Leo and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

This friendship is unusual and exciting, the former offering the ambition and grounding the latter needs.

Leo and Pisces Friendship

The friendship between the Leo and the Pisces is at least unusual because the flamboyant Lion can be fascinated by how shy the Fish is. The Leo will always be a shoulder to cry on for the Pisces, while the Fish will tolerate his or her enormous ego.

But the reclusive Pisces is also likely to get tired of hearing about the Leo’s selfish stories. However, these two can be great friends because they’re both appreciative when it comes to fantasy and having a glamorous lifestyle.

CriteriaLeo and Pisces Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsAverage★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityBelow average★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsAverage★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeAverage★ ★ ★

The truth about these two

When good friends, these two can bring a lot of beneficial things to their connection. The Leo is powerful and open-minded, not to mention people in this sign are always doing what they want and prefer to take charge in any situation.

Pisceans are quiet and like to think, which means these two natives are opposing each other while also both being dreamers.

If cautious enough to pay attention to one another, they can enjoy the happiest and most loving friendship any other two signs couldn’t have.

The Leo loves to lead and when friends with the Pisces, he or she becomes a protector. In return, the Fish acts like an audience for the Leo and can encourage his or her friend to be more ambitious or successful.

Being a Water sign, Pisces can adapt according to circumstances, just like water takes form of recipients. Therefore, the Fish is always ready to give him or herself for the loved ones because natives of this sign are very empathetic and can understand Leos in a unique way.

The latter is very straightforward and can sometimes clash with the Pisces because these are very gentle, confident and inspire patience. The Leo alone can become very selfish and is not in any way shy, like the Pisces.

The first is ruled by the Sun, whereas the second by the planet Neptune. The Sun is the giver of life and makes people more focused on the self. Neptune influences anyone to see the big picture and to believe in bold ideas or in fantasies. This planet has a lot to do with disillusion, but the Leo can always give a hand for the Fish to have his or her dreams come true.

Neptune in friendship with a Leo influences this person to be softer, less selfish, less impulsive and more focused on doing creative or constructive things.

Leos are very proud of their friendships and usually have a disposition that is sweet because they’re warm, sincere and devoted to their loved ones. These natives are known for being supportive and good at organizing things or people.

However, they may not be curious about those who make them feel unimportant because they simply love the spotlight and sometimes get jealous of those who are better than them at anything.

They expect to receive as much as they’re giving from a friendship, and many of them are arrogant or too passionate. It’s not easy to become their friend because they have big egos and only a few good pals.

Those who want to spend time with these natives should always be ready with compliments and expensive gifts. Leos love playing their card of optimism because they were born in the heat of the summer, so they prefer a relaxed and kind attitude when life is being harsh to them.

They seem to always have good luck and to be ready for fun. These natives can make their depressed friends feel better because they’d all the time do everything in their capacity in order to make their loved ones feel happy.

Leos love to dance and tell a joke, so their positive energy is contagious. It’s easy for them to make their friends enjoy life more, so everyone can’t wait to meet them because they can make a dull day seem more interesting.

The Leo grounds the dreamy Pisces

Pisceans pay a lot of importance to honesty and avoid as much as possible hurting others. These two natives can collaborate in a very efficient way and get many things done, especially when combining their ambitions.

The Leo can learn from the Pisces how to be modest and to think of others, while the Fish can see how the Lion is not afraid of taking risks and therefore, becomes knowledgeable about everything.

Pisceans have very intense emotions, which means too much Water can make the Leo’s Fire less enthusiastic. In return, the fire makes the water boil, this suggesting the Pisces can get emotionally confused by the Leo.

These two need to communicate for the balance in their friendship to be maintained. The Leo is fixed, whereas the Pisces mutable, meaning the second doesn’t needs to be in charge because he or she simply enjoys working from the shadows and just contributing.

Natives of this sign are very happy when making the world a better place. Leos are more focused on being creative and coming up with ideas or organizing others to be more efficient.

Neither of them minds being the underdog, and the fact that there not arguing too often means they can achieve great things when working together.

The greatest thing about their friendship is how they can learn from one another as they’re both open to new things.

The Pisces can show the Leo how to be empathetic and caring, whereas the Leo can help their dreamy friend make his or her dreams come true and no longer just think about them.

The relationship between these two is based on reciprocity. The Leo will rule and initiate, whereas the Pisces is reserved and becomes open when approached by the Leo in a cautious way.

It’s good the Fish can learn from someone how to be more down-to-earth. They will trust one another, so their secrets and darkest fears will get revealed, but never to others.

When the Leo will say something, the Pisces will immediately understand and follow. The Leo will think the Pisces truly feels him or her. Luckily, both of them are very honest, but not in a brutal way.

A feeling of protection

The Pisces knows how to keep quiet and can really be really supportive, especially when asked for an opinion. The fact that natives of this sign are patient makes them very strong, so the ones who are asking them for their advice should be ready for something powerful.

They’re kind, wise and very good with communication, so many are feeling blessed to have them in their lives. They’re always relying on intuition, don’t judge and have an open mind.

Their friends should offer them respect, sincerity and a lot of emotional devotion. It’s better to have discussions with them rather than to gossip and talk about meaningless things.

Leos and Pisceans want to be friends for a lifetime and their solutions to problems are usually very creative. As a matter of fact, they’re the most imaginative friendship combination in the zodiac.

Those who want to become artists should definitely go for the encouragement from their Pisces friends because natives of this sign have great tastes and don’t mind giving away their advice.

Furthermore, they want to see others succeed and are humble, so it’s impossible for them to become imposing. They prefer to offer their assistance rather than to be of help.

Because they’re delicate, someone to protect them could be their best friend, so they can start stroking the Leo’s ego with expensive gifts and compliments because the latter will joyfully accept and become a protector.

Pisceans are both givers and receivers, so it’s easy for them to support their friends and to offer their shoulder for others to cry on. The fact that Leos are possessive can make the free-minded Pisces feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, the Fish can fantasize too much and forgets about important issues in the everyday life. Pisces have intense emotions, are fragile, creative and idealistic. They love when their friends are protecting them and don’t mind being supportive themselves.

Leos are never focusing on emotions, so they’re down-to-earth and don’t have a rich imagination whatsoever. They love relying on rationality when dealing with a problem, but they can understand the Pisceans are being emotional.

It’s possible for them to think their friend is very weak. The friendship between them is unlikely to be smooth because the Pisces can get lost in fantasy and the Leo may not have enough patience to deal with this.

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