Leo Color: Why Gold Has the Best Influence

Gold brings wealth and prosperity whilst making people more joyful and more understanding to each other.

Leo Lucky Color Gold

The overwhelming brilliance of gold gives off the impression of an unbeatable character, unattainable superiority and of royalty.

Leos are naturally attracted to this color, one of extreme positivity and confidence. It oozes power and strength, imagination, creativity, and intuition.

The Leo lucky color Gold in a nutshell:

  • This is the color of extravagance, wealth and success;
  • Gold transmits brilliance and joyfulness to the Leo;
  • It increases focus in small and practical or big and aspirational goals;

Magnificence, excessive enthusiasm and endless passion, benevolence and kindness, a hopeful vision of the future, this is how the golden nature of Leo makes itself known.

Why the color gold is so great for Leo

Looking at the sheer concentration of power oozing from Leo’s behavior, we can safely assume that gold or a reddish hue is the most fitting to express the power and dominance of such a native.

Gold is associated with extravagance and endless riches, glittering diamonds and excesses, the color of inner illumination and outer brilliance.

The natives that are in love with yellow, brown, and gold in general, are those destined to have a magnificent future, one steeped in success, material or otherwise.

They are grand figures who will bloom and prosper, their personalities are shining and they are drawn to the riches of the world.

They are also very kind and compassionate to other people, like someone who’s clearly superior would show mercy or clemency to those under him.

Golden jewels in general are said to increase one’s authority and standing in the world. It makes it easier for one to concentrate and find the correct pathways to success.

It’s about elegance and self-respect, about a certain attitude when going about through the world. It’s also focused on material success, on brilliance and extravagance.

Gold says it all, that you are thinking about more than just the little goals, about points to gather and feel joyful about. No, what really matters is prestige, the impression of imposing will and dominance that other people receive when around you. Unlike silver, gold shows masculinity and confidence.

Gold is the color associated with the highest ideals and the greatest goals, with perfection and the aspiration of many.

It incites interest and desire, everyone wants it but only a few can really get it. It leads one to a path of self-development and constant evolution. You need to hone your skills in order to actually achieve the gold medal in a competition.

You have to be the best. However, Leos who like the golden color is also generous and kind to other people, realizing that they can use their great power to support the ascension of their peers. A king will always lead his people toward glory and a new beginning.

However, when too much emphasis is put on the extreme influence of this color, it can quickly lead to a path of self-depravity and toward the road of no return.

Leos will become overly egocentric and egotistic, demanding and aggressive when someone doesn’t follow their commands.

Instead of being successful and over-achievers, focused on personal well-being and a peaceful lifestyle, they become their worst image. Gold should turn one into a winner, a personification of brilliance and enlightenment.

With so much raw golden energy poured down on them, these Leo natives are always looking for the spotlight, ready to create yet another spectacle in which they will show off.

A true piece of artistic work, a theatric play that will entertain everyone around. After all, they know how to make one feel good, how to be exciting and adventurous, and how to present seemingly dull aspects of day-to-day life in a new light.

No one will stay sober and despondent when attending such a show. They are forever covered in the golden rays of the sun, their brilliance shining with intensity.

Channeling the power of colors

Other colors that this native will respond positively to are orange and other combinations between red and yellow. It’s really not a surprise since the Leo is ruled by the Sun, the astral star with the most dominative presence on the astrological diagram, the giver of life, the golden star.

Its energy shines down on our Leos, giving them renewed strength, compassion and kindness, confidence, enthusiasm, and freedom of expression.

They are independent and will do only what seems to be right unless it’s something that they have to do no matter what. By dressing in orange, their creativity and imagination will receive a boost up, and they’ll be more emotionally tempered. It will help with getting over past disappointments and wounds.

As strange as it may sound, Leos can also receive a lot of power and spiritual intensity from purple and violet as well. The two colors are basically one and the same, being a combination of red and blue.

Violet is the most intense one though, the one that’s essentially related to spiritual awareness. This communion between the physical and the spiritual world is created at the moment when these natives allow the power of purple to pervade through them.

Both purple and violet are colors associated with general altruism, with one’s sense of belonging to a community. They will make a lot of choices that are likely going to affect the lives of others around them, and they have to be careful not to hurt or disappoint them.

Moreover, they tend to be introspective, to seek the truth, the meaning of life and the answer to life’s greatest questions. Existentialism, philosophical truths, and principles, are akin to basic principles to them.

They want to attain a higher level of being, a superior conscience and to expand their mind. They might even receive some psychic powers, telepathy or precognitive knowledge.

Violet is deeply connected to one’s spiritual awareness, to the escape from reality and the creation of a new world of one’s own.

Both purple and violet protect a sense of peaceful equilibrium spreading throughout the body and mind, a mental stability and the union of physical and spiritual.

They are the colors of generosity, love, unconditional affection, humanitarianism, and altruism. These natives are trying to eliminate all that is bad and distracting from the world and promote happiness, joy, fulfilment, and excitement.

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