Leo Rat: The Resourceful Action Person Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Leo born in Rat year

Leo Rat
  • Leo people are born between July 23 and August 22.
  • The Rat years are: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032.
  • Don’t you even dare tell this stubborn and sharp mouthed character what to do.
  • Assertive and empathic at the same time, the Leo Rat woman is ready to take a leap of faith.
  • Pragmatic and direct, the Leo Rat man is frequently in the centre of controversy.

Unbeknown to many, this personality borrows from the stylishness of the Rat and the strength of the Leo.

The Leo Rat people are gracious, composed and balanced. They make great social companions, although you must also understand their moments of aloofness, when they are trying to isolate themselves from everyone.

A highly eloquent character, they can and are willing to fight any obstacles with a sharp tongue, even at times when they may not necessarily be right themselves.

Top Characteristics: Selective, confident, attractive and persistent.

The Elegant Leo Rat Personality

These people have a naturally sunny disposition and will always bring forward the positives of a situation. This optimistic outlook of theirs helps them take more risks and learn more about them through the experiences they have in life.

An industrious and ambitious character, the Leo Rat doesn’t shy away from hard and arduous work in life and is not known as one to give up easily.

With a love of the fine things in life, these people are attracted to anything that is different and inaccessible to everyone. But this is not necessarily a love of materialism but rather a way of establishing their position in society as these people crave admiration and being looked up to.

Deep inside, the Leo Rat is a compassionate being who knows exactly how to balance their emotions and who doesn’t judge others. These people are great at imparting peace and acting as referees in informal situations in life.

When someone from their entourage is in trouble, they jump straight away to rescue them as for them, this is another occasion to flaunt their problem-solving attitude. Protective and confident, they may often take charge of the lives of those around, mentoring them until they consider those are ready to brave life on their own.

Selective and demanding with their time, the Leo Rat is very picky about their chosen career and finds it difficult to occupy subordinate roles. This is because they obviously don’t like to be told what to do but also because they feel they cannot be as creative and free as they would like.

Unlike other people, they feel most comfortable when leading others and they are the kind of leader who is willing to learn and better themselves.

The unknown fascinates them so they are always ready to say yes to a challenge, even if they have no idea what that is about.

Their risk friendly attitude can also lead them to losing control over a situation or to hurting those close to them.

Although the Leo Rat does have their generosity moments, these are most often put in the shadow by their innate greediness. They care very much about their possessions and don’t want anything threatening them.

They may find it hard to part with money, especially in situation where they feel that there is no direct benefit for them.

Surprisingly though, despite all of the above, their attention to money and their great skills at investing and multiplying it, actually make them one of the best people to turn philanthropists.

The only thing that can really damage the confidence of the Leo Rat is not being in the spotlight and being forced to take the back seat, especially during crucial situations. They hate being ignored and can turn rather stubborn and aggressive when this happens.

Perfect careers for Leo Rat: Air Travel, Catering, Fashion, Music.

Love – Uncovered

Once the Leo Rat has fallen in love, they are devoted wholeheartedly in the relationship, especially if they are sharing many common things with their partners.

Their main fear is that passion is going to fade away in time so they are always very attentive and in the process of preparing some sort of surprise to keep things spicy and alive.

This continuous way of building momentum does pay off and can even be remarked by people outside of their relationship so these people may find themselves courted and tempted by others, even when they are committed.

Playful and kind, long term stability is important for them but they also want to have a bit of fun. They may not always understand all the needs, beyond passion, that their partners have.

Most compatible with: Gemini or Capricorn Ox, Scorpio or Sagittarius Dragon, Gemini or Libra Monkey.

Leo Rat Woman Characteristics

This woman is assertive and a bit controlling. She is determined to have things her away and will often dedicate her time to humanitarian endeavours.

Always in tune with what is happening in the world, she will put her talents in the job of high purposes.

Melancholic and highly empathic, she is very interested in understanding the past and her ancestry. With a special eye for opportunity she will take a leap of faith and make life changing decisions, even on a whim.

The Leo Rat woman is very attractive and will be courted by many but will only form relationships with very strong characters. In her opinion, opposites don’t attract and the best you can do is find someone who mirrors you.

Celebrities under the sign of Leo Rat: Antonio Banderas, Maya Rudolph, Ben Affleck, Gina Rodriguez

Leo Rat Man Characteristics

This is a pragmatic man, with a resourceful and sometimes contradictory character. He is idealistic and quick to change his mind. It takes a lot of time for this man to truly mature, perhaps only when he finds the right partner.

Quite selfish, he will care only for those close to him and will keep an eye on everything material. He can be very organized and can set clear goals, although he may not always follow them. Bright and witty, the Leo Rat man can be a great presenter in all sort of circumstances.

His private life is again, full of controversy and he can be one minute very passionate and the second cold as an iceberg.

He may find it difficult to empathize, especially when their significant other is going through a hard time emotionally.

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