Leo Sun Capricorn Moon: A Determined Personality

Leo Sun Capricorn Moon natives are characterized by amazing strength and self-sufficiency.

Leo Sun Capricorn Moon

It doesn’t matter if men or women, Leo Sun Capricorn Moon people feel good when they are leading and running things.

They’re authoritative and at the same time kind and amiable. It’s very possible they will only focus on their career.

Leo Sun Capricorn Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Mannered, empathic and trustworthy;
  • Negatives: Superficial, egotistical and obsessive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who accepts they might come second after work life;
  • Advice: They should count more on facts and less on feelings.

Organized and disciplined, these natives will always work their way up on the social ladder. They have high goals and enough determination to achieve them. Not to mention they know how to live their life.

Personality traits

The fact that the powerful influences of the Leo and the Capricorn combine in their birth chart makes the Leo Sun Capricorn Moons very purposeful and to know exactly what they want from life.

Not to mention how fast thinking and capable form a mental point of view they are. They have a tough interior that makes them less sociable than other Leos.

Leo Sun Capricorn Moon people give a lot of importance to how others perceive them. That’s why they will struggle to make a great impression with both the way they look and they’re acting.

And for the same reason, they will always be positive and well-intentioned. The hard interior they’re having will somehow be hidden. Not necessarily secretive, they will still not disclose their plans and goals. Not to mention they don’t have a need to be understood.

It’s possible they’ll sometimes grow to doubt themselves because they don’t trust their actions enough. They will rarely show the public this about them, though.

Leo Sun Capricorn Moon natives respect themselves, so they expect others to do the same. They believe success is all about a good reputation, being reliable and honorable. Their wish is for people to trust them. When it comes to money, they want a lot of it. Financial gain gives them a purpose and makes them even more determined.

They are serious and at the same time relaxed. Strength and self-sufficiency will always characterize them. They can intimidate people and be very stubborn. Not to mention how important they think they are, or how condescending they can become.

At least they’re mannered and balanced. People who are more vulnerable and easily impressionable can get scared seeing them gazing into nothingness.

It doesn’t matter what they will set their minds to do, they will be dramatic and do it in style. The world is a stage that gives them security, that’s for sure.

Their combination of Sun and Moon offers them enough psychological and emotional resources to develop personally. What makes them tick is being noticed for their creativity and the way they express themselves.

If they combine their organizational skills with their personality, they can become great leaders. But they need to let their ego aside and to be sincere for this to happen.

The more they will focus to control themselves, the more they will exercise their authority with others.

If they feel in their heart that their world is organized, they become more charismatic. And they’ll be able to gain all the recognition they’re so eagerly looking for.

What will help them become the grounded persons they are looking to be is assuming responsibility for everything. Also recognizing where their limits and strengths are.

They are simply terrified of not having a normal life. But they’re not too interested in domestic activities. Leo Sun Capricorn Moons prefer to focus on their career and making a good living.

People trust them and they will use this in their advantage. Just by looking at them, you realize how capable and able to handle any responsibility they are.

They want to see their plans coming to an end and to reap the rewards of their efforts. When they plan, expect them to think long-term.

When it comes to commitment, they’re the most trustworthy and faithful individuals in the world. These natives are creative and can easily run their own business if they want to.

They can see the big picture and think only about good things. They will probably use their creativity to fill their pockets and to get all the admiration they’re so eagerly waiting for.

Just like all the Leos, they want to be in the middle of things and appreciated for their talents. However, they have this emotional need to spend time alone and to recharge their batteries. This is also when they plan for the future.

Cheerful lovers

Leo Sun Capricorn Moon individuals know how to deal with any kind of romantic relationship. They’re always aware of how others see them because they need to have approval and all the attention on them.

If treated like royalty, they will give back all their loyalty and love. As lovers, they’re faithful and cheerful. But they have to be admired all the time. Not to mention they may look for attention outside the relationship.

Not that they’ll be unfaithful, but they will definitely interact with the opposite sex. Moon Capricorns are the CEOs of the zodiac. They always want to achieve success and to get recognition. They may even focus their relationship on their career or try to compromise on love life aspects to achieve their goals.

These natives need a partner who understands that they love them but they don’t have a need to be with someone at all times. Their downsides are most obvious when they shut down and no longer allow anyone access to their emotions.

The Leo Sun Capricorn Moon man

It doesn’t matter if it’s about love or career, the Leo Sun Capricorn Moon man will always know what he wants. That’s why he can make things happen.

He knows he’s always right and is capable of efforts that seem inhumane for some. People don’t dare to tease him because he’s very serious about everything. He knows his limits and, just like all Capricorns, he’s aware of what he can do.

There are no better leaders and managers than him. When it comes to what he’ll achieve, the list doesn’t have an end. But only if he’ll renounce his big ego.

He’s practical and responsible even if he seems that he wants to show off all the time. For example, he will wear green pants and a hat, but no one will beat him at being serious about a problem.

What he wants the most is to be appreciated at his true value. He knows he’s a great person. When flamboyant, he’s only looking for attention. People will respect him no matter what.

As a matter of fact, they love and admire him with all their heart. He will always have what he needs for his ego to be fed. So taking it slower with his performance would be a good idea.

He needs to stick by what he says and the decisions he makes. Many of his subalterns will find him difficult because he’s like a tyrant. Not to mention they will fear him. However, they need to keep in mind he’s anxious and insecure behind the harsh exterior.

The Leo Sun Capricorn Moon woman

There’s an assertiveness and a certain nobleness about the Leo Sun Capricorn Moon woman. She’s generous, but only with those who agree with her. When it comes to those who oppose her thinking, this lady can be ruthless.

When she was born, the Moon was in Capricorn. And this means she’s moderate and reserved. No matter what will go through her head, this lady will never be extreme. She’s more contemplative and insightful than fast acting.

She can control her emotions with ease. Others will often criticize her for being cold. What she does is surrounding herself with walls and not allowing anyone to hurt her.

She will sometimes try to convince people to see her the way she sees herself. She will get better fast after a defeat or a rejection because she’s strong. This is the type of woman who will fight to get power.

And she will always keep her image unstained. There’s no one to mess with her in this world. Just like all Leos, she won’t calm down until she earns the respect of others. That’s why she will always be honorable and will keep her word.

The astrological axis of her lunar sign is Cancer-Capricorn. This means she picks her friends carefully and tends to protect everyone she loves. The outside world can be confusing to her. She needs her personal space where to retreat when she’s feeling down.

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