Leo Rising: The Influence of Leo Ascendant on Personality

These natives are demanding and quick to express themselves in all circumstances.

Leo Rising

A Leo rising will always be a strong person who brings good disposition. The natives of this ascendant have a unique magnetism that makes them very popular.

They like to demonstrate their abilities and positive traits, being at the same time generous, flamboyant and flashy. Usually the life of any party, these people simply love being in the center of attention.

Leo Rising in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Captivating, witty and curious;
  • Weaknesses: Suspicious, irascible and wasteful;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone with whom they can form a mental connection;
  • Life Lesson for Leo Ascendant: Failure is a sign that you should try harder.

The ascendant represents how a person reveals him or herself to the public, his or her most noticeable characteristics when first meeting people. Very important, just like the Sun and the Moon signs, all the traits a native has are getting filtered through the rising sign.

Leo Rising personality

Those with Leo rising have as their main characteristics warmth, confidence, optimism and eagerness to stand tall next to what they believe in. They are also known for having big egos and for wanting to be pampered.

But their arrogance can sometimes impede them from keeping their friendships going. It’s a pleasure for them to develop strategies and to play games that don’t interfere in any way with their nobility.

While a little bit crazy, they really want stability and to have their peace of mind. It’s normal for these natives to be passionate and always cheerful, or to want more from life because they dream big.

Don’t be surprised if they end up famous. Because the Sun is ruling them, Leo rising people often have a need to be where their Sun is in their chart at a specific moment.

Only this way, they can shine, function perfectly and think that life is really worth living. This is also true for those with their Sun in Leo.

When it comes to their emotions, Leo ascendant individuals need someone special and whom can stand out from the crowd because they like people who aren’t like the others or fall in love with striking personalities.

It’s normal for them to be too demanding with their partners, so it’s very possible they will have many failed relationships before determining who they actually are and how their ideal lover should behave.

All the Leo rising characters will enjoy having the power and being creative. What they want the most is to be loved and admired.

The more courageous ones will be very eccentric, giving their best to always express their individuality and to be independent.

The main weakness of these natives is their pride, but the fact that they make great efforts to gain respect and the admiration of others will still be appreciated.

Leo rising who won’t manage to shine in life will turn into bitter persons. Also, if they want more long-lasting relationships, they should be less passionate and more fair. In case their Descendant is Aquarius, it will be a hardship for them to accept they’re just another face in the crowd.

What they can’t understand is that being ordinary can also be a special thing as leaders who see everyone as their equals are the most efficient and popular in their field.

Unpredictable and wanting their freedom, Leo Rising natives need a partner with an open mind because this can help them have less vanity.

While living an exciting life, they still are, however, very attached to their home. Agitated when single, these individuals hope to find someone for whom they will be the most important people in the world.

As they are royalty in the zodiac, they need someone to rule over. It doesn’t matter how crazy in love, they will still dream of a secure home because their Venus is in Taurus.

No matter what life they have at home, expect them to shine and to express themselves loudly when out in the world. These are the type of people who wouldn’t refrain themselves from discussing everyone and everything.

Fearless, they will wear crazy color combinations and adopt a hairstyle that makes them look incredible. Their hair is very important to them, many astrologers considering it to be their crown.

The physique of Leo Rising

Just like the animal that represents their ascendant sign, Leo rising have gorgeous hair and big heads with strong facial bones. They walk like royalty and their stature is both imposing and catchy.

Exaggeratedly mannered, these people will impress everyone with the way they talk and behave. You will recognize them by their robustness, this being one of the main reasons why they last long in physical competitions and demanding situations.

As a sign on its own, the Leo rules the heart, the back and the spine. These are the most sensitive areas on a body of a Sun or Leo rising. The latter ones should take very good care of their heart because they’re prone to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

When looking at their upper body, you will first notice their wide face and prominent forehead. The color of their skin is golden because they are ruled by the Sun, which makes our days brighter.

Whenever bathing in the sunlight, the Leo rising natives will get an even more golden skin color and a hair that is a shade lighter. Their eyes usually have a deep stare that doesn’t get dark and are green or hazel.

When it comes to appearance, Leo rising are the complete opposite of Cancer people, who are ruled by the Moon and have white skin with a very dark hair.

Everywhere they will go, these natives will show their power and passion. Another thing you can notice about their face is how their eyebrows are very thick and masculine.

Leo Ascendant man

The Leo rising man wants all the attention of others to be on him. He will struggle to impress, nothing and no one being able to stop him from gaining the admiration of other people.

He wants his partner to make him proud but at the same time wouldn’t allow her to steal his thunder.

So a woman who’s more reserved will be perfect for him. Wanting attention in the bedroom as well, he performs loudly and likes to hear screams of pleasure.

He has a high libido but doesn’t stick around for too long if his lady doesn’t fulfill his fantasies or she isn’t interested in the same things as him.

Leo Ascendant Man: The Attention Seeker

Leo Ascendant woman

Just like her male counterpart, the Leo rising woman loves to be in the center of attention, especially when all the attention that’s on her comes from men.

She has a strong sex appeal of which she’s very aware. Charming and attracted by men who think progressively and are independent, this lady makes friends with other females who are confident and determined to succeed.

The Leo ascendant woman can be dramatic and can exaggerate, but people will still love her. She wants to live in luxury and expects her man to make his first priority out of pleasuring her.

If neglected, she won’t hesitate to break up and look for someone else who doesn’t mind adoring her. Because she doesn’t get too emotionally attached, many of her partners will consider her to be cold.

Leo Ascendant Woman: The Bold Opportunist


All in all, Leo rising natives are giving, passionate, outgoing, expressive, selfish, bold, superficial, arrogant, confident and true show-offs who are only thinking of their own success or how to shine more brightly.

They simply love playing the leader because they are, after all, the royals of the zodiac. Eager to live their life to the maximum, these Leos won’t hesitate to risk some to win some.

When someone doesn’t appreciate them or hurts their pride, they become either angry or disillusioned. Sincere when it comes to love, they need a partner who has done well in life because they have this need to be proud of what and who’s theirs.

You can trust them to always be protective and to never cheat on their loved one. While quick-tempered, it’s impossible for them to stay upset for too long.

Drama is part of their life, so expect these people to play many roles just to get the attention of others. Stubborn and not at all as dangerous as they seem, Leo rising natives can forgive but not forget if their pride or ego have been hurt.

They like being out in the Sun and are high spirited if someone didn’t happen to break their heart. Their need to be loved and appreciated is tremendous.

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