Leo Pig: The Lively Professional Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Leo born in Pig year

Leo Pig
  • Leo people celebrate their birthdays between July 23 and August 22.
  • The Pig years are: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031.
  • These people live their lives with passion and dedication.
  • The Leo Pig woman has a rather emotional nature.
  • A social butterfly, the Leo Pig man is painting life in his own colors.

The Eastern Pig zodiacal sign is said to be one who never stays still and is always in search for one more opportunity to have some fun.

Also, they’re quite a friendly and understanding pal to have in times of need. As for the Western Leo, they tend to sway towards a more pragmatic and sometimes even gloomy lifestyle, when things don’t go their way or when sometimes gets out of hand.

Now, with the Pig coming into play, you can imagine what sort of Frankenstein gets created, and not in a pejorative sense, just that they’re made of up of multiple aspects and parts which make a seemingly complete whole.

As for the result, the Leo Pig is a joyful and optimistic individual with the grit, determination and resoluteness to face the whole world, upturn it and leave with the glory of a winner. There isn’t any social situation that could baffle or put this native in a cinch, and they can handle pretty much all that’s thrown at them.

The Playful Leo Pig Personality

Like a self-respecting representative of both zodiac signs, Leo Pigs will always want to lead a royalty’s lifestyle, filled with extravagancies, luxurious treatments and the satisfaction of all their whims. And they believe that they are bound to receive this at some time or another, because they deserve it, why else?

Furthermore, their strong moral character and exemplary qualities and talents make it seem like the world is spinning around them, that all existence stands at their beck and call.

Luck, destiny, fate, call it what you want, but this native has all these and more. The truth is, while fully aware of this fact, they still rely on their more than adequate talents to further their own aims and attain a greater social rank and professional success.

Top Characteristics: Ingenious, Practical, Realistic, Motivated, Generous.

What’s really annoying and could make most of us cough out blood is that, for all their potential and aptitudes, they are one lazy and procrastinating individual, that even sloth is not enough to characterize them.

One of their natural traits, one which they can’t seem to completely eliminate or hide, is their tendency to over-exaggerate and engage in useless theatrics, playing roles and going for a flamboyant approach.

Everyone has to notice that they have arrived, after all, right? But, the good thing is that they are greatly endowed with leading abilities, in that they are incredibly able at managing teams and channeling their efforts on a singular goal.

And they never feel down when failure seems imminent, or even when something doesn’t go their way. Instead, they take it as an experience to learn from, to further hone and adjust their skills, opportunities for self-development. Now does anyone else feel surprised that the Leo Pig reaches the heights that they do? We think not.

They may be lazy at times and avoid taking up too many responsibilities, but when they do, it’s all done in the most serious, patient and attentive way possible, so as not to leave any place for mistakes or failure, especially when it’s something that has to do with their family or friends.

Being someone who despises solitude, they will try their best to offer support, be kind to friends and family, show determination and be a trustworthy person, because that way, people will start to appreciate and love them more.

It’s evident then that their future partner will feel just like in paradise, that all the luck in the world had gathered in that exact moment when they met the Leo Pig. The treatment that their lover will receive, any one of us would drool over.

Being more interested in the “how” rather than the “what”, they don’t really pay much attention to the material rewards of a given opportunity. Instead, they care more about what they will learn during the process.

Experience is incredibly important to them, because it helps tremendously with one’s desire to become superior, more efficient and better educated, constantly and permanently.

Or they may choose to avoid becoming too obsessed with money because there are things which matter more, on a personal level, like comfort, health, happiness.

Perfect careers for Leo Pig: Sales, Agriculture, Science, Education.

When you fall into the abyss that so many have fallen, and you do nothing else than work tirelessly for hours on end, nigh shifts, part-time jobs and forget to ever relax and live your life, it’s hard to resurface ever again. Life would become meaningless in this way, and the Leo Pig realizes this fact.

Now, for the least favorite part, or the most important part, depending on who’s reading this, the Leo Pig’s flaws and faults. They are, as previously said, a really lazy individual who would rather sleep for 12 hours straight, rather than get out of bed and start their daily activities. Sometimes it’s quite hard getting them up and ready for a new day, but this is part of their charm, probably.

Another thing which this time is a little more essential is their emotional inaptitude when it comes to sharing their thoughts and feelings. Communication is not their forte, not in the least, but they can be strengthened with time.

Love – Revealed

Their main goal in this life is simple: finding someone with whom to share in all the joys and sorrows of life, someone with whom they can face all of life’s challenges and emerge victorious, or not.

In truth, the result is less important than the process, the bonding experiences and all the situations which lead to a more stable and stronger relationship.

Most compatible with: Aries Ox, Gemini Rabbit, Libra Ram, Libra Rabbit, Sagittarius Ox, Capricorn Rabbit.

And to achieve this, they need someone who they can trust completely, and this is why they state their desires and thoughts from the get-go, leaving nothing aside, in the most direct and straightforward manner.

After all, you can’t afford to get backstabbed when having the world against you and when in a critical situation which you can’t let out of your sight for even the slightest moment.

Furthermore, they also find it quite easy to deal with both a relationship and with a career at the same time, because they are used to act with great confidence and determination.

The fact that they usually take on the most difficult and mind-absorbing tasks only serves to increase their efficiency and aptitude for multitasking.

And this makes them way more apt at handling any situation they encounter, as well as making sure that their loved one is satisfied and feels comfortable.

Leo Pig Woman Characteristics

The Leo Pig women are beings with a very contradictory nature, because of the multiple conflicting feelings which gather up in themselves, as time goes on.

Split apart between happiness and sadness, between different situations which give rise to different emotions and feelings, these natives are often gloomy or pensive, trying to resist the tremendous destructive force that this emotional clash shoots forward.

Furthermore, even if they may be ambitious and resolute individuals who can’t accept failure or defeat, it’s still a fact that they are not suited to being in leadership positions.

They just don’t have what it takes. However, that’s basically all the limitations that they have to suffer from, and anything else is doable and more than acceptable.

Celebrities under the sign of Leo Pig: Estelle Getty, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kevin Spacey, Magic Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, Mila Kunis, Dua Lipa.

Leo Pig Man Characteristics

This native has a bright outlook on life and acts with great enthusiasm and joy, putting forth all his attention and interest towards avoiding pessimistic perspectives and the occasional sadness.

He’s a social butterfly who very much enjoys spending time with friends, engaging in deep and long conversations and sharing all his experiences and achievements with others.

Being this open-minded and keen on socializing, it’s only natural that he won’t have any problems in the future, and success is basically assured.

He only needs to put all his skills and talents to work, and everything is going to go well eventually.

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