Leo Ox: The Dominant Fighter Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Leo born in Ox year

Leo Ox
  • If you are born between July 23 and August 22 then you are a Leo.
  • The Ox years are: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021.
  • It is surprisingly easy for these natives to stick to a schedule.
  • The Leo Ox woman will go through quite a few drastic changes of mind in life.
  • A great believer in individuality, the Leo Ox man will only follow his own opinions.

The prowess and assertiveness of the Chinese sign of the Ox are combined in a brilliant way with the persistent and practical attitude of the Western sign of the Leo.

These people exert a stronger influence over their peers that they can actually grasp and the moments they are aware of this, they can become rather manipulative. They will tend to seek for a role-model, early in life.

The Boastful Leo Ox Personality

Natural born leaders, Leo people born in Ox year have an image that impresses people. It’s not easy to get close to them and they always look good. They are also strong and stubborn, not making it easy to hide their authoritarian side.

With a constitution that inspires power, these people are determined and they seem to go through life easily.

The Chinese Ox present in the year they were born means these Leos are permissive and strongly conclusive.

They judge people with their instinct and not their logic. The Leo Ox people can often be deceived by friends just because they trust too much and they are too open and honest.

Courageous and ambitious, the Leo Ox will never get scared when life becomes too hard and will struggle to get any job done as efficiently as possible.

Top Characteristics: Dominant, Witty, Practical and Stubborn.

When they are out in public, they want to be the ones who are the most interesting and most dominant. They like to surround themselves with people that are smarter than them because they are eager to learn new things and like being entertained with knowledgeable subjects of discussion.

It is easy for a Leo Ox to stick to a schedule. These people are good at arranging their lives comfortably but they are not as passionate and flexible as some would think them to be. However, they are humble, relaxed and patient, which makes them great for any profession.

They don’t mind meeting new people and adapting to new situations. When working with them, you’ll notice the Leo Ox people are honest, capable and supportive.

As soon as they have made a decision, they no longer change their mind. Proud and adamant, it is very difficult to change the Leo Ox’s mind about something.

This fact can be both detrimental and beneficial for them, depending on different life situations in which they may find themselves.

If you are planning a trip or you are choosing a gift for someone dear with them, their adamant decisiveness can be very useful though. A Leo Ox will never ask for someone else’s advice.

Perfect careers for Leo Ox: Hospitality, Programming, Beauty, Sales and Catering.

These people prefer to analyze difficult situations themselves and they come up with solutions that are more or less practical. The fact that they don’t change their mind for no one or nothing can lead to conflicts when they are involved in business or personal negotiations.

When they are making plans for their own life, the Leo Oxen don’t have any problem. It is when they need to plan for others that their decisiveness comes to be troubling.

Love – Uncovered

When involved in a relationship, the Leo Ox people are caring and loyal. They are good providers and they like living in a comfortable home. The ideal partner for them will have a good sense of humor and will always be optimistic.

They also need someone who’s inventive and enlightened. People born in Leo Ox need partners that are as open and attentive as they are. Admiration for one another is essential for the Leo Ox to be confident and respectful with the partner.

Most compatible with: Gemini Rat, Libra Rat, Sagittarius Snake, Capricorn Snake, Aries Rooster.

It’s hard to just walk out of a relationship with a person in this sign. Open and tolerant, the Leo Ox will talk about any subject and will express emotions without any restrictions.

These are people with high morals. However, they will never try to impose their thinking on others. Being devoted to only one partner their entire life, the Leo Ox people are not known for making demonstrations of love too often.

They prefer to be more reserved when it comes to showing the partner their affection. Their partner will keep their optimism engaged and will be their support in whatever they may be doing in life.

Leo Ox Woman Characteristics

The Leo woman born in the Ox year doesn’t think too much of herself and she doesn’t trust she can do anything right.

She lacks ambition and she often postpones finding solutions for problems. She’s also unbalanced and she can anger people sometimes. The Leo Ox woman will let herself be overwhelmed by her own problems and failures.

She can’t find her peace because of this, and she’s not looking to change anything in her character. For this reason it is difficult for her to maintain a job and attain success. She can easily collapse in a sea of her own problems and insecurities.

Since she doesn’t trust anyone and anything, the Leo Ox woman is indecisive even when the situation involves her directly. Because she can never find her equilibrium, it will be hard for this woman to be in a long-term relationship.

If she gives up the tendency to always refer to her failures, she may find someone with whom she can build something beautiful that lasts.

As a matter of fact, she can change her life altogether of she manages to no longer take failure as a reminder.

Celebrities under the sign of Leo Ox: Dustin Hoffman, Vera Farmiga, Jacqueline Fernandez, Anna Kendrick, Barack Obama.

Leo Ox Man Characteristics

The Leo Ox man is confident. He solves life problems with ease and he knows when to risk. He is usually a successful man when it comes to his personal life. He knows how to communicate with his loved ones and he’s sought by women for being the head of the family.

Excellent with money, the Leo Ox man succeeds in every material aspect of his life. He likes to share and he views money as something meant to get some benefits.

As far as career goes, this guy will succeed at everything he may be doing. He can become a boss or a leader very fast as he is articulate and strong-willed.

The Leo Ox man will not be possessive when his partner tries to gain success. He knows how to leave the person he loves be independent and he also knows what it’s required for accomplishment.

Stubborn and indulgent, the Leo Ox man will be a problem solver who is always searching to have around people that respect value and tradition.

He believes in individuality, he respects it in others and expects for them to respect it in him. Fun, nice and tolerant, the Leo Ox man makes a great father.

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