Leo Horse: The Determined Challenger Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Leo born in Horse year

Leo Horse
  • The Leo dates are between July 23 and August 22.
  • The Horse years are: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026.
  • These people will take their time before settling down.
  • The Leo Horse woman will read your thoughts in an instance and take advantage.
  • Serious and demanding, the Leo Horse man is sometimes difficult to understand.

Ambitious, people born in Leo the year of the Horse will identify opportunities and seize them. Their signs are characterized by victory in every aspect of life. They can get over difficult situation with a smile on their face and they encourage themselves to take on the next challenge.

These guys simply excel at fulfilling their goals, just like the Horse. Once they have set an objective, they will execute everything that is needed for that objective to be accomplished step by step.

The Assertive Leo Horse Personality

Generous and loving, Leo Horses are dependable and fun. You are sure to enjoy life more when you’re around them.

With a good sense of humor, they will joke about every situation as long as it is not too serious. These people are real comedians who love to entertain those around.

Not the impulsive kind, these Leos are able to make use of their logic and not emotions when making an important decision. This is the reason why they are so good with business.

Because they know negotiation and how to analyze situations. Determined, honest and intelligent, Leo Horses can talk to people easily.

They are good communicators who can deal with more than one task at the same time. It is quite difficult for them to be constant as they have many hobbies and interests. Their main purpose in life is to explore the new and enjoy challenges.

Because of this, they are adventurous and they love to travel far away. Their sense of orientation is very developed and it takes them different places. You simply cannot keep a Leo Horse in one place.

Top Characteristics: Humorous, Individualistic, Analytical and Opinionated.

These are the type of individuals who will first see the world and meet many people before settling down with someone for life. Sport is not new to them as they like to engage in physical activities and compete.

Because they have analyzing skills, they will at times criticize others but won’t stand others to criticize them.

People will appreciate their analytical mind, and they will often be solicited to give their opinion on different problems that affect others.

Leo Horses have a need to constantly surpass themselves. They are good with both physical and intellectual activities, and they would be suited for any job.

They are continuously trying to learn new things and explore their potential in order to become better, more knowledgeable people.

Their imagination is playful, so they’ll often come up with new ideas at work. Able to learn new skills fast, they will change their jobs many times in life.

Since they don’t enjoy being in crowds, they prefer working on their own, without a team that would constantly change the projects and bring in new ideas.

Their famous humor makes them fun to be around. At social gatherings they will help people relax and laugh about different subjects.

At home, they are responsible and practical. Their partners or people who they are living with are going to be cared for and spoiled.

They have a strong character and they need open, outdoor spaces in order to be happy and develop nicely.

Perfect careers for Leo Horse: Politics, Sales, Advertisement, Hospitality, Management.

Optimistic, they have a tendency to see the ideal side of people and situations, thing that can make them seem naive. Just like they are with business, in love Leo Horses prove courage and determination.

They rarely abandon a project or a person, no matter how difficult the situation seems to be. These people like to keep their private lives private, so those who will interfere in their businesses will be regarded as enemies.

It doesn’t matter where the Leo Horses are going, they will always be nicely dressed and eloquent in their speech. To also talk about weaknesses, they are unable to express what they’re feeling.

If they would find a partner who is understanding and caring, they would be able to show their emotions without any problems. They can’t stand being deceived or defeated at something. They will fight for as long as needed to succeed which is something everyone appreciates in them.

Love – Revealed

The way Leo Horses approach love can have two extreme points. On one side they can be careless and not interested, forgetting when they need to go to a date and not showing any signs of affection.

The other side would be them being completely lost in love, calling the partner every hour, just to see what he or she is doing. As far as their emotions go, these guys may seem cold and distant to their partners.

It’s difficult for them to express what they feel and it’s also difficult to deal with them as lovers. They are too confident and stubborn and this can make them a little bit arrogant at times.

Most compatible with: Aries Tiger, Capricorn Ram, Aries Dog, Libra Dog, Gemini Dog, Capricorn Tiger.

It couldn’t be said these are the most faithful Leos in the zodiac. If their partner cheats on them, they prefer to keep it a secret in order to maintain their reputation. If they are shamed and humiliated, Leo Horses become very vengeful and mean.

They will make sure the partner’s suffering or wishing he or she would have never done something wrong. These Leos can get really angry if provoked.

Because they have an oversize ego, they will often not know how to relax and see where they’ve been mistaken. They like to believe they are the victim of their partner in the relationship.

Leo Horse Woman Characteristics

The Leo Horse woman will have many difficulties to face during the first half of her life. But she will become stronger and more tempered due to this. She will reach success at maturity.

She is a vulnerable character who hides under a strong mask. She often stresses about problems, and because of this, she is prone to nervous breakdowns.

Because this girl thinks fast and she is also powerful, she can achieve many things in life. This lady doesn’t like to patronize people and she is not overprotective. Not understood by many, she will have a few friends to actually know her.

Love with a Leo Horse woman is not always safe. She is able to see others’ feelings, but she also wants complete freedom from a relationship. She will find someone for long term at a more mature age.

It is advisable that she analyzes her defects. If each Leo Horse woman analyzes herself and sees her mistakes, she can be more successful in life.

Assessing her own behavior will help her identify the positive traits that she has, and she can overcome anxiety and restlessness more easily this way.

Celebrities under the sign of Leo Horse: Neil Armstrong, Isabel Allende, James Cameron, Halle Berry, Kobe Bryant, James Corden, Jennifer Lawrence.

Leo Horse Man Characteristics

Passionate and always active, the Leo Horse man will express his feelings to anyone. He cannot rest his mind and he is constantly looking to do something new.

Efficient at work, this man is also optimistic and successful at achieving his goals. He needs to pay more attention to those around him, if he wants only what’s best for his fate.

The Leo Horse man is serious about everything he does in life. He sees the best in people and situations, and he is demanding.

It’s not easy to be around him. He must use all of his talents in order to be happy. This is a guy who gives career a whole lot of importance. He will succeed at any job he will do from a young age, but he needs to take friends and relatives along with him if he doesn’t want to be alone.

He hates having people around that much, this affecting his relationships. It’s advisable he faces the truth and focuses more on larger goals. If he wants happiness, he needs to improve relationships with women and become more assertive.

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