Leo Goat: The Risk Taker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Leo born in Goat year

Leo Goat
  • The dates of the Leo zodiac sign are between July 23 and August 22.
  • The Goat years are: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027.
  • These people can be very expressive when their emotions cannot be contained.
  • The Leo Goat woman will reach high positions with her perseverance and diligence.
  • With an ego above belief, the Leo Goat wants to be admired and adored.

Energetic and powerful, Leos born in the year of the Goat are determined and ambitious. They will work hard to attain success, but they can’t stay focused for long periods of time.

They are lucky the imagination of the Goat has combined with the intelligence of the Leo. When two traits like these are together, the person who has them is adventurous and curious.

The Practical Leo Goat Personality

Elegant and attractive, the Goat in Leo is strong and stable thanks to the influence of the Western sign.

These people have an eye for what’s beautiful. The sooner they realize this talent they have, the better are their chances to be successful as art critics or as artists themselves.

Attached to the people they care about; Leo Goats are capable of loving others like no one else does.

Because they can understand everyone very easily, these Leos will seem older than they actually are. Not in their appearance, but in the way they approach life, situations and people.

From an early age they show that they know how to talk with others and make them feel better about themselves. This talent they have won’t dissipate when they are older and it will be very helpful for them on a personal and professional level.

Top Characteristics: Appreciative, Expressive, Stubborn and Independent.

Knowing what others think and feel is great for business and personal relationships. When the Goat’s kindness is combined with the Leo’s nobility, something very beautiful results out of it.

People in these signs are altruistic and nice to others, which makes them appreciated and loved. When they go out, they are relaxed and easygoing. Others usually respect them.

When they are involved in an argument, Leo Goats tend to struggle to control their emotions until they finally burst into expressing themselves. It is very difficult for them to keep quiet when they know they’re right.

Not standing to be criticized, Leo Goats will try and contradict everything that has been told about them and it wasn’t true.

They know when to grasp good opportunities, but hey need to be careful how they handle them as they can achieve success for a short period of time and after that abandon the project.

Fire is present in both the Goat and the Leo. This means the person born in these signs is communicative and always sincere. They will be frank with anyone, meaning they will often hurt others’ feelings.

It is advised that these people pay more attention to what people advise them to do or they will be in danger of making huge mistakes. Being mature, sensible and frank is what makes a Leo Goat the person he or she is.

These guys are almost always successful at getting the right partner and they will often find the person who complements their personality.

They take relationships very seriously and they are always interested in long-term commitments.

People who envy them for their elegance and relaxed attitude will try and take advantage of their fear of not being misinterpreted. This way, Leo Goats will often be discussed by others as someone they are not.

One of their main weaknesses is that they completely forget about themselves when they are involved in helping others.

They are 100% dedicated when they’re trying to make those around them happy. This is not that beneficial for themselves, but it will help them gain many friends.

Popular, they will guess what others are feeling and how they accept different situations. Those who are close to them can completely trust these Leos when they need someone on whose shoulder to cry about different problems.

Wanting to be in a loving family, Leo Goats will never stay far away from home for too long. They will long for the warmth of their family. This is the reason why they will avoid taking jobs that require them to travel to faraway places.

Perfect careers for Leo Goat: Music, Design, Visual arts, Languages, Education.

Many malevolent people will want to take advantage of people born in Sun signs in the year of the Goat.

And the Leo Goats have a generous soul, which means they’ll allow these people to enter their lives. This is why they will often be disappointed and will have to give up friendships that they thought real.

The pride of the Leo is not missing from their character. They have a high self-esteem and they can’t deal with rejection. Only with age they will learn how to be less proud and also less generous.

The more mature they are, the more efficient and active they become. Sensitive, this can be both a weakness and a strength in the Leo Goats’ character. Because they are too sensitive, they can miss a lot of what life has to offer.

Because they are shy, they constantly need encouragement from the people they love. When they want to relax, it is enough that these people do something to change their day-to-day routine. As soon as they are parents, Leo Goats become more humorous and fun.

Love – Revealed

At the beginning of a relationship, Leo Goats are active and enthusiastic. But as the relationship begins to be more stabilized, they become more dependent of the partner and they begin to be more comfortable.

Many people are attracted to them because they are charming and they have a strong physique.

They try to make the partner believe they are in complete control of their emotions and they prefer to reveal their true feelings only when it’s absolutely necessary.

Most compatible with: Aries Pig, Capricorn Rabbit, Libra Horse, Libra Rabbit, Sagittarius Pig, Capricorn Horse.

If their pride has somehow been hurt, they become moody and angry. These are moments when they no longer are so mature and sensitive.

Optimistic, Leo Goats don’t spend too much time being hurt and feeling sorry for themselves. If you know how to treat them and how to properly care for them, you can have the perfect partner for a very long period of time.

They are among the most loyal signs and they expect the other half to be the same. They don’t associate love with sex and they are tolerant.

If you do something to make them happy, they will pay you back hundred times more. Just have them in love and you will surely be happy.

Leo Goat Woman Characteristics

The Leo Goat woman has great potential and she won’t hesitate to put it to use in order to gain more in life.

There are two types of Leo Goat women: the ones who learn how to be happy and the ones who always complain about what life has done to them. If she’s betrayed, the Leo Goat woman never forgives.

She will reach high positions with her perseverance and diligence. She needs to assess situations and people more, if she wants to be more successful. This is a lady who likes to risk when big rewards are involved.

She will be in relationships later in her life, and she is demanding and oppressive with the partner. It is advised that she believes more in herself and that she drops all the self-doubt that she has. Also, she should be more patient and things will get resolved.

Celebrities under the sign of Leo Goat: Robert De Niro, Mick Jagger, Billy Bob Thornton, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne, Young Thug.

Leo Goat Man Characteristics

Wanting to be admired, the Leo Goat man will always look to please others. He is attractive and women find him interesting and charming. One of his main purposes in life is to be in a high position.

But he can’t always be the boss as he is too shy. Only perseverance and professionalism can help him in this situation.

Modest, diligent, knowledgeable and ambitious, the Leo Goat man will achieve many great things in life. He thinks career is important and he will pay great attention to it.

Usually, he makes enough money to be happy and if he wants more, he will struggle and obtain it. It is advised that he is less determined and ambitious and pays more attention to those around him. He also needs to relax more if he wants a more harmonious life.

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