Key Traits of the Metal Rooster Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Metal Rooster will make sure that promises are being respected.

Metal Rooster

Metal Rooster people know what decisions to take and where their life is going. They are logical and popular personalities. However, when in power, they may find it difficult to connect with their subordinates.

If they want to really obtain success at work, they need to communicate more efficiently. They already know how to work hard and thoroughly, so better communication would only give them another impulse.

The Metal Rooster in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Faithful, diligent and precise;
  • Challenges: Superficial, moody and jealous;
  • Secret need: Creating a strong connection with the loved one;
  • Advice: Be careful about working too much at times.

It’s true they may sometimes seem too direct and too honest, so a little bit of compromise would really help them in their relationship with others. With regards to money, they will be very successful because they have a flair for business.

The character of the Chinese Metal Rooster

Metal Roosters may brag too much, but at least they can see reality as it actually is. And they would only be right because they really work hard and can come up with innovative ideas.

These natives plan carefully and don’t allow things to just happen on their own. They’re ambitious, so they’ll achieve many great things in life. It’s possible they’ll become workaholics.

When it comes to romance, they don’t trust and act reserved or awkward around the person they like. They are feeling fulfilled only after they have managed to solve their problems.

As a matter of fact, they are pretty much obsessed with solving problems. It makes them feel excited and more energetic because they are passionate to have everything working perfectly.

These natives are witty and rational, which makes them stand out from the crowd. They have no problems accepting other people’s opinions, but they will still trust their clear idea because it seems the most logical to them.

Their attitude is oriented at winning and attaining brilliance. They’re optimistic and want to learn as many new things as possible.

Another thing that makes them caustic is their criticizing nature. They want perfection in everything they are doing, but it can become impossible for themselves to live up to their own standards. Those who won’t manage to satisfy their high expectations will be given a frank opinion.

They are very responsible and usually keep their promises. Dutiful, Metal Roosters always know what they need to do and don’t mind performing at their maximum levels from both an intellectual and physical point of view.

The Metal makes them even more committed to their duties and obligations. They are among the most conscientious people in the Chinese zodiac. And this responsible attitude would help them with their relationships as well.

They would be able to form strong connections that would stand the test of time. Besides all this, Metal is known for having intense emotions, thing that works perfectly for the cold and detached Rooster.

As soon as they will no longer feel inhibited, Metal Roosters can become very passionate and impress their partner with the many mixed feelings that they’re having.

The influence of the Metal element

Since Roosters already are a Metal sign, this element in their chart would mean they are even stronger, more ambitious and hardworking.

Very focused, these natives will impress anyone with how passionate they are about their professional life and ideals.

They will always hold on tight to their dreams. They are charming, which means they’ll attract others almost instantly. And when it comes to being appreciated for their efforts, it’s even possible for them to become famous.

The Chinese Metal element influences them to be even more brutal and exact than they actually are. They would hate to deal with procrastinators or lazy people.

Therefore, the sensitive Goats and Pigs should keep a distance from Metal Roosters or they would get very hurt.

While physically strong and usually healthy, these natives can still end up suffering from nervous diseases or hypochondria. They can endure hours of work with no interruption because their body would put up with it.

This means they could handle the most difficult tasks and to stick to a pretty harsh daily routine. If they would eat only bread and milk for a few weeks, they wouldn’t have a single health problem.

Their most passionate dreams will also serve them the principles after which they are ruling their life, plus the desire to make changes. It’s very possible they will be social workers or enrolled to fight for a cause in which they believe.

The fact that they have problem-solving skills and that they are persistent means they will make many significant changes and attain success easier than others. Their ambition and very analytical brain can also be what brings them down.

As double Metals, these Rooster people can be rigid, stubborn and very arrogant. They can analyze too much, criticize everyone and everything, no matter if at home or at work. They will find a problem even with the things that are perfectly fine.

They hold on tight to their own opinions, not accepting what others may have to say. This means they’ll be bullies who want to have only their way and who won’t give up until anyone has given in.

The Metal Rooster man

This gentleman will be very respected by his lover and friends. Many will come to him for advice because he’s a good observer and instructive adviser.

Sensitive and aware of his goals, he will carefully plan to have results as effective as possible. He’s determined to become famous and to be accepted by everyone.

Loneliness makes him very sad, so he’ll try to surround himself by friends. Having integrity, he will never lie or deceive to have his way. He wants only what’s best from his business endeavors and manages to get it.

He desires to be rich because this could him feel like he has won his place in life. Self-centered and proud, he won’t accept being rejected in love. He will try until the love will be reciprocal.

The Metal Rooster man is courageous and sometimes impulsive. When with a lady, he likes to lead because he thinks it’s not the woman’s role to be the boss.

Whilst he likes to use beautiful words and to compliment, he needs his conversations to have a meaning. Any intelligent woman who wants to shine and is ready for new experiences will immediately attract his attention.

But he’s wise enough to go for the reserved and quiet type, for long term relations. As a family head, he’s responsible and a good provider. But he may cheat if he feels that his lady doesn’t live up to his expectations.

The Metal Rooster woman

The Metal Rooster woman needs her goals to be set if she wants to be happy. She’s ambitious and lives to make her dreams come true. Nothing can stand in her way of getting what she wants.

She will work hard to have a good position at work, or she’ll no longer work at all. Many will envy her for being so focused and strong.

She’s flirtatious and, like all the Roosters, loves being complimented. If you’d exaggerate talking about her qualities, she wouldn’t mind it at all.

When weak, she may cry from her heart, but she’ll get it all back together pretty fast, with a new energy. She has great passion, a quick temper and wants to be the most important person in her man’s life.

Weak people make her want to move on and change her prospects. She has high principles on which she won’t give up, no matter how strong others would feel against them.

Her ideal man is someone respectable, a person who brings the good money and can make her feel good. She’s beautiful, so many of her admirers will want to marry her.

It’s easy for her to take control in a relationship because she knows what leadership is. Even when married, she won’t stop wanting to rule the world. She will still go to work, but at the same time will clean the house and be a tigress in bed.

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