun Libra Moon woman is assertive and noble in her heart. It’s possible she’ll convince others to see her the way she sees herself. Generous with those who appreciate her opinions, she hates defeat and being contradicted.

This is the type of woman who will fight for power and for her reputation to be good. She will be ruthless with those who cross her. Leos can’t rest until they have the power and the respect of others.

That’s why this lady will never run away from her responsibilities. It would be a dishonor for her to not keep her word. She wants to seem prepared for any situation.

Because her Moon is in Libra, she hates violence and conflict. All that this woman wants is to maintain the peace and to make friends.

She can be very interested in how the times are going, in what’s new and in trend. As she can feel what others are feeling, she keeps a diplomatic attitude. But this means she’s also vulnerable.

The thing is, she responds very well to her environment. Any new idea and concept her friends and colleagues bring up can impress her and she will be sensitive outside her home.

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