Leo Sun Leo Moon: A Proud Personality

Capable of amazing self-control, the Leo Sun Leo Moon personality will show great leadership and vision although this might become apparent later in life.

Leo Sun Leo Moon

People born with both their Sun and their Moon in Leo are strong, determined and very focused. These natives are the most interested in building a good reputation and having as much success as possible.

When first meeting them, you’ll notice they’re positive, energetic and always in a good mood. But you must know that inside they’re ruthless, harsh and easy to offend. And they never forgive or forget when someone makes an attempt to mess with their pride.

Leo Sun Leo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Noble, friendly and self-controlled;
  • Negatives: Authoritarian, impulsive and ruthless;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will complete their word in every sense;
  • Advice: They should include spiritual goals in their lives, not only material ones.

Personality traits

In a way, Leo Sun Leo Moon people are cheerful and amiable. However, no one can interfere with their independence and authority. They are natural born leaders who are always looking to shine.

There’s something amazing about the way they fight, no matter if it’s for themselves or for others. When they have an enemy, they can take him or her down in the most ruthless way.

They are never too personal or attached. While brooding, these natives sill rely in intuition rather than on careful analysis.

Their sign is one of royalty, beastly urges and nobleness. People with their Sun and Moon in Leo are like the real lions in the wilderness: proud and active.

They can rule, be compassionate and warm. But their ego needs to be stroked if they are to be happy.

While fair and honest themselves, Leo Sun Leo Moon individuals hate it when others prefer to cheat or to be disloyal. They are usually very generous and open, but those who try to cross them can say goodbye to a friendship or any kind of relationship with these natives.

There’s no one to want to be admired and given attention more than double Leos. That’s why they are always looking to have a good social status and recognition. It doesn’t matter the situation, these natives desire to always be in control.

It’s possible they will try to run anything they get involved in. When it comes to their love life, they are very jealous and possessive. But they will refuse to believe they have these feelings because their pride is hurt if they’re thinking they’re somehow insecure.

Leo Sun Leo Moon natives act like royals wherever they are going. Not to mention how much they need for others to approve their ideas and behavior.

Their main purpose in life is to stand out from the crowd and to let the world see how great they are. They are an astrological combination of charisma, generosity and warmth.

Perfectly capable of self-control, it’s possible they’ll end up leading others from a very young age. But they will need to be admired and flattered all the time.

People in their proximity have to compliment them about the way they dress, speak and act. And the more they are praised, the more ambitious they become. A little bit extreme, these Leos will make excesses in life.

Their incredible will and determination will influence them in a both positive and negative way, depending on the situation and how they decide to approach it. It doesn’t matter if men or women, they will always be imaginative and eager to express themselves.

Having a talent for drama, they will amuse and entertain their friends all the time. They usually feel emotions deeply but no matter what feelings reside in their heart, they will always be cheerful and flamboyant.

You can recognize them at parties because they’re the loudest and the ones who always make people smile. These natives will most likely have the most swag when compared to those around them.

It’s impossible to not notice their presence. The way they wear their clothes speaks loudly about their individuality and begs for attention. Because they always want to look good, they will dress to impress. Not to mention how worried they will be about how they look.

They are very aware of their own image. Curious about people, these natives will surround themselves with friends and will want to be as popular as possible. But it’s important they become more discriminating and not allow just anyone to be in their life.

Leo Sun Leo Moon people have high ideals and are ruling with their heart and not their mind. If it happens for them to make a mistake, they will forget all about it in a second. Just like it never happened.

But they’re bold and ambitious enough to start again all the time. In spite of their loudness and easygoing personality, they are very serious when the situation requires them to. As said before, what they want the most is to be recognized and to build a good reputation for themselves.

Demanding lovers

Sun Leos need to be paid attention to, especially by their lover. If someone will admire and praise them all the time, they will fall in love instantly.

The more they will feel like they’re important for a person, the more they will shower that individual in gifts and romantic gestures. And they don’t need anything else than being the center of others’ and especially their lover’s world.

It’s possible they act like they don’t need anyone in their life, but they are desperate to be with someone so they can feel appreciated and complete.

The secret of Leo Moon people is that they are true show-people who act cool on the outside. These natives will fall for the first person who pays them a compliment.

But they need for this to continue and for them to receive as much praising as it’s humanely possible. When they get attention and are spoiled, they feel secure and happy.

In return, they will be supportive and loyal. If ignored, these lovers will start to throw tantrums and become very difficult.

The Leo Sun Leo Moon man

The Leo Sun Leo Moon man thinks the world belongs to him and that he needs to have as much fun as possible. He often treats his friends like servants. When not approached like royalty, this guy feels offended and annoyed.

Usually friendly, humorous and optimistic, he’ll attract many people who will be impressed by his magnetism. But many of his friends will realize he only cares about himself.

However, he can’t be called egotistical because he’s kind and generous to the extreme. It’s just that he wants all the attention to be on him. Not to mention he prefers to have his way all the time.

This is the type of person with a big heart and an equally large ego. He doesn’t realize he needs to invest some efforts for his friendships to last. And he can influence others to behave worse than they did before meeting him.

His behavior is solely centered on how he can get more attention. Even his clothing speaks loudly that he’s the most eccentric and special person in a group.

The fact that he’s dramatic and determined to get things done is also something he tries to make everyone focus on him. He can be warm and protective most of them time. But when he needs to be cold, he can immediately change his attitude.

It’s possible he’ll step on his own principles and views about honesty just to make some money. After all, his expensive tastes need to be somehow fulfilled.

Not to mention he thinks he’s above the law and that he’s the only one to impose rules. Everything too big and spectacular seems perfect for him. A glamorous lifestyle is his perfect way of living.

The Leo Sun Leo Moon woman

Noble and assertive, the Leo Sun Leo Moon woman can sometimes use her persuasion and make others see an image of herself that she wants to display. When people agree with her, she’s the most generous person in the world.

She hates failure and being contradicted. Fighting for power is something she knows what to do. Also keeping her reputation intact. No one can mess with this lady.

All Leos can’t rest until they have the power and are respected. The woman with both her Moon and Sun in this sign will want to prove she can deal with any situation and that no responsibility is too difficult for her.

She’s royalty in every sense of the word. She dreams of a glamorous life with which no one can interfere. Nobleness and pleasure are what she’s aiming for in life.

For this girl, life is a stage and she wants the role of celebrities, to shine and to impress. That’s why she will take good care of her image. No matter how old, she will always wear makeup and respect herself.

She can’t properly relax because she wants to constantly prove that she’s ready for anything. While this may suggest that she has a complicated private life, she’ll constantly evolve. Her aspirations will always occupy the first place in her life.

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