Leo Rooster: The Outgoing Charmer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Leo born in Rooster year

Leo Rooster
  • The dates of the Leo zodiac sign are between July 23 and August 22.
  • The Rooster years are: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029.
  • Collaborative people at heart, they often prefer to work with others.
  • The positives of the Leo Rooster woman help her overcome most life obstacles.
  • Not a fan of being under pressure, the Leo Rooster man will react completely opposite.

Leos born in the year of the Rooster have a lot of the Rooster’s sociability and friendliness. The combination with the Leo makes them easy to get along well with and helpful. As a matter of fact, they are often the first ones to volunteer to help those in need.

When someone needs assistance, make sure the Leo Rooster will always be there to offer it. And the Rooster brings more to the table as far as the personality of the Leo Roosters goes. It makes these people more self-confident and outgoing.

The Convivial Leo Rooster Personality

Usually, Leo Roosters are funny and intelligent people who make good friends. They have many people around them and they are nice.

Others like spending time with these people because of the topics they open up. As far as their career goes, Leo Roosters take things very seriously.

While they seem like they don’t stress about it, they are in fact paying attention to every little detail of their professional evolution.

Both the Rooster and the Leo are majestic signs. This means that those who are born in these signs are generous, dominant characters who have great taste and an eye for the most precise details.

They are always satisfied with their own actions and behaviors, and they like to boast about their success to others.

Top Characteristics: Compassionate, Professional, Witty and Decisive.

These guys love money, and they see it as a means to gain more power. If you want them to remember you, just praise and compliment their looks and their actions whenever you get the chance.

They like to be the ones that are the best at anything, and they will fight for supremacy no matter the adversaries and the environment. Natural born leaders, these people are authoritarian and they could never have a subordinate role.

They speak up when something bothers them, being straightforward and open with their feelings. These guys are doing charitable acts just to be admired and recognized by others. It’s not that they aren’t naturally generous too, but they simply feed on praise and admiration.

Leo Roosters are sure to be the ones that lighten up the mood and bring a note of optimism to any gathering. They always have a good joke and they see life in a positive light. Their sense of humor will make others feel better.

You can’t stop a Leo Rooster from trying to make someone happy. Their friendliness and openness makes it easier for people to be around them.

Not hurried or impulsive, they sometimes push their limits to obtain what they need. If you want to capture their attention, just talk about politics or the latest news. They will hook up immediately, and you’ll gain a lively conversation partner.

Attentive to their position in society and wealth, Leo Roosters will never do anything too risky. They like to weigh in all the pros and cons before they engage into something. When they fail, they need to be alone and upset for some time in order to recover.

So don’t expect them to take chances because they won’t. They are motivated by their own plans and they can sometimes take a lot of time to make a decision. While they have a way of imposing their own opinions, Leo Roosters can become very sensitive, especially when they are doubtful about a person or a situation.

They live their lives free of worries and stress, and they manage to make friends that occupy key positions where they are working or activating. Often, friendships for people born in these signs are more like collaborations.

They are very careful with their money, having the tendency to save rather than spend. They are generous not only with their finances, but also with their time. If you happen to need them, they will always be there for you.

The Rooster is cautious not to spend too much, while the Leo is generous and giving. If you take a Leo Rooster with you shopping, you can be sure he or she will prevent you from spending too much on things that you don’t even need.

More than this, they have a good eye for bargains and they can help with smart acquisitions. At work, Leo Roosters are ambitious and full of ideas.

They like to look neat and elegant, and they have a confidence and a charisma that will win them many job offers.

When they are working in teams, these guys really know how to differentiate themselves from the others, and how to bring in ideas that no one has ever thought of.

Perfect careers for Leo Rooster: Music, Science, Politics, Journalism.

They are better at running and being in control of teams. When they are in management positions, these Leos won’t hesitate to tell others where they are mistaken and what it can be done for the work to be more efficient.

They are a little bit bossy, but they will still keep a friendly attitude. When they think they are right, there is nothing to convince them of the opposite. They should be less eager to jump in and help others with anything.

If Leo Roosters would understand not all the people need their help, they would be happier as they would pay more attention to themselves.

One thing these guys can’t stand is humiliation. They can become very aggressive when provoked. If they don’t suffer an accident or something bad doesn’t happen to them, Leo Roosters have all the chances to be really successful in life.

Love – Revealed

They take some time before they decide if a person is suited to be their partner. They don’t like to hurry love and this can only mean they are interested in something serious, not in a fling that will end as soon as they have slept together with someone.

Incredible partners, this outlook of Leo can make their lover’s life more beautiful. They are not the ones to bother with their problems and worries.

On contrary, they organize their time properly and they have control over what is going on and over their own feelings.

So people who are with them should take into consideration the fact that they are very lucky to have someone so balanced in their life.

Sentimentally, the Leo Roosters can be a little bit difficult to seduce. They are charming and attractive.

Their magnetism makes it easier for members of the opposite sex to fall into their arms, so it can be said they are a little bit spoiled in matters of love and romance.

It’s only once they get older and they are more mature that the Leo Roosters understand they need someone special in their life.

They want to have a family and they believe in true love. When married, these guys are patient and understanding. Honest, they would never lie to the husband or the wife. They expect their partner to be faithful and true. If they are somehow deceived in love, they never forgive or forget.

Don’t be alarmed if you have been friends with a Leo Rooster for a long time and nothing happened yet.

They tend to keep friendships with potential lovers for long periods of time. They usually are in for a long-term relationship, but they proceed with caution to not get hurt.

Most compatible with: Taurus Rabbit, Scorpio Rooster, Aquarius Rabbit, Aquarius Dog.

Leo Rooster Woman Characteristics

One thing’s for sure. Life is not easy for the Leo Rooster woman. She seems to have this bad luck that keeps following her everywhere she is going.

But she has some positive traits that will help her overcome all the bad things in her life. She can be so stubborn that she often ends up no longer seeing the purpose of her objectives. It is advised that she learns how to give if she wants to be more successful.

Strong and determined, this lady will have more enemies than friends. She makes decisions fast and this helps her solve problems more rapidly than others.

It is imperious that the Leo Rooster woman chooses a healthy environment for herself. More than this, it is advised that she becomes more sensitive and attentive to others. If she would know how to relax, this lady would be happier.

Celebrities under the sign of Leo Rooster: Roman Polanski, Steve Martin, Helen Mirren, Melanie Griffith, Jennifer Lopez, Matthew Perry, Christian Slater, Abigail Spencer.

Leo Rooster Man Characteristics

Balanced and determined, the Leo Rooster man will always achieve his goals no matter where he stands in life.

He is diligent and active, focused and detail-oriented. He could spend many years trying to fulfill a dream, but he will eventually manage to be satisfied with what he has obtained.

He doesn’t like to be pressured and he sometimes has the tendency to make things more complicated than they actually need to be.

Strong and intelligent, the Leo Rooster man will persevere at what he has set his mind to. Energetic and fun, this guy is also fair and loyal to the ones he loves.

He wants a good career and he will work hard to occupy a senior position. It is recommended that he is more tolerant and patient with others.

More than this, he should pay more attention to their opinions and he will surely be appreciated better.

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