Leo Fixed Modality: The Generous Character

The fixed modality means these people have a strict will and stubborn personality that can be both a blessing and a curse in disguise.

Leo fixed modality

Ah, the faithful, dependable Leo. This fixed fire sign has a role befitting of its name. As the king of the jungle, its duty is to bring balance and certainty to those around them.

The Leo is usually blessed with amazing physical prowess and endurance as well as the mental strength required to keep order. If there’s ever an urgency in making arrangements for any sort of event, the capable and hardworking Leo can manage just fine. More so actually, they’ll do a splendid job!

Leo modality in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Faithful, hardworking and generous;
  • Weaknesses: Vain, strict and obstinate;
  • Advice: They should be more open about their own emotions;
  • Dates: Every year, between the 23rd of July and the 22nd of August.

These are the people that are generally in command. Their kindness and straightforwardness are key characteristics for their personality. The downside is that they often have difficulties believing in their true potential.

All about achieving their goals

The fixed Leo sign finds motivation in being appreciated for their efforts and their achievements. It’s all about the power play with these people. Becoming renowned for their endeavors is what makes their determination such a powerful tool.

The brilliance of this Fire sign can easily be compared to that of the Sun. It burns fiercely and it will do so for decades to come.

Similarly, the Leo always strives for success that will last for generations to come and they’ll stop for nothing in order to reach their goals.

They take great pride in their sense for responsibility, duty and honesty. For these traits people see great potential for leadership in them. It doesn’t matter what the naysayers do, a Leo will always persevere against the odds.

A slow, steady and certain pace is highly appreciated by a Leo and by the rest of the fixed signs as well. Doubt simply has no room in their mind.

They’ll simply hammer away at their goals and projects until progress has been made. And eventually they fulfill their plans and bring them into fruition for everybody to witness.

At the core of their being, hard work and determination blaze the path towards success. These people deeply root themselves in the idea that hard work will get them where they’re going.

And this sole idea is what has brought them all the progress and success up until now. All the achievements they have are thanks to their iron determination.

This fixed nature of theirs also gives the impression of a hard headed personality. But in actuality it’s what gives them their charisma.

While the energy of a fixed sign can be a blessing, sometimes it has rather detrimental effects on people.

It gives them the ability to secure their goals, but simultaneously it also pushes them to occasionally become stationary, the progress they yearn for passing them by.

This is the side effect of having such a strict will and stubborn personality. While they themselves are difficult to change, they spend most of their time to subject situations or other people to change in order to bring efficiency to the fray.

The preferred lifestyle for a Leo is evidently a lavish, rich one. Full of wonders and thrills, basking in the bounties brought by their success.

There simply is no other way for Kings and Queens is there? And that’s exactly what a Leo is, royalty!

Their personality and nature simply draw in success and other people to be left in awe at their wondrous achievements.

When meeting this fierce lion they might seem shy at first, but taking a look at their gaze will instantly destroy any such impressions.

As opposed to the Cancer that has the Moon for their parent, the Leo has the bright Sun. And obviously, just like this mass of light and heat, the Leo burns fiercely in the face of adversity.

They share this power and determination with those that follow in their footsteps. While they are often seen as rulers and famous people that lead with an iron hand, the Leo can actually be one of the warmest and loving individuals one could meet.

Their affection and compassion could leave some blind and they can easily create deep, lasting bonds and relationships with those they encounter throughout life.

People of a sound-mind

The children of Leo are strong headed individuals that must always have their way. If by chance their opinions clash with those of others, a battle of wills will take place.

The victorious most definitely being the Leo. Unless the opponent has a reasonable enough logic behind their arguments, then there is still hope.

The abundant stamina that these people show is what enables them to take their time, no matter the odds, in order to achieve their goals for success and prosperity.

But it is because of the same trait that a Leo will have a hard time changing themselves because of the routine they’ve created throughout their life.

While their overall nature allows them to work efficiently, if the fixed sign is suffering from the effects of their planet functioning in the shadows, then they can easily be stopped in their racks and become stagnant.

Reaching a stagnation in their progress, they must learn to live and let go. Accepting change with a sound mind and adaptability is what can save these signs from a detrimental fall.

When such situations arise, it is best to read the flow and go with it as practically as possible.

Contradictory to the general belief that Leos are insensitive, cold or detached, these warm fuzzballs are actually more affectionate than one could imagine.

Their love and compassion reach heights that would leave the directors of famous soap operas in tears.

When a Leo loves, there are no walls to stop them from making their partner feel their fiery passion and loyalty. They’ll make royalty out of their lover and there’s nothing that would bring them more joy.

One of the biggest cons for a Leo would be their blindness to the outside world. They place too much value on the importance of self and spend too little time and effort in understanding others.

These people would make leaps and bounds in the progress towards success if they would stop to listen and learn from others.

Seeing things from the perspective of others will grant them a higher understanding and a more polished set of analytical skills that would aid them in their journey without a doubt.

Others ought to learn from prideful Leo as well. They have no issues in taking things in their own hands and handling issues their own ways.

Those around them could do with learning some self-appreciation and taking more pride in their activities, achievements and goals, as the Leo would.

They blaze a trail for others to follow and bask in the glory of hard work and success alongside them, these fierce and determined lions.

They truly take the role of being an example seriously, taking those in need and shaping them into hard workers that are capable of making a name for themselves in spite of any conflicts or adversity they might collide with.

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