Leo And Virgo Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Leo and Virgo can be sensual and purposeful as this is a combination of two strong characters.

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The Leo and the Virgo neighbor each other in the zodiac, meaning that they share some traits, especially the one that makes them feel so strongly about everything. The relationship between them is harmonious, they are both nice and loving creatures, so why shouldn’t romance work with them?

CriteriaLeo Virgo Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionBelow average❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexBelow average❤ ❤

Playful and affectionate, a Leo will bring the sensual side of the Virgo to the surface. Also, he or she will help their Virgo lover relax and live in the moment more often.

However, the Leo may feel he or she doesn’t get enough attention from the Virgo who’s critical above anything else. At least the Lion will know that their partner is 100% sincere when making a compliment for Virgos are noticeably realist.

When Leo and Virgo fall in love …

The Leo Virgo relationship will have its ups and downs. Leos are Fire signs who live passionately, while Virgos are Earth signs who are practical.

They are very different when it comes to some aspects. But Leo lovers will bring more color to the Virgo’s life, who is all about helping others, thing that will make their Lion partner even more generous than normally.

Together, the Virgo and the Leo will find a new purpose in life. Both of them like drama, so no problem here, just remember one is the optimist and the other the pessimist. Because the Virgo is so down-to-earth, he or she may be the Leo’s therapist in life. Leos are impulsive and rushed, so they need someone like the Virgo to calm down.

These two will have a sensitive and positive influence on one another. The Lion may be the king of the jungle, but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t need guidance. And the Virgo can offer it abundantly. He or she will be critical till the end.

And the Leo won’t mind being scrutinized and questioned, just as long as things are happening for his or her own good. Both loyal, they will always stay faithful to one another. Leos and Virgos are also good with self-discipline, so the chances of cheating are very small.

Even when their relationship won’t be that good, they will still be faithful and devoted. What they feel for one another will always be sincere. Leos admire how the Virgo takes care of everything in a conservative way. But they’ll forget to tell them this, and that’s only fair as Virgo is the same.

But if the Virgo feels unappreciated and neglected, he or she usually retreats in a corner and starts to blame the partner for different flaws and wrongdoings from the past. Leos, in such situations, become intolerant and cold. This may be a moment of breakup, when the Virgo will walk away with his or her head high and the Leo will simply abandon the relationship.

If they can get over what makes them different, their connection can grow stronger with every day that passes. The Leo will continue to display love through warmth, loyalty and protectiveness. If the Virgo will understand his or her Leo, the latter will always be admired and complimented.

The Leo and Virgo relationship

Everything about the Leo-Virgo relationship between these two sounds promising. They would have their problems, just like others, but any difference will be surpassed by a great love and a need to be with one another.

Their relationship would surely need a little bit more spontaneity. Their chemistry is good, but they should be careful not to let things get too boring. If the Virgo will continue to inspire the Leo, the Leo will bring variety and change into their life.

But it’s essential they compromise here and there. Because they are flexible, there will be no problem with them getting used to their significant other’s lifestyle but they’d need to have guidelines from the start.

Virgo and Leo should communicate what they want from one another. Leos are known as strong and domineering, while Virgos as perfectionists and criticizing.

The overcritical nature of the Virgin will often lead to fights. But the Leo could think of it this way: the Virgo is a perfectionist, so everything he or she has chosen will be perfect, including the partner.

As a couple, these two will be playful and warm with one another. It’s good the Leo is authoritative and domineering because the Virgo doesn’t mind at all being submissive. He or she will be sometimes annoyed by the Leo, but there won’t be any problems.

On contrary, the Virgo will quite admire the Leo’s ability to be in control and lead. The more he or she will admire the Leo, the more appreciation and love will be sent back.

As far as generosity goes, these two are both extremely giving and ready to help whenever they are needed. It may be that Leos are proud and arrogant, but when they’re being generous, they’re definitely being sincere.

Leo and Virgo marriage compatibility

Before deciding to get married, the Virgo needs to observe the situation thoroughly. Both him or her and the Leo want something serious, but they have different timings. Plus, they would need to curb the Leo’s arrogance first. Since the Virgo likes someone strong, he or she will be happy in the shadows.

The Leo will help the Virgo be more energetic. They could either last a lifetime or have only one night together. It’s good the Virgo will not desire to rule. He or she doesn’t want to blindly obey either, but Virgos don’t have this need to lead, like Leos do.

Their family life will be a happy and settled one. The Virgo will make sure the children have done their homework, while the Leo will be the one in charge of all the fun.

The Virgo Leo combination has good prospects for marriage because the Virgo will show Leos where they are being wrong and will always be home, which means stability. There are too few Leos ready to compromise and step over their ego.

Sexual compatibility

When it comes to sex, the Virgo could not do it if he or she wouldn’t be completely detached from all the work problems. Both the Leo and the Virgo are passionate, and if they will be patient to have a longer prelude, things would be better for them in the bedroom.

Leos usually have a stronger sexual reaction and their enthusiasm can annoy the Virgo. They are passionate, sensual and have a high libido. Also, they usually dominate and like adventure in bed. Sex games are their favorite.

If the Virgo trusts, he or she will have a great time experimenting. The Virgo looks for tenderness and their most erogenous zone is the tummy, on the other hand, Leo is the most sensitive in the back.

The downsides of this union

It doesn’t matter how good the zodiac says they are together, the Virgo and the Leo have also many things that they should work on. For example, they need to learn to communicate when they are talking about their finances.

The Virgo may be practical, but the Leo is not even a little bit. People in this sign usually spend everything on unimportant things. They wouldn’t even know where to start with savings. The Virgo will always remind them of the budget.

Also, the Virgo won’t take orders from anyone. People in this sign need to be spoiled and comforted. They can immediately leave If they feel they are unhappy. They start to believe the person they were with wasn’t worth of love and they completely eliminate him or her from their thoughts.

The sense of detail and the energy to analyze things are in the Virgo’s blood, so the Leo who’s with him or her should get used to nasty comments.

They have a very powerful mind. Whenever the Leo will put them in an uncomfortable situation, they will get annoyed. Leos like adrenaline and to take risks so they may fancy extreme sports. The Virgo plans everything carefully and is an analyst.

They need to be careful with how they approach the Leo or they will think they are being dominated and won’t like it. Let’s not forget Lions are kings of the jungle after all, so they naturally assume they should be the ones giving orders.

What to remember about Leo and Virgo

It may be weird to hear that the loud Leo is together with the studious and reserved Virgo. Many people will wonder what these two see in one another. But if they’ll know each other very well, they can work great as a Leo-Virgo couple.

It’s only the way they approach life that makes them different. If they pass the first few dates, they should be fine. While they have different personalities, they also have good chances to work as a couple.

Leos are flamboyant and prefer to lead and to be in the center of attention, while the quiet Virgos prefer to control from the shadows. They oppose each other in character, but they both know the language of love just the same for they are romantic. While Leos are passionate and impulsive, Virgos are very careful and they devote themselves only after they are sure of what they are feeling.

It’s only normal for their relationship to also have some downsides. The Leo’s need to always be in control needs to be kept to a minimum. Even the submissive Virgo can be annoyed by a too domineering behavior.

Leos have to be constantly reminded the Earth and the relationship doesn’t always revolve around them. One more reason they may fight is the fact that the Virgo is such a perfectionist. People in this sign can be over critical and this may really annoy the king of the jungle, who only wants to be appreciated and admired. If they don’t fix these issues in the beginning, they may have problems afterwards.

Not allowing differences to take over is essential in a relationship. As said before, Virgos can be very critical, so they can undermine Leos with wise words without even realizing it. Leos are too proud to tolerate any kind of nagging.

However, if the two will love each other a lot, they will be able to get over the fact that the Virgo is critical and manage to make him or her express opinions more positively. Leos can learn how to listen and take the Virgo’s views into consideration. Their relationship pretty much relies on how they can accept criticism.

If these two will overcome any difficulties occurring at the beginning of the relationship, they can build something very beautiful and oriented towards ambitious projects. Maybe the outsiders won’t see their relationship as it actually is: with a Leo domineering and leading in public, and a Virgo behind the wheel at home. But royalty is known to have advisers, so this would only be normal.

Especially in their youth, Leos want to be flattered and admired. But the older they get, the more they understand this is superficiality and will start to appreciate the type of attention Virgos can offer. The Virgo is the helper of the zodiac, the healer of everyone and everything. People in this sign have to feel desired, and Leos need this type of serious love in their life.

If things will go well between them, they will bring what’s best in each other. The Leo can make the Virgo happier, while the Virgo can help the Leo organize and channel energy more effectively.

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