Leo Dog: The Great Mind Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Leo born in Dog year

Leo Dog
  • Leo people are born between July 23 and August 22.
  • The Dog years are: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030.
  • These people have the power to praise a worthy opponent.
  • The diligent Leo Dog woman is too critical and pessimistic for her own good.
  • The Leo Dog man will always stick to what he has started.

Optimistic and courageous, the Leo Dogs become very frustrated when they confront with injustice. They will try and use all of their intelligence and capabilities to make the situation right.

The Chinese astrology describes the Dog as someone who is friendly and a good listener. More than this, the Dog could be a great leader and a dependable person. In the birth chart, this sign appears to be rational, just like the animal that represents it.

The great mix of the Leo with the Chinese sign Dog makes everyone in these signs pleasing and nice. The moral spirit in Leo Dogs is helping them to have a highly developed sense of ethics.

The Reasoned Leo Dog Personality

Always confident and cheerful, Leo Dogs will say what they have to say honestly. They are friendly and easy to approach, fascinating all the people around them with their charm.

They are ruled by noble feelings and they completely dedicate themselves once they commit. They are believed to be the most modest Leos and the noblest Dogs. Even if they feel tired, these people will persist with their opinions and their principles.

They would never give up their beliefs. Loyal to the people they are the closest to, they are helpful and generous.

While they are talented and skilled, they are still hard workers who prefer to do more than they are required to. They have ideals but they are pretty realist with what’s about to come true regarding their dreams.

Leos are pretty much carefree and dreamy. They greatly benefit from the Dog’s influence, which makes them more down-to-earth.

Leo Dogs are responsible, active and serious. But this doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun, because they do.

Top Characteristics: Charming, Truthful, Unselfish, Friendly.

They are on guard for things to happen correctly, and they are all the time impartial and fair. These people understand better than others the true value of people and things.

They are able to read others pretty good, and they never trust someone whom they’ve just met. More than this, they can assess situations clearly and they can see if things are not going to turn the right way. Analyzing every word and expression of people, they can determine if someone is lying or is telling the truth.

In conclusion, they pay attention to emotions. This helps them have a balanced view of the world. Besides, these guys are able to listen carefully and not judge as soon as they hear something strange.

Unselfish, they are perfect to work in teams, and even lead groups of people.

In the family, they will keep the peace and make sure everyone has what they need. With their partner and their friends, they will always know how to make themselves useful, and they will give a hand whenever they will be required to.

Leo Dogs are charming and altruistic. They would offer their help even if it means they are being slowed down from their development.

This will make others trust them, especially when it comes to the professional environment. Bosses will promote them, colleagues will appreciate their generosity.

As said before, these guys have a very developed sense of justice. They have a moral conduct and will stand up for those who are less fortunate. They would be ready to do anything in order to preserve their dignity and integrity, and they accept with joy to fight for any cause.

Many people look for their help when they want to make a point. If someone refuses their help, they can hold a grudge against that person.

And you don’t want the Leo Dog to be upset with you. For the previously mentioned reasons, they will often choose a profession in which they can help others. When they are free from work, these people like to relax by doing some sports. They enjoy being fit and they want to be physically challenged.

When it comes to balancing work and personal life, they are the best. Never workaholics, Leo Dogs will never take too much at a time, and they will organize their time so that they have room for their friends and family too.

They are honest, sincere people who would never do something illegal or immoral. They need to be at peace with themselves and they would blame anyone who abuses others.

Perfect careers for Leo Dog: Engineering, Science, PR, Arts, Writing.

Leo Dogs pay very much attention to their home and family. They will struggle for the people they love to be comfortable and safe.

Methodically and assured, they will work towards achieving their goals. They can sometimes forget about something they have planned, so be patient with them.

When they see someone is lying or pretending to be something they’re not, they simply go crazy and struggle not to get too aggressive.

If someone betrays or humiliates them, they will forget everything about the nobility that characterizes them and will act accordingly. It’s not their style to sit aside when they are being messed with.

The fact that they get too emotional when they see injustice is one of their few negative traits. Only Leo Dogs who are at maturity will know how to manage this weakness of theirs. When they are young, they can be pretty loud about how unfair the world is.

But with age, things change and they become less interested in the injustices happening as they understand life can sometimes be unfair. Not that they no longer care, but they are not that aggressive about it anymore.

Love – Exposed

Reliable partners, Leo Dogs value trust, loyalty and friendship in a relationship. They are romantic, caring people, who will make sure their lover has everything he or she wants. Respecting their other half’s wishes and opinions, they always make promises they can keep. Once they get to trust someone, they will trust them forever.

Even if they aren’t involved in something serious and it’s just a fling, they will still be loyal and devoted. They want a person who can be honest with them.

Most compatible with: Aries Rabbit, Gemini Rabbit, Sagittarius Tiger, Capricorn Tiger, Gemini Horse.

Their love life should be balanced and simple as this is what they want from a romantic connection.

Sensual and passionate, they will often try and prove their partners that they are gentle and great. While they have quite the classical taste, they would never want to experience a usual love story.

They want something that can be made into a Hollywood movie. They are original with their emotions, and they put the partner on the first place.

It isn’t normal to see a Leo Dog having a temper. However, it is best not to irritate them no matter how calm and balance they may seem. Their lovers should be morally correct and not make any mistake or it will cost them. Leo Dogs don’t forgive.

Leo Dog Woman Characteristics

The Leo Dog woman will always put career first. She is honest, but she can walk on others when she wants to advance at her job. Always unsatisfied with her position, this lady will always set higher goals.

She simply cannot enjoy what she already has. Perseverance and rigidity are two words that characterize her.

If she wants better relations, this girl should be more open and soft. It is advised that she learns to relax. Stress can make her intolerant and mean.

More than this, she should learn life allows people to make mistakes too. Setting new goals is something that she does correctly, so she should continue to do it.

Celebrities under the sign of Leo Dog: Keith Moon, Angela Bassett, Mark Cuban, Madonna, River Phoenix, Anthony Anderson, Elisabeth Moss, Taissa Farmiga.

Leo Dog Man Characteristics

A natural born leader, the Leo Dog man will always look to have the first place in everything that he is doing.

Confident and responsible, he will defend what he thinks it’s right until he can no longer do it. This can cause him disputes with other people.

One thing he is good at is his capability to deal with his own business and nothing else. He will always be honest and decent, and he will stick with what he has started.

Having an energy that always helps him move forward, this man will do great at any job he tries. He will quit a workplace if he doesn’t like it. His main quality is his spirituality.

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