Leo Anger: The Dark Side of The Lion Sign

Leos are totally angered by not getting what they want, especially after they have planned and worked hard at something.

Leo anger

Leos are very caring when it comes to their self-image, meaning they’re most of the time composed, no matter how angry they may be feeling. These people are usually becoming upset when not admired and appreciated by others.

However, they can be angry and not express it, moment in which they’re cold and not mad. If the situation is extreme, they can try to discreetly bring down the person who annoyed them, but this can’t be seen in them.

Leo anger in a nutshell:

  • Angered by: People who interfere with their plans;
  • Can’t stand: Other’s attempts to control or tell them what to do;
  • Style of revenge: A storm and a tsunami combined;
  • Make up through: Good behaviour that makes them forget everything.

A very hot temper

Leos need to dominate, meaning they can’t see others doing things better than them, not to mention they don’t trust anyone. Therefore, Leos shouldn’t be expected to shower others in praises or to use loving words, not even to be appreciative.

These natives are incredibly calm, no matter the situation. More than this, they’re dignifying regardless of what they’re saying and doing.

Their temper is hot because they’re a Fire sign. However, they’re not the ones to play any mind game because they like to let others know when they’re being angry.

Acting like children, they’re never leaving the impression they can be mature. It’s possible they’re throwing things and scream.

As a matter of fact, they’d do any scene just to attract all the attention on them. It’s just that they need to express their feelings, no matter what.

Because they’re a Fire sign and can burn themselves easily, easily forgetting what happened. At least they’re not holding grudges for long periods of time.

Angering a Leo

These people’s rage can be extremely violent. It’s easy to make them angry because they only want to be in the spotlight and are very egotistical.

More than this, they’re looking to dominate, so when looking to dominate, they’re seeing red in front of their eyes.

They can’t be interrupted when speaking or when they’re bragging. In order to have them truly upset, people can steal their thunder, especially if they’ve worked hard to get it.

They need to be given their rewards in order for them to walk out of any scene in applauses. As a warning, Leo natives shouldn’t be annoyed because they can cause a scene, no matter where they may be.

So absorbed by the drama they’re living, they’re the perfect actors who are also no longer allowing others to have the last word. Apologies from them shouldn’t be expected because they aren’t good at doing this.

Testing the Leo Patience

What Leos can’t stand is being corrected or even proven that they’re wrong. They also don’t like for others to plan their wardrobe or to be asked where they got their clothes from.

It wouldn’t be a good idea to dress like these people either. When someone is speaking on their behalf and they’re interacting in order to express themselves, not to make small talk.

They shouldn’t be given advice that makes no sense and be expected to follow it because they need to test things for themselves.

More than this, it’s not a good idea to be brutally honest with these people because they don’t really like being told the truth in their face. Therefore, they shouldn’t be told they’re looking tired or that they’ve gotten old.

Most of the time, when their basic Leo traits are being challenged, they’re becoming angry, this meaning they don’t like to be lied to, taken advantage of, gossiped, embarrassed, having their authority undermined or being made a fool.

Reverting to insults

Leos love drama and are domineering. They’re never angry, but raging. And they’re doing this in a loud manner, meaning they’re only feeling better after yelling.

They’re looking to say any word just to shake people’s confidence. When upset, they strongly believe that they’re correct and can’t back down from any argument.

These people have a hot head and can use their anger in order to show others their authority.

More than this, they’re always looking to do anything in their power in order to prove how right they are, not to mention they’re most of the time not ready to admit that they’re being wrong.

If upset, they’re insulting and can say just about anything. As a matter of fact, they’re never feeling sorry for insulting someone because their anger can have them almost blind.

The proud Leos can’t lose their cool, no matter how hurt. However, they can go for their prey and get their revenge without being late.

These natives can hunt their enemies and in the same time be destructive while doing it. Even after defeating their opponents, they can continue to tear everything in their path.

At least this doesn’t happen all the time. After being betrayed, Leos can no longer forgive or trust again.

They’re too proud to throw stupid tantrums like the other Fire sign Aries, but they can surely be indifferent when things aren’t going their way.

These natives have more the tendency to isolate themselves and to not talk about their problems because they don’t want to end up being embarrassed.

Not patient, they’re not wasting their time thinking why they should get revenge or why apologies are necessary for them, not to mention they’re like royals for whom pride is everything.

Those who are hurting them unintentionally should try auto-irony afterwards and act like nothing happened.

If having to, they should ask for help from others and make sure the Leos are still feeling dignified or that they’re not angry with them. This is the only thing they can do, together with asking for forgiveness.

Making peace with them

Leos give a lot of importance to their pride. They should be admired for the way they’re handling any issue and praised for the qualities they’re having.

As a matter of fact, they wouldn’t mind to be called divine either. They would simply love to be called intelligent and good-looking because these adjectives can put a smile on their face.

Because they’re always playing a drama, people who are dealing with them when they’re angry should let subtleties go.

People born under Leo should be clearly explained how they’re bothering others. More than this, those whom they’re angry with should bring proof that they’re innocent, so that they can be dealt with fairly.

Being intimidated is not a good idea when dealing with these natives. Being Fire signs, they have high spirits and a quick temper. For this reason, they should be allowed to calm down after someone has angered them.

As soon as quiet and settled, Leos can have their logic and clear mind back. Those who are hurrying to engage them too fast and too rationally can be left out in the cold.

It’s enough to give them around 20 minutes after a conflict, and then to apologize to them. A logical discussion should follow.

Leos can depend only on themselves, but can’t live without being praised and admired. Their temper is harsh, but as well a source for their good traits.

However, these people have the tendency to act like spoiled kids if someone is bothering them.

In order to forgive, they need to be reassured that they’re being appreciated and loved. These people don’t like it when someone is ignoring them. As soon as they’ve cooled down, their opponents can jump in to make them feel happy again.

When the bad situation is gone and the worst that could happen is no longer a part of it, they’re doing the impossible in order to make sure they’re once again, appreciated and loved.

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