Leo Rabbit: The Natural Charmer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Leo born in Rabbit year

Leo Rabbit
  • Anyone born between July 23 and August 22 is a Leo.
  • The Rabbit years are: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.
  • These people are looking for someone to share life’s joys and sorrows with.
  • Ingenious and creative, the Leo Rabbit woman should put more emphasis on her development.
  • The Leo Rabbit man can get easily distracted.

The fiery nature of the Leo is toned by the reliable and composed nature of the Rabbit from Chinese astrology.

The Leo Rabbit is less impulsive than their counterparts but this doesn’t mean that these people are not bold and stubborn. The egotistical character of the Leo also gives room for the rather compassionate nature of the Rabbit.

The Balanced Leo Rabbit Personality

Leo Rabbits are both determined and strong-willed, as well as empathetic and sentimental, they can fit almost any category and description, and can adapt to many social situations as a result.

Calm and patient, but certainly not indecisive or lacking in courage, these natives approach every problem with a serene demeanour and never lose their temper.

Having a natural charm counts for a lot in life, when you want to make a good impression and give off the idea that there’s something special about you.

Well, Leo Rabbits do exactly that, and it’s not a surprise that most of them rapidly advance through the social ranks.

Coupled with the responsible and serious attitude that gives them an edge over others, it would really have been a little odd to remain at the same level forever.

Top Characteristics: Compassionate, Ambitious, Witty and Dignified.

Usually, it’s very easy for them to achieve whatever plan they have mind, without putting in too much effort or time. It’s only natural, given their ambition, perseverance and social likeableness.

Everything seems to conspire to make these natives one of a kind, completely outfitted and prepared to take on life’s toughest challenges and walk out unscathed and bearing the symbol of victory.

Although some situations are tenser than others, making it harder to properly cope with them, somehow, they manage to do just that, through hard work and effort, that’s true.

Regarding the help offered to other people, they tend to be neutral until asked for advice, because it’s only natural to let people make their own choices and not influence them in the slightest.

If the situation arises, Leo Rabbits are very diplomatic and good with words, speaking as though nothing else matters but your own wellbeing and safety.

With friends, and they have a lot of them, communication and camaraderie are key aspects that should always be present in these types of relationships. It emphasizes loyalty and kindness the most.

When in a sensible conversation where they have to mediate two opposing sides and make sure it doesn’t come to blows, these individuals are shockingly persuasive and loquacious, shocking given their Leo ascendance that is.

No one would ever think that such a talkative and patient man hides the vicious and savage lion inside.

Due to their hard-working disposition and perseverant nature, these natives have a tremendous need for rest, and if they can’t get the usual dose of sleep, they turn into angry zombies who’ll tear your head off for making even the smallest noise.

It’s really ideal not to upset or disturb them in these moments, as the situation can quickly degenerate.

So, it’s advisable for Leo Rabbits to find the time to enjoy their well-deserved siesta and rest accordingly for another day at the office.

Being very self-aware and confident in his own skills, this individual naturally has a higher sense of dignity and respect than most.

Thus, anything that is liable to destroy and muddy his person with indignity or unscrupulous behaviour is swiftly eliminated and kept at a distance.

There aren’t a lot of things that a Leo Rabbit would trade his honour for, family and loved ones most probably.

Also, if he finds himself in a discussion that goes down south and degenerates into insults and curses, the reaction is on par with what was thrown at him. After all, we don’t live in a perfect world where everyone is good with everyone. We have to survive in it.

Perfect careers for Leo Rabbit: Finance, Management, Hospitality, Visual Arts, Writing.

Love – Uncovered

His only wish in this life is to find someone to share everything with, joys, sorrows, happiness and difficult times.

In an attempt to look for the perfect match, Leo Rabbits behave in a very open and desirable manner in society, inciting the dreams of many of the opposite sex as such.

Fully committed towards the wellbeing of family members and loved ones, this native is aware that when given something, or shown kindness, you have to respond in the same way.

Otherwise, things will get cold and such acts of affection will gradually disappear.

Most compatible with: Aries Ram, Capricorn Pig, Gemini Dog, Aries Pig, Libra Ram.

Of course, given that the only reason he even started a relationship was to truly to build up something great and long-standing, it’s only reasonable to believe that he will reciprocate compassion and love.

The only real problem, if we could call it that, is their tendency to be more patient and attentive than most of us are, regarding commitments and relationships in general.

It takes quite a lot of time for them to really come to a decision about whether it’s worth it or not.

Leo Rabbit Woman Characteristics

These women are endowed with a great potential and have many qualities and perks that are indispensable when looking to reach fame and fortune.

Intellectual and perceptive by nature, they reap all benefits that life offers, as if by strokes of endless luck.

Destiny or fate seems to smile upon them, and as long as nothing too serious or critical comes their way, it’s basically a given that success and happiness are just around the corner.

Able to persuade even the grumpiest and most sceptical person, these natives are naturally silver-tongued magicians who are sly as a fox and determined to get what they want.

What do they actually desire, you ask? Simple, social standing and recognition of their merits.

In order to achieve that, they are capable of superhuman efforts, but eventually, when the goal is attained, it will have been worth it.

If Leo Rabbit women could also put more emphasis on themselves, on the development and wellbeing of their own body and mind, then everything would turn out way better.

In a relationship, becoming too dependent and obsessed with the partner can be very bad, as it can rapidly lead to the losing of independence and self-confidence.

If things are to work better, focus is the main contender here, concentration on one singular goal or purpose, towards which to channel all efforts and talents.

Out of a need to live a comfortable and carefree life, money is an important issue to these women, and the financial situation is thus essential and more emphasized.

Professional life then becomes a main focus from which to further their materialistic goals. In and of itself, those hedonistic desires and pleasure-based wishes are not out of the ordinary or abnormal at all. They are what makes us human after all.

Celebrities under the sign of Leo Rabbit: Charlize Theron, Alex Rodriguez, Whitney Houston, Lisa Kudrow, John Stamos.

Leo Rabbit Man Characteristics

A Leo Rabbit man is a combination between the imperative and straightforward Leo, as well as the carefree and patient Rabbit.

As you can see, it’s a pretty weird combo, based on completely opposite traits and characteristics.

What actually happens is that, whenever something comes up, this native will rush in heads-forwards and try to deal with the situation in the most impulsive and direct way possible.

What is most likely to happen as a result? You got it, usually it all blows up to smithereens, with nothing left to indicate that there was even an attempt at solving the problem.

If they don’t strive to better themselves and correct these defects, everyone will eventually step away and leave them play their own game, since it’s obvious that teaming up is pretty much impossible.

Once a high enough level of self-control is achieved, the potential opportunities are endless. Quick-witted and even swifter in action, these natives sprint through life at an unprecedented speed, leaving everyone in the dust, wandering aimlessly in the dark.

This happens because they are so engrossed and focused on the task at hand, that all other things are secondary and thus best taken care of quickly.

Every day brings something new to the table, and they should find it in themselves to use all the available opportunities to develop on all fronts.

In love, he tends to show totally contradictory attitudes and approaches compared to when he was alone. If in the past he was driven and focused to a great extent, now he is engulfed by all manner of sensitivities and weaknesses.

The sense of love and affection wake up and trail a blaze of fire in his heart, making some serious changes around here that can only lead to a fiery passion and immutable commitment. But, it all has to be reciprocated in the same measure for everything to go smoothly and be the best it could possibly be.

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