Leo and Capricorn Friendship Compatibility

This friendship is above all sincere and straightforward, with both friends adopting a similar attitude.

Leo and Capricorn Friendship

The Leo will always admire how the Capricorn is authoritative, even if he or she knows who’s the king of the jungle. Leos are pushy and want all the attention to be on them, which means they’re also persuasive.

When friends with the Capricorn, some power struggles between these two become something usual. The Leo wants to dominate, whereas the Capricorn desires to reveal his or her leadership aptitudes.

CriteriaLeo and Capricorn Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsAverage★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityAverage★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentAverage★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeStrong★ ★ ★ ★

If the Leo allows the Capricorn to just rule from the shadows, the latter won’t mind allowing the former to shine. It’s very possible the Goat is too pessimistic for the Lion, which can be very selfish.

A friendship that balances well

When at parties, Leos are always in the center of attention because they love to dance and to talk with every person in the room. They’re very sociable and can make plans regarding what to do and where to go. Their sign is ruled by the mighty Sun, while the Capricorn has Saturn as a ruler.

The Sun influences the self and in the same time sends away heat and light. The Leo happens to be just warm and enthusiastic. Saturn makes people more responsible and hard-working.

Therefore, the Leo and the Goat can learn many things from one another. Their compatibility is high, not to mention they can realize many great things when working together.

The Leo belongs to the Fire element, whereas the Capricorn to the Earth one. The first wants the freedom to be creative, the latter desires a career and stability.

The balance between them two can be great, so as long as they’re making one another sure of how important they actually are in each other’s lives, the conflicts between them can start to become unimportant.

The Leo is fixed, whereas the Capricorn I cardinal, which means both of them are focused only on their own views, determined to succeed and stubborn.

This is good because it means they can easily achieve their goals when working together. The Goat is down-to-earth and rational, while the Leo loves new experiences and changes.

As soon as they’ll understand how important their differences are, they’ll realize how great it can be for them to be devoted to making their friendship great.

The greatest thing about their connection is the fact that they’re both devoted to achieving their goals, not to mention strong and a real example of how opposites attract.

These two can have great times when working together on a plan, and this can keep them wanting their friendship to evolve.

While the flamboyant Leo may not feel instantly drawn to the shy Capricorn, these natives can still can be good friends. Both of them give dignity great importance and neither would ever make fun of the other, even if they’re both very humorous.

The Leo is always being silly, whereas the Goat has a dry sense of humor. They’ll make one another laugh, even in the moments when the Leo will think the Capricorn is obsessed with money and the Goat will believe the Lion has a ridiculously big ego.

However, they’d never give up being loyal with one another. It can be said Capricorns and even Leos are the best friends anyone can have because they’re both smart, resourceful and devoted.

The main driver in the friendship

When in a friendship, these two will tend to support one another. The Capricorn believes in tradition and doesn’t mind working hard, but only with tried methods.

The Leo can notice his or her diligence, even if he or she continues to be the same charming and gentle soul. Both these natives are very loyal, especially when them two are being best friends.

While on the outside they may not seem to get along very well, the mutual respect they have for one another will make them realize how similar they in fact are.

For example, they both want luxury and can work hard to achieve their goals. Furthermore, they’re after wealth and a good social position. The Leo tends to be a show-off, whereas the Capricorn prefers to keep everything elegant.

Because both are ambitious and cautious, it’s easy for them to understand one another. Also, things they can learn when spending their time together can become very interesting.

For example, the Leo can teach the Capricorn how to have fun, while the Goat can show the Leo what hard work and tradition mean. Leos are the most loyal and honest people in the zodiac, so when friends with someone, they’re opening themselves and become affectionate.

These natives have great charisma and can inspire others, not to mention they’re full of life and love spending a lot of time with friends. It’s good to take them at competitions outdoors because they love sports and good challenges.

Very courageous and not afraid of difficulties, they’re also very protective. Unfortunately, they’re too idealistic, which means they’re making friends too easily and get disappointed along the way.

It’s simple for Leos to get hurt, especially when not appreciated enough and confronted. Being fixed, they can keep in mind the person who has bothered them, and for a very long time.

Honest, Leos never play games and wouldn’t be tricky. It’s easy for them to perceive what others are feeling, and they’re expressing their opinions very honestly.

When not agreeing with what one of their friends is doing, these natives don’t hesitate to be vocal about it. This is the way they care, not something they may have a bad intention with.

They expect their friends to be as honest as them, so it would be better not to hide anything from these natives. It can be very painful for them to get betrayed because they’re very sensitive.

Before leaving a friendship behind, they will try and repair a thing or two about it. However, if unappreciated for too long, they can become ruthless and hold grudges for long periods of time.

The Capricorn friend does their part too

Capricorn natives don’t have a large list of contacts, so those who happen to be in their life can consider themselves lucky. It would be better for many to always have a Capricorn around because people in this sign are known to make things better and to treat good friends like family.

While they need to be taught how to have fun, they’re in return very good at solving problems. Goats are rather action-oriented than talkative. When having to support a person in bad moments, they can do it by doing together many great activities.

The bond with them is almost familial because they don’t really care about having a relationship of blood with their loved ones, they only want the energies to be positive. It’s enough to have one special person in their life.

They’re hospitable and don’t mind sharing the comfort of their own home. It’s even possible for them to invite friends on family vacations because they want to be there for their loved ones when needed.

People can always count on Capricorns to tell the truth and to give good practical advice because people in this sign are mature and good problem-solvers. They can help people be more down-to-earth, which is one of the great qualities a person could have.

It’s true too much practicality can become annoying, but their friends are usually grateful to them because they’re only trying to be caring and to act like good friends.

There are many differences between Leos and Capricorns, but these are surely not allowing them to feel like any obstacle is in their way.

They respect and admire one another, not to mention they’re approaching their professional lives the same way. Whenever the Capricorn will become pessimistic, the Leo will struggle to make things positive again, so that harmony is restored.

The Leo is very strong when it comes to this, so he or she can overcome any difficulty, just as long as they are admired and supported.

The Capricorn may be too serious most of the time, but when with the Leo, he or she tends to laugh more. It can be a great thing for anyone to have such a positive character around.

The Leo really does bring about the light and the warmth of the Sun. People in this sign don’t mind pushing others to pursue their dreams, so their friends will always come to them for encouragement and some advice.

It’s easy to be friends with Leos because they only demand loyalty and are open. Capricorns tend to be more reserved and can be very picky when choosing whom to be their companion.

The friendship between these two signs is sincere and both are focused on getting things done rather than on talking, even if the Leo can sometimes be a show-off.

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