Leo Dragon: The Intuitive Leader Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Leo born in Dragon year

Leo Dragon
  • Anyone born between July 23 and August 22 is a Leo.
  • The Dragon years are: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024.
  • Dreamy but organized, these people can be intellectually challenging.
  • The Leo Dragon woman is very straightforward about what she wants.
  • Otherwise reserved, the Leo Dragon man doesn’t shy away from challenges.

Being born in two signs represented by two majestic beings, the Leo Dragons have something royal about them.

They are natural born leaders, just like the Leo but at the same time they’re not trying to impose the force that characterizes them so they are tempered and composed like the Dragon.

These personalities are sometimes dreamy and can easily get distracted pursuing some idealistic challenge.

The Refined Leo Dragon Personality

They are optimistic and cheerful and often people can accuse them of not being too serious. More than this, they can be insensitive with their words and actions, affecting others’ feelings.

It’s not that they’re not trying to be compassionate, they simply don’t know their way with words or they have no idea about how to act.

You may see a side of them that is confident and strong, but underneath they can be shy and reserved.

These Leos often need their friends and lovers to be nice with them. With people, they are not really happy until they completely trust. That’s why it takes a Leo Dragon some time to make a friend and enter a new relationship.

Their charm will attract anyone, no matter how stiff and unfriendly. The combination between Leo and the Dragon is powerful. People born in these signs are extrovert, intense, altruistic and down-to-earth.

With them, everything is exaggerated: their goals, their ambition, their giving nature and even their anger. Both the Dragon and the Leo are strong signs, causing traits in these people to take huge proportions.

Top Characteristics: Compassionate, Aloof, Strong, Realistic.

Kindhearted and giving, the Leo Dragons will always share what they have with those who are in need. It makes them happy to give and they don’t expect anything in return.

They will feel other people’s pain and they will give their best to improve the way more unfortunate ones live.

It is normal for a Dragon Leo to live a long, healthy life. These guys are physically strong. Their intelligence is put to use when they need to work out their plans. Organized, they have routines after which they are guiding their lifestyle.

Leos in the Dragon year know what they want from life at a young age, so their plans will always be realistic, with high chances of completion.

If you want to be with a Leo in Dragon, change your priorities in life and put your hopes and expectations in the second place. They are the ones who should receive all of your attention.

At least they make great parents who will encourage their children to pursue their dreams. Interested in the way others perceive them, Leo Dragons will take good care of their bodies, exercising and dieting whenever they are required to.

While they invest a lot of time in their work projects, they find some time for their family and friends too.

Because they are so good at organizing their time and they are interested to be intellectually challenged, these Leos will be happier if they have a job that stimulates them mentally.

They are not the ones to do manual or physical work. They need something that requires them to put their imagination to work.

Perfect careers for Leo Dragon: Editing, Legal, Music, Fashion, Editing.

Knowing their way with money, Leo Dragons will save and be careful on what they are spending their money on.

They know figures and they are good with calculations. Not impulsive buyers, they will think twice before deciding if a product is good for them or not. When they are free from work, these guys like to relax and spend some time alone.

Books, music disks and pampering products are excellent gifts for a person born in both these signs. Because they are so active, Leo Dragons can’t stand people who are sad and don’t have any ambition.

They will try to make others think the way they do, and they will do anything to convince them their ways are the best ones. While it’s easy to be around a Leo Dragon, his or her temper and quick tongue will cause you to be upset at times.

When contradicting, they usually become filled with anger, especially if they are convinced they’re right.

With an incredible energy and a good spirit of observation, the Dragon Leos will achieve many things if they hide their egos. They’re not the ones to provoke an argument and they become more patient with age, when they’ll no longer lose control over small issues.

Love – Revealed

It doesn’t matter if they’re only involved in a relationship or they’re married, Leo Dragons are people with whom you can get along very well. They stress about their relationship even when things are going in the right direction.

Those who are enamored with these guys will simply forget about themselves and will engage all their efforts into making things work with their Dragons. If you are competitive, keep the distance from people born in these signs.

They are the ones who should be first at everything in life. They want priority and they will fight for it. It’s easy for them express what they’re feeling without any restraints. Many people will misinterpret them, believing they are joking.

Most compatible with: Gemini Snake, Libra Monkey, Aries Rat, Sagittarius Monkey, Aries Snake.

Luck follows the Dragon Leos, and if they know how to take full advantage of it, they can achieve great things.

They are jealous and possessive, so you need to make sure you’re not too open with others in their presence. If you want to win their hearts forever, just flatter them.

They like being admired. They will offer their lover support and care no matter the situation as they are among the most generous and altruistic people someone could ever come across.

Leo Dragon Woman Characteristics

Capable and imaginative, the Leo Dragon woman will have brilliant ideas for different kind of problems at work and in her personal life. To realize these ideas, she needs to be confident and persistent.

This is a lady who never refuses a battle. She often wins in life, and success looks for her when she’s young. Noble and altruistic, the Leo Dragon woman will be devoted to her partner.

She never uses schemes in order to gain something, and she’s attentive to others. It’s not difficult to be in a relationship with this girl.

She is not high maintenance and she only needs some praise in front of her friends in order to be happy.

A Leo Dragon woman will always keep her promises. She’s the heart of any party as she’s sociable and cheerful.

Celebrities under the sign of Leo Dragon: Patrick Swayze, Sandra Bullock, Mary-Louise Parker, Audrey Tautou, Josh Schwartz.

Leo Dragon Man Characteristics

Characteristics of Leo and also of the Dragon make the man in these signs a noble and dependable person who will always help their peers.

Creative, this guy is also a good leader. He reaches his goals without compromising and he makes money with ease.

The Dragon Leo man needs a partner, however. Especially if he wants to put all his potential to work. He requires guidance and someone to admire him for his achievements. Lucky and intuitive, he will take advantage of opportunities and have many friends who admire him.

His straightforwardness may be interpreted as criticizing, this being the main reason why it will be difficult for him to find a partner.

Talented, kind and generous, the Leo Dragon man is also energetic and a good communicator. His weak points are his stubbornness and impulsiveness. Only luck can help him avoid awkward situations.

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