Leo Sun Cancer Moon: A High Achieving Personality

Kind and nurturing, the Leo Sun Cancer Moon personality stands out for how sacrificing it can be when it comes to the needs of those around.

Leo Sun Cancer Moon

Leo Sun Cancer Moon people are compassionate and sensitive creatures. Their emotions will always have them stay creative and open to any new idea. If motivated and ambitious enough, these natives can achieve great things.

However, they will settle for less in life although they are capable of accomplishing so much. It’s just that they prefer to accept things as they are and to never question what they have done. And this is not at all typical for Leos, who feel the necessity to check how important what they have done.

Leo Sun Cancer Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Dependable, compassionate and spiritual;
  • Negatives: Pretentious, victimizing and fantasist;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will allow these natives to take care of them;
  • Advice: They should try to channel more variety in their lives.

The best gift of these natives is accepting themselves the way they are. People like them because they have a good opinion of themselves and for the fact that they are always sure of their qualities.

Personality traits

Leo Sun Cancer Moon individuals need to put their energy at play because it makes them feel secure. They require something stable like a loving family of a large group of friends. Not to mention they also have to have a deep spiritual connection with the ancestral.

The combination of their Sun and Moon makes it possible for the light from these two celestial bodies to shine and reflect itself.

They can see the big picture when it comes to themselves. Not to mention they are nurturing and feel the need to take care of their loved ones.

Because they’re loyal and compassionate, they will devote themselves completely to their partner. The way they care and showcase the fact that they’re sensitive resonates a lot with others.

Moon Cancers are good at feeling what people are going through. This will make these Leos see when others are being too forceful and even in love with them.

While having patience and flexibility, these natives are still the flamboyant and loud Leos. It doesn’t matter if men or women, they will have a strong connection with their family and friends. They wish to make their loved ones proud and to be proud of themselves.

Leo Sun Cancer Moon people need security and are ready to invest as much energy and efforts as needed to make money and advance at work. But they are not slaves to financial trades. Money is more like a tool for them.

When they need to help the ones they love, they can sacrifice themselves and not give a damn about it. It’s their desire for others to be well. And it’s easy for them to motivate and empower.

They even get their happiness from seeing others succeeding. What makes you happy will make them want to party and celebrate the fact that you are satisfied.

Intimacy is essential for these Leos. They want to have it from their partner and for the large public to give them a feeling of it. They will, at some point, realize how much time they need to spend alone and how much socially.

Leos will always boast and want to be in the spotlight but Moon Cancers need peace and are very modest. A balance between these urges will be met in the people belonging to both these signs.

Friendly and warm, others will be attracted to them because they listen. It can’t be said they’ll be all day out partying, but they really enjoy being in good company.

Their friends will trust them because they can keep a secret and offer sound advice in any situation. They know how much they’re worth and they don’t want to waste their time being someone else.

Realistic about what is happening in their life, Leo Sun Cancer Moon natives have common sense and struggle to do what’s best. They give a lot of importance to romance and need someone who will lose him or herself with them in pleasure and affection.

They are sound and full of character, they persist in bringing honesty and their good intentions wherever they may be going.

Caring lovers

Leo Sun Cancer Moons love themselves and those with whom they are open. They need emotional security and to have peace of mind.

Usually, they don’t get involved in situations that can bring chaos to their life. They are happy when they’re allowed to enjoy the pleasures of life and be as creative as possible.

Sun Leos love to perform. They want to express how much they love life. But not without an audience. That’s why they need a partner to give them attention and appreciation.

In their heart, these natives are children. They can be the perfect partners because they’re enjoyable, caring, generous and faithful. But as soon as they will feel ignored, expect them to throw tantrums.

Moon Cancers need to take care of someone. But they won’t be nurturing with too many. Private people, they protect themselves by not revealing how they are truly feeling.

As soon as they will open up, you can trust them to be intimate, supportive and great homemakers. They’re at their best when they are caring for someone.

It’s easy for those in their life to forget that they have needs too. When they’ll feel like they’re not appreciated, they will retreat under a hard shell and never come out.

The Leo Sun Cancer Moon man

This man needs a safe home and a lot of peace. Just like all the Moon Cancers, he has to have his own place where he’s feeling secure.

As he’s family oriented, he’s very proud when his children and wife are successful. Having high ideals regarding love and being a romantic, the Leo Sun Cancer Moon man knows how much he gives and takes in romance.

It’s possible he’ll have many partners before finding the one that will make him settle. He’s at risk of developing a complacency in his own ways. He can’t be bothered to be ambitious and to want more than what he has.

It’s easy to make him happy. What others are considering mildly enjoyable, he finds thrilling. That’s why many of his talents and creativity won’t be used. And it would be harder to make them available with age.

Proud of the fact that he’s strong on one side and vulnerable on the other, he can grow to be arrogant. What he wants from life should be reexamined. This guy really needs to ask himself if he’s using his true potential.

It would be sad to be stuck in a low position at work when he can have a flourishing career. Because he’s original and has good tastes, he could do a great job as an actor, director or designer. But he also has everything he needs for the business too. He can also be interested in religion.

A generous spirit, he will get involved in charitable projects and help as many people as possible. His career would also be great if he would teach, counsel or offer psychological advice.

The Leo Sun Cancer Moon woman

The Leo Sun Cancer Moon woman is determined and has a noble heart. She sometimes abuses her persuasion skills to make others look at her through her eyes. She’s the most generous when someone is agreeing with her.

Contradict this lady and you will get to feel her wrath. When she’s defeated, she is easily angered and saddened. She wants the power and tries as much as possible to keep a good reputation.

Those who decide to cross her will suffer. Leos have big ambitions and can’t rest until they’ve boasted with the power they’ve gained. That’s why this girl will always stick with what she said and keep her word.

There’s no one to convince her to not have honor. Each time she gets the chance to prove her determination, warrior skills and intelligent mind, she doesn’t hesitate to take the chance.

When she was born, the Moon was in Cancer. This means she can contemplate a lot about her life. She lives in a different world of emotions, beautiful images and unique sensations.

She keeps secrets and has souvenirs from every person that she has ever loved. Her memories of past events and feelings can’t be erased. It doesn’t matter what she will do, she needs to respect her family traditions.

Her lunar sign is on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, which makes her very protective and careful about who she allows into her life. Her friends will always be people who are suitable with her character.

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