Leo Snake: The Honest Leader Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Leo born in Snake year

Leo Snake
  • Anyone born between July 23 and August 22 is a Leo.
  • The Snake years are: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025.
  • The characteristic that take them furthest in life is their assertiveness.
  • The Leo Snake woman is a born leader, always chasing success.
  • You will need to have unlimited patience with the Leo Snake man.

The Leo Snake has that sensitive ability to forgive and to take care of others, of course without exaggerating things because they will treat people around them in the same way they prefer to be treated.

The Genuine Leo Snake Personality

Being a rather grumpy sign, and borrowing from the serious and pessimistic nature of the Snake Chinese animal, they will get mad or at least upset if you don’t appreciate and shower them with the greatest praise about their personality or their overall look.

The Leo Snake is always open when they meet someone for the first time, and will be tolerant before getting to truly know that person.

Furthermore, they are very good at sharing their emotions and their beliefs with others, while also having the skill to empathize and perceive what the other feels as well.

This zodiac sign has a very big attachment to their family and their friends. If you demonstrate and express your love for them, they will, in turn, show you their deep feelings as well.

With the gift of being sympathetic and calm, the Leo Snake makes friends easily and tries their best to help and to support them, even if that implies a change of plans.

With a drop of arrogance, they will need to have full support from their loved ones if they are to find the strength to explore their potential at the maximum. Also, being an extroverted person, they love to be in the centre of attention at every party or in every public place.

Top Characteristics: Dreamy, Innovative, Possessive and Direct.

Moreover, these zodiac signs are very energetic and full of life but they do not need a lot of people around to feel happy, because they can also live alone with no problems at all. The activities which will usually make them tremendously happy are shopping for modern and stylish clothes and taking care of their appearance.

Sometimes, they believe that they are the most important person in the world and also act like one, but there are people who don’t really love them, because this native also has enemies who will criticize and gossip about them and their egocentrism.

As such, it is better not to contradict this sign, because no matter what happens, they will always be right and you will get to be the black sheep.

Full of confidence, but lazy and self-centred, they do not care about what happens in the world, instead being more interested in their own condition and happiness.

The lion is the king of the jungle, which means that they can have everything they want and no one has any right to interfere with this decision. That’s why this zodiac sign is one who spends money like a tycoon. They buy sophisticated and luxurious stuff, and they tend to ignore the costs, risking being left without a penny.

Even more, the Leo Snake is a very clever sign with an impressive taste and great design skills. They will organize a place where they can live in a comfortable, artistic and relaxing manner. They are also a very sensible person, so that’s why you shouldn’t try to mock or have a fight with them, because they can easily get upset.

If you have a Leo friend and you are invited to their home that means they truly believe in your friendship, because this zodiac sign loves their privacy very much, and they would never invite anyone to bother their peaceful place if they don’t see them as a real friend. They will always be a loyal friend, and will unconditionally help and support you if you ever need it.

Perfect careers for Leo Snake: Entrepreneurship, Law, Catering, Hospitality and Banking.

Moreover, because they love money, they will spend all their life trying to obtain it, and being such an ambitious person, great fortunes will most likely appear.

That’s why the Leo sign places a lot of importance on their professional life, while also being a perfectionist.

They will work day and night to finish everything in time and will never accept others’ advice, because they are fully aware of what they have to do in order to succeed.

In addition, they are a very sensible sign and this is why you have to confess your feelings to them more often. They may sometimes exaggerate about being overly-worried and clingy, but if you hug them and tell them a few nice words, they will change their attitude in a split second.

Love – Exposed

The Leo Snakes are full of passion and enthusiasm, and that’s why they may get quickly bored in a relationship. Thus, they tend to advance slowly and without hesitation towards having an affair or even more than one.

Also, after they get to know more about the partner, taking away the mystery like this, the same thing will happen with their interest as well, unfortunately.

Most compatible with: Gemini Ox, Libra Ox, Aries Dragon, Sagittarius Rooster, Capricorn Rooster, Libra Rooster.

Their partners need to be open-minded and capable of maintaining a friendly and loyal relationship with them, because only the flexibility and the prospect of the unknown and unexplored will make the Leo Snake focus on them.

This sign also hates to quarrel because they think that it is useless to have a fight, when a peaceful and productive discussion would be much better in comparison.

That means that their partner needs to approach these sorts of situations in a calm and patient manner.

Leo Snake Woman Characteristics

The Leo Snake woman is a clever and ambitious zodiac sign, but her future depends entirely on how she did in her early years.

If she was raised in a healthy environment, her present and future could develop in a favourable way, but if that’s not the case, she will try to re-educate herself constantly, thanks to her strong and pragmatic character.

With a traditional mentality and a stubborn personality, both Leo men and women will occupy leadership positions and get to love to be in the centre of attention, wreathed in luxury and expensive stuff.

Her intelligence will bring her high social positions, which means that she will love to be an independent woman.

In the relationship, she will want to lead, thinking that this is the best way to achieve harmony but sometimes this could be the very reason which will end that relationship.

Also, being open-minded and with a keen perception, she has the ability to build long-lasting relationships because she believes that the bond between two people is something that goes beyond mere formality and superficiality.

If she wants to gain success, it is better to give up on that traditional mentality and start making changes which will eventually allow her to develop splendidly. The Leo Snake woman also has the ability to communicate very easily and naturally, which will help her in many areas of life.

Celebrities under the sign of Leo Snake: Hayden Panettiere, Joe Jonas, Tom Brady, J. K. Rowling, Viola Davis, Jeremy Piven, Martha Stewart, Jackie Kennedy.

Leo Snake Man Characteristics

The Leo Snake man behaves as a king and his royal, overbearing attitude fully shows that. He will always expect and even force you to know of his qualities and gifts.

Given his superior education and high-class attitude, he will always try to be a trailblazer, and that’s something only natural.

This feral sovereign loves his life and lives it with as much joy and jolly as he is capable of, always trying to make people around him smile from ear to ear. He is a very insightful individual, and that’s why he will always know what to do and how to do it at the right moment.

Evidently, he is quite able and knows how to bypass all the bad situations he encounters. If you want to make a Leo friend, you should know that he is an amazing advisor, and he is also very good at keeping secrets.

Because he has a difficult and capricious personality, he will try to change things if he is not very glad about his situation, regarding the things that will deny him stability in the relationship or in professional life. It will be better if he develops in both these areas at the same time.

If he truly loves you, he will be very loyal and will always take care of you, but he will ask the same thing in return, even if sometimes this means that you have to give him all your time and give up on friends.

You should know that he may not know entirely how to appreciate the loved ones. That’s why sometimes, he will not be able to control his emotions and feelings but if you are patient with him, in the end he will be a lifelong partner who will give you the best experiences ever.

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