Leo Kissing Style: The Guide to How They Kiss

Leo kisses are smooth, wild and uninhibited, generating a great deal of passion and exploring different areas of the body, not only the lips or neck.

Leo kissing

Leos can’t be easily caught for kissing, but they like to treat their partner like their prey. These natives are the type who’s starting with the neck and can even go to the feet and back, until reaching the lips.

They like it a lot when having a lover who doesn’t give in easily. As a warning, these people can use their tongue too much, and make their other half feel like his or her mouth is being conquered entirely.

Leo kissing in a nutshell:

  • Making out with a Leo is an experience in itself, an unforgettable one for sure;
  • Their kisses are a lot about temptation, seduction and teasing;
  • The Leo man is quite wild in his kisses and wants to impress;
  • The Leo woman loves to play hard to get when it comes to kissing.

Leo people have a lot of courage and are bold in their romantic moves, as well a little bit aggressive. They’re never scared of performing because they know they’re among the best kissers in the zodiac.

Leo kissing style

Because Leos are fast when kissing, they shouldn’t be expected to stay too much in one place when making out.

As a matter of fact, the most anxious of them are after smooth and not-so-lengthy kisses because they want to continue to look good and to be respected.

They’re wild and uninhibited, but they want to keep everything in line. These people are truly fierce and love it when their partner is expressing his or her adoration for them.

Therefore, they need to put all of their efforts in their kisses and be charmed. However, they want something natural and to not be overwhelmed.

Energetic and fun, they can become real animals when kissing the person they truly love. Being a Fire sign, Leos are passionate and always going for the face.

They can breathe heavily and make all kind of love declarations. Those who are a little bit baffled by their force can end up feeling lost when around them.

As said before, they’re going for the neck and the hidden kisses because this is what’s offering their lust and passion. When with the person they love the most, their kisses can come from their soul and be magnetic.

The only sign in the zodiac that can calm them is the Capricorn, as natives of this sign can put anyone at ease with their calmness and precise kisses.

Leos are dramatic and looking to control, but only through fun. When kissing, they’re picturing love in a perfect manner.

Because they love being the ones others adore and love, they can even put selfies with them kissing online, especially if their partner loves doing this as well.

Their kisses are a lot about temptation and teasing because they’re seductive and wanting to offer all of their passion. For this reason, they’re often ending up having sex after a make out session.

Leos are quite wild when they kiss

Possessing a lot of charisma and being the most mystical personalities in the zodiac, people born under Leo are all the time making others curious about them.

They’re not only sexy without making an effort, they’re also great company. They love playing when kissing, teasing as well. However, their partner is always left wanting more.

It’s very possible for them to spend a night making out in bars and having so much fun, just to take their partner with them at home later, where their sex toys are being discovered.

Those who are with Leos need to wrap their hands around him or her, and to sometimes pause. These natives’ erogenous area is their back, meaning they’re roaring when being offered passion or the most interesting sensations that can make their heart beat faster.

They’re intimate from an emotional point of view, not to mention the relationship with them can make both partners win.

Without a single restriction and almost crazy when kissing, they’re looking for someone who’s doing things just the way they do.

Their anxiety can be something great for them, even if it doesn’t last too much because they’re transforming everything into hotness and don’t mind playing with their partner in public.

It couldn’t be said they’re into PDA, but they’re not refusing to let everybody else know about whom their lover is.

These natives can kiss just when they’re supposed to, seeming desperate that this is all they want to do. It’s unlikely for them to stop until their other half is left wanting more.

When knowing they’re wanted, they want back their other half more and more, to offer him or her pleasure. In conclusion, remember that Leo individuals are passionate and horny with their kisses.

Kiss a Leo man

Leos are good lovers and the ones with whom great times can be had. They believe in themselves and their charm, so they want to make their relationships work.

These natives love it when someone they like is playing the card of “You can’t have me” because they want to live actively and to enjoy what romance can offer. He can easily fall for someone, but he easily gets bored of a person. He’s not casual when it comes to romance, as he’s dramatic and very passionate.

The lady of his dreams can be the center of his world, the person whom he adores. He wants someone he can take care of, not to mention he has an open heart and is reliable, so this goes beyond kissing.

More than this, the Leo man is sensible and as well weak, surprising everyone with his ways. However, he should be praised and ensured each and every of his demands are being fulfilled.

With the right person, this character is kind, giving and powerful. All the ladies love his passion and old ways in the bedroom.

He has a flair for drama and he trusts himself, so he leaves no stone unturned when it comes to being sensual and providing steamy kisses.

When out on a date, he prefers to act in a traditional manner and to play the gender roles, so he should be allowed to bring flowers and to pull chairs. This is making him feel like Royalty, and he simply loves being a King.

The ladies who want something less insisting should focus on his physicality, as he’s a sports lover and the one who wants to get personal with his partner through dancing and early kissing.

Kiss a Leo woman

Wanting to exhibit her talents, the Leo woman loves being admired and in the center of attention. If she doesn’t do something for the public, she doesn’t care whatsoever.

If she isn’t the star, the Leo lady can begin to have moods and to be cold. Luckily, she’s the same when kissing.

As a matter of fact, her kissing is only about her, not to mention reflecting more about her personality. She cares about her partner, but she doesn’t want all the attention to be taken away from her.

As a Fire sign, she’s worth of being shown what kissing is, but she wants more to be the one who’s showing. She knows how worthy she is and loves the dating game. A person who’s too boring or sensible won’t be for too long around her because she needs to have fun and to laugh a lot.

More than this, she needs to be showered with expensive gifts. When her defects are ignored, she feels truly happy, not to mention she can turn many men on with her flamboyance.

This woman is giving her heart away without hesitating because she’s enjoying intensity and has no inhibition. Not refraining herself from devotion, she’s as well passionate and committed, but domineering.

When offered all the love, affection and praise as far as intimacy is going, she has her passion awakened. This lady is a real Queen for the man who can be a King.

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