Leo And Pisces Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Leo and Pisces can be very exciting as this is a spontaneous and loving combination.

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If anything, the Leo and the Pisces lovers can make each other laugh as they both are imaginative and playful. The Pisces will like that the Leo is self-confident and will wish to be the same, all whilst admiring their charisma.

On the other hand, the Leo will like that their Pisces partner is compassionate and loyal. Ultimately, this can be a dramatic, attention grabbing couple but also soulmates willing to go through life’s hardships together.

CriteriaLeo Pisces Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesDoubtful
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

The Leo will be happy to be with someone who listens and is sensitive as the Leo lover is intense and sincere. Their dates will be spontaneous and fun as they will act childish and do all sort of challenging activities. With a good sense of humor, these two will be able to see the good part of life and entertain each other. One is flirty and ready for passion, meaning the Leo and the other is romantic and dreamy, meaning the Pisces.

When Leo and Pisces fall in love …

The Leo-Pisces couple will be dramatic as the Leo, perhaps the main leader of the relationship, is impulsive and energetic, a person who likes attention. The Pisces is more private and has a way of bringing the magic wherever he or she goes.

They will like being a couple, but they are both rather bossy. It’s a must they are independent and rule their life together with the Leo as a director and the Pisces as a producer.

Creative and romantic, these two will fair very well as partners if they channel their energies towards common purposes. They should think big and build a financial empire or have as many children as possible.

While many will initially think their relationships won’t be a success, it seems opposites really attract. What makes each of them special will also help them become stronger as a couple.

When the Pisces will have moods, the Leo will be there to make it better. The Lion can also help the Fish overcome all their insecurities and worries. These two can show each other many things, although, both extroverts and wanting to be in the spotlight, they can be distracted sometimes.

The Leo will always want to rule, but Pisces won’t mind as they are vulnerable and eager to please. The fact that Pisces are tight but at the same time loose will be to the liking of Leos.

The Pisces is never domineering, so Leos will be respected and given freedom. In return, they will show a rather rare side of theirs and will be compassionate, understanding and loyal.

There are big differences between them, one being enthusiastic and always ready to shine whilst the other prefers to remain in the shadows and keep a dose of mysticism.

One is a Fire sign (Leo), the other is a Water sign (Pisces), so in theory, their elements cancel one another. Pisces are the most romantic sign in the zodiac. That’s why they are sentimental and emotional as a couple and don’t usually show their feelings but they rather communicate in a non-verbal manner.

The Leo and Pisces relationship

How successful the Leo-Pisces relationship will be depends a lot on how mature the partners are. When they’ll realize what their strengths are and consider them more important than their weaknesses, they will succeed at having a beautiful life together.

But they need to be patient and to understand each other because there are still many differences between them that need to be overcome.

The Pisces needs to use his or her creativity and compromise from time to time. The Leo needs encouragement. Also, when the Pisces will start to be shy and lazy, the Leo must be there and do something about it.

They need to appreciate and admire one another. If they find out what buttons to press in each other, these two can make great partners.

With them two, Pisces and Leo compatibility works on differences and not similarities. As a couple, they will shine wherever they may be going.

Leos are bright, happy and courageous and they love to be complimented. You can easily set a Leo apart from the crowd. He or she will be the loudest talker, the boldest leader, the one that moves and shakes everything around.

Pisces are understanding and capable of offering unconditional love. Many Fish find it difficult to be the way they are, but they can’t change a thing about it. The Leo partner will try to protect the Pisces because it’s in their nature to be protective, loving and to be the ones bringing out the warmth in people.

Leos can make you laugh a lot, and if you’ll compliment them, they’ll be at your feet. They care about everything and everyone, even if they don’t always show it. If you don’t love them enough, they become very confused.

Pisces, on the other hand, are the givers of the zodiac and they make sure everyone is loved and gets a lot of attention.

Both Leo and Pisces want a serious relationship, not one-night stands. They may have different personalities, but their desire for affection and a whole lot of love brings them together. They’re like the Sun and the Moon. It’s better romantically for Leos to be with someone of a different element.

Leo and Pisces marriage compatibility

Pisces need someone to help them put their talents to work. If the Leo is honest and doesn’t take advantage of their trust, confidence will get built and the Leo will take the Pisces out of confusion.

In return, Pisces will help Leos forget all about their egos and become more spiritual, even interested in mysticism. While Leos want to be famous and successful, Pisces don’t even care about this and this may cause tension between them.

The Pisces thinks the Leo is too much of a show off, and the Leo thinks the Pisces is not able to make it in life on their own.

They both appreciate honesty, all the while the Pisces works towards illumination and self-improvement. They will be in the position to find the middle ground in their beliefs and set of values, if they are really invested in making their marriage work.

If the relationship is to be viewed on the long-term, the Leo-Pisces couple may not make it although the Leo wants something permanent and the Pisces is looking to build a home with someone.

It may be that Pisces is too domestic for the adventurous Leo so if the Pisces will be against the Leo at some point, the Leo will not hesitate to pack their bags and leave.

Sexual compatibility

While Leos are out and about every day, very open to getting to know people and to building a romance, Pisces want a love at first sight.

People in Leo have high libidos and are passionate, they like to dominate in bed. Adventurous, role playing is what turns them on. Pisces love fantasies so they’ll join the game. While they may seem sexually compatible, the Leo is not tender enough for the Pisces.

If Pisces want to keep Leos next to them forever, they must get used to making compliments all the time. Leos, when they find someone to their liking, they become very loyal and devoted.

The downsides of this union

The selfishness and the impulsiveness of the Leo may spoil things between him or her and the Pisces. The Pisces may grow to be addicted to alcohol and certain substances, as these are known for living in a fantasy world and they are sometimes in denial of the reality.

And there are many other negative things that could prove an obstacle to their romance. The Leo may want the Pisces to be submissive. Not to mention people in this sign have big egos.

The fact that Leos are too prideful can jeopardize their relationship with the Pisces. As leaders, Leos are great, but they need to constantly have attention and admiration. They go crazy when someone steals their thunder.

Don’t cross or oppose a Leo if you want to have peace. It’s important that you respond to their love and care with admiration and appreciation. Anything that boosts their ego is to their liking.

If the Pisces won’t give them enough attention, Leos will become irritated and moody, even depressed. When the Leo will see the Pisces behave unrealistically or lazy, he or she will get annoyed. Not to mention Pisces are sometimes indecisive and they hide their emotions.

On the other side however, the Pisces will be angry when the Leo is too pushy and impulsive. These are reasons that will often make this couple fight.

What to remember about Leo and Pisces

There is something uneven in the Leo-Pisces combination. The Leo acts like royalty and demands a lot from the partner, while the gentle and sensitive Pisces is the dreamer, the one who needs support and who lives in a world that has nothing to do with reality.

Pisces can adore the Leo in a unique way but the latter is strong and can pressurize Pisces, who will always feel in second place in this relationship. The connection between them will be complex, and they would have to work on many levels to be truly happy.

Either way, they will inspire charm and romanticism. They will also be very attracted to one another as the Leo will totally get absorbed by the Pisces’ mysterious air and the Pisces will be very into the Leo’s cheerful way and high self-confidence.

They are both very romantic signs, the Leos want their lover’s affection and unconditional love, Pisces have a way of guessing others’ feelings and thoughts, so they’ll be able to make their partners feel good.

If they will decide to be together, they will support one another to overcome their failings. Pisces can help Leos be less egotistical. In return, Leos can help Pisces be more realistic and make their dreams come true.

Conflicts may arise when the Leo will want too much attention and the Pisces will prefer to have some privacy. This may cause real problems if the Pisces-Leo relationship is to last for a long time.

Leos are very straightforward and harsh when they are facing a problem, thing that can hurt the Pisces, who usually bottle up feelings and never discuss them again.

They should talk about what bothers them if they want to have a beautiful romance and not drain all the love.

The royal and the dreamer will be completely fascinated by one another in the beginning, so the chance for them to start something after they’ll meet is high. Leos are fascinated with the Pisces’ mythical aura, whilst the latter adore the strength of the former.

They will most likely have something together as Leo can sweep the Pisces off their feet, and the other way around, the Fish has a lot of love to offer the Lion.

The courtship between them can be magical, one being able to grow infatuated with the other’s fiery personality. Who could resist attention from royalty, after all? If they manage to identify what is most indicated for them, they should realize escapism doesn’t do them any good.

Governed by Neptune, which happens to also be the planet of illusions, Pisces often find themselves living in a dream world, not having a single contact with the reality.

On the other hand, Leos are pretty realistic but they simply don’t like to pay too much attention to difficulties because they want to avoid conflicts. They both need to accept what is happening, and they would no longer be in trouble as a couple.

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