Leo Monkey: The Practical Strategist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Leo born in Monkey year

Leo Monkey
  • The dates of the Leo zodiac sign are between July 23 and August 22.
  • The Monkey years are: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028.
  • Surprisingly for their bold character, these people can also patiently take in advice.
  • With a noble and generous attitude, the Leo Monkey will be admired by many.
  • The Leo Monkey man has some strong life principles.

The Leo Monkey is full of joy and energy, and these, together with their sociable attitude and the charming character, create a person with an incredible sex-appeal out in society.

This zodiac sign is very ambitious and loves to work hard in order to be on top, even if it means trying small jobs at first, they do everything that is necessary with a smile on their face and with a huge amount of dignity.

If you want to be the advisors of a Leo Monkey, you can be sure that they will take your words into consideration too.

The Entertaining Leo Monkey Personality

The Leo Monkey is the best person to choose as a friend, because you will get infected with their curiosity to always try new things, powered by the optimism and the incredible zest for life.

They like to take care of themselves, and because of that, people are attracted by their outlook and their original style. Being a protective person, they strive to take care of their partner no matter the risks and dangers.

They like talking to people, and with their natural joyous character, it’s a given that others like having discussions with them on almost any topic.

Top Characteristics: Diplomatic, Relaxed, Eloquent, Intelligent and Tolerant.

Understanding and tolerant of other viewpoints, and certainly not judging or criticizing them without a good reason, this native is a very good communicator and someone who can reach great heights.

Even if they show their confident allure and resolute personality in all their dealings and interactions with the world, they still don’t end up being arrogant or overbearing because of it.

Fully knowing the path they had to tread in order to reach that place, all the hardships and difficulties spread across, as well as where they left from, egocentrism and snobbism just can’t enter into their mind.

Also, they like being kept in the loop about everything that is going on, and if something doesn’t reach them, things won’t end up nicely.

Because they are so good at expressing themselves and the way they think and see life, as well as thanks to the highly empathetic and loving nature, what suits them best as a working place is being a psychologist, or even a teacher.

The prospect of helping people and supporting them emotionally seems like a very good one for these individuals, and they won’t say no to such an opportunity.

After all, among all the other Leos, this one is the most in-line and has the most insight into the human emotions and behaviour.

When they know they are right, everyone else has to admit that and follow in their footsteps. After all, if a plan is great, why would you refuse to obey by its directives?

This is the exact attitude of this native. They expect that everyone should be obedient and subservient to their ideas and strategies, and in return they behave with great kindness and tolerance.

Furthermore, they try to learn from experiences and failure, considering that one can never know everything, but that they always have something to learn.

The ambition of such an individual knows no bounds, and their dreams could go so far as being idealistic. In general, though, pragmatism and realism keep them on their toes and their plans firmly grounded in reality.

They will strive to be the best at their jobs, or even creating their own company, taking a shot at the big guys’ table.

Filled with creative potential and a great ingenuity, it’s not a hard thing to succeed, and they will quickly get noticed by the people in charge as a visionary and a dreamer with tremendous potential.

Being such an over-achiever and determinate native, they are also very confident and proud in their abilities and talent, which is why they will only follow their own advice and ideas, regarding others’ as inferior or unsuitable.

Moreover, their sophistication and craving for power and strength is boundless, so they actively seek out a lavish and luxurious lifestyle.

Perfect careers for Leo Monkey: Education, Diplomacy, Visual Arts, Dancing.

The most glaring defect of this native is their tendency to but in other people’s businesses without permission, only to satiate their endless curiosity.

What else could have been the reason, after all? Well, it doesn’t really matter, as most people will get upset and irritated by this approach. But they can’t help it. It something is intentionally kept away from them, they get very angry and furious, leaving everyone in a daze.

When talking about their approach in career matters, it can be said that no one else is more adaptable and hard-working than them.

Coupled with their great ingenuity and creative drive, you get someone who is most likely to develop their own venture in no time, pulling off the rabbit from the hat and aweing everyone with how easy they succeeded in doing something others take decades in doing.

Love – Uncovered

Love is something they are quite keen on experiencing, and they do it in quite a romantic and sensitive manner.

Being an enthusiast of silence and peaceful atmospheres, it’s not surprising that they also like their relationships to be the same.

Keeping things simple and without anything too out of the ordinary is the perfect thing for these guys. Also, they are deeply caring and tied to their partners and family, being very loyal and devoted to them.

Most compatible with: Gemini Rat, Aries Dragon, Sagittarius Rat, Capricorn Dragon.

Leo Monkey Woman Characteristics

Naturally cheerful and joyous natives, the Leo Monkey women are born orators who excel at communication, and everything that has to do with speaking to people.

Whether they have to persuade someone of the efficiency of a plan, manipulate or dupe someone into falling into a trap, and use their loquacious character to present something in the best light, they are totally capable of all this and much more.

Humanitarian and philanthropic in scope, she tries to create a better world for everyone to live in, or at least that’s what she thinks she’s doing.

Instead, it’s actually nothing more than just observing and criticizing what her fellow man does, and how he interacts with others.

Of course, given this noble and generous attitude, it’s only normal that she should get to be the one who leads all the efforts towards the salvation of humankind. After all, it was her idea in the first place, right?

As far as relationships go, there is an ambivalence that leads them into it. Firstly, they are very sensitive and appreciative individuals, and would like for nothing more than to know that someone is there for them, ready to help and show some support if the need arises.

Secondly, it’s also a deep desire to establish control over someone, to be in control and effectively take the reins in the relationship.

Celebrities under the sign of Leo Monkey: Peter O’Toole, Sam Elliott, Kim Cattrall, Debra Messing, Hannah Simone, Vanessa Carlton, Demi Lovato.

Leo Monkey Man Characteristics

This Leo Monkey man is someone with a deep heart who can’t let a moment pass without saying something nice or helping a friend in need.

Truly a person who finds happiness in supporting others, he is also a thrill-seeker, or better yet, someone who seeks for novelty and new things.

That’s why routine and tediousness really annoy and bore him, travelling being more in-line with his aspirations and desires.

Patience is not one of his cardinal virtues, not in the least. He is a very volcanic and impetuous individual as a matter of fact, and puts all that boundless energy and drive into achieving the most insignificant of things, mostly. If someone tries to say something or escape his rule, he quickly explodes and punishes the poor bastard who dared to disobey his orders.

In their professional life, he could very easily achieve great things, because he has the willpower, ambition, perseverance and abilities to see to that.

The thing is, he isn’t really sure about what path he should follow, because while he may be destined for greatness, going for the easy way out is too tempting, and this discrepancy between potential and inner desire will always haunt him.

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