Leo Sun Aquarius Moon: An Expansive Personality

Intuitive and creative, the Leo Sun Aquarius Moon personality manages to strive against all odds and to break barriers others have been afraid of for years.

Leo Sun Aquarius Moon

The signs in the Leo Sun Aquarius Moon combination are opposing each other, which means the life of their natives will be a little hard. But they will be independent and self-reliant all the time. And they will use these qualities to deal with problems.

Not like most of the Leos, these people like to asses themselves. And what they get from this inspires them to help people.

Leo Sun Aquarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Committed, ambitious and eccentric;
  • Negatives: Superficial, impulsive and judgmental;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is prepared to feed their ego all the time;
  • Advice: They should stick to certain, self-imposed limits in personal life.

Kind and innocent, these detached creatures are easygoing and naive. Because they’re imaginative but also practical, they don’t lose themselves in details or in pointless ideas.

Personality traits

Many will be surprised to see how ambitious, strong and innovative Leo Sun Aquarius Moon people can be. They usually keep a relaxed attitude and seem not to care that much.

Their judgment can easily be impaired by some superficial opinions they’re having. But usually, they know their limits and what they are able to do. Idealistic and passionate about everything, these natives sometimes feel their main purpose in life is to help others.

It doesn’t matter what goal they have, they will pursue it silently and steadily. All they need is to see where life sends them. Thoughtful and caring, they care about those who are being done injustice or aren’t given enough attention.

You’ll never see them conforming. When it comes to their circle of friends, they feel better amongst eccentric people. Any revolutionary mind and misfit personality will fascinate them. It’s because these types are also the most creative ones.

Having an innovative way of thinking, Leo Sun Aquarius Moon people will be interested more in the new and the unusual. They want to have their destiny in their own hands, so the influence of others won’t be too big on them.

Above it all, they need to be free and independent. It doesn’t matter if men or women, they will always influence others to do great things. They don’t mind being trendsetters and having others imitating them. But they will never copy others.

You can badly offend these natives by telling them they’re like someone else. They are very individualistic, especially in their young years. With age, they will adopt an elegant style and forget all about the little weird moments.

Their Sun and Moon indicate they are sociable and eager to help with any humanitarian cause. These people will always look to protect the human rights.

They believe people should be left to roam free and that authority is useless. Not to mention they want to be the underdog and the persons who manage to succeed against all odds.

While logical creatures, they still rely on intuition to get things done. What they like and choose is more based on the way they feel rather than on the way they think. And this can be dangerous for them sometimes.

As managers and CEOs, they can lead by hunches, but they need to take facts into consideration too. Something they also have to do is learning how to take others’ opinions into consideration.

If they’ll be modest and treat others as equals, they will make themselves noticed more easily. Because they seem uninterested and cool, many people will think they know something. And they usually do know things.

Leo Sun Aquarius Moon individuals are natural born leaders who have to use their determination and ideas because they’re forceful and also resourceful. They will come up with the most intelligent solutions meant to innovate and to make their problems end.

It’s possible they seem forgetful and absent because they are only looking at situations from far away. They are more people of the big picture, not of small details.

If they will follow their need to become original individuals and to differentiate themselves from the crowd, they will gain more respect and recognition. But they need to be careful not to confuse the attention they receive with approval.

Charming personalities, they will do unusual things and it will always seem like their main purpose in life is to be questioning the actual order of things.

They don’t only want to make the world a better place by changing the old-fashioned procedures, this is just the way they live. Many will wonder how they can be so positive and assertive at the same time.

Expressive lovers

Leo Sun Aquarius Moon lovers know they’re special so they are aware of the fact that they’re meant for things bigger than themselves. However, they still need the approval of others in order to be happy.

While these natives want the attention of their public, they still need their partner to be their number one fan. In love, they are generous and have a need for their ego to be fed with constant praise and attention.

Those born with their Moon in Aquarius are unusual people: they don’t think they’re better or worse than others, they just think they’re different.

These natives need space to express their ideas and pursue their interests. If they have a partner who tries to tie them down, sooner or later they’ll run away from the relationship.

But all in all, they’re loving, committed and open. It’s essential they express their individuality, no matter what.

The Leo Sun Aquarius Moon man

These men will always attract others in the strangest of ways, they are full of pride, energetic, kind and generous, just like the Leo and inventive, amicable and innocent like the Aquarius.

It doesn’t matter what this man will decide to do, he will always have the support of the public. And he’s very sociable, open and fun. There’s something about the way he wants to express his creativity openly.

The mind of the Leo Sun Aquarius Moon man is philosophic and has a tendency to always expand or imagine. Having high ideals and being a true romantic, this guy may not be very goal-oriented.

While he may have interests and be sincere about pursuing them, he won’t commit. He has this tendency to only deal with the surface and to jump from one idea to another. And he often understands only the superficial side of problems or situations.

He doesn’t want to commit because he changes interests and can’t stay too focused on the same person or activity for too long. Not to mention his idealistic and romantic ways can have him less ambitious and dedicated. He knows a little about everything and he feels fine with it.

The Leo Sun Aquarius Moon woman

This woman likes to rule herself through imagination. But she needs to learn how to work with life’s elements if she wants to deal with surprises in a more effective way.

A little bit of spirituality would only bring good things. Also understanding that others can have good ideas. Not that her ideas are not good enough. It’s just that sometimes, people need to work in teams in order to obtain more efficient results.

The Leo Sun Aquarius Moon woman wants the power and to have her reputation intact. No one could mess with her. Leos are known to not rest until they have managed to gain the respect and admiration of everyone.

An attractive and charming lady, she is not afraid to persuade others in following her ways. When she’s with people who agree with her, she’s very generous. But she hates being with those who only want to contradict. Not to mention how much she resents failure and losing.

That’s why they are always keeping their word and are trying to be honorable in any situation. When she was born, the Moon was in Aquarius. That’s why she’s confident no matter how harsh the reality seems and what her imagination is telling her.

If she went through some tough times, she will still keep her confidence because she thinks worse events can’t come her way. Not to mention how optimistic she is.

If someone or something would interfere with her private life, she would look for peace and quiet in a different place or next to a different person. She expects the future to bring her good things. And she knows how to live in the moment.

When it comes to her social life, she’s friendly but independent. As a matter of fact, she’s one of the most independent females in the zodiac.

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