Jupiter in Taurus: How It Affects Your Luck and Personality

If you have Jupiter in Taurus your love of material things is both a blessing and a curse.

Jupiter in Taurus

Those born under the Jupiter in Taurus transit are sensual and great lovers of luxury. These natives simply love to have and learn about the finest things in life, from eccentric fashion to high-end technology.

They may even become themselves makers of rare things such as pieces of art or expensive foods. Jupiter Taurians don’t mind sticking to rituals and traditions they have learned about at home. They are the most attached to their home and family. Only with these values well established, they can develop. Not to mention they need security more than anything else.

Jupiter in Taurus in a nutshell:

  • Style: Tenacious and entertaining;
  • Top qualities: Patient, charitable and practical;
  • Weaknesses: Materialistic and resistant to change;
  • Advice: Don’t put personal roadblocks because of unnecessary worries;
  • Celebrities: Keanu Reeves, Shakira, Mahatma Gandhi, Monica Bellucci, John Lennon.

Having a highly developed sense of duty, they might take others’ responsibilities and make them their own. Being able to do this doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that they will actually go ahead with it.

The impact on personality

You can always trust Jupiter Taurus to get things done. As soon as these people have a precise goal, you can be sure there will be no one and nothing to stop them from achieving it. They never take too high risks, and their determination and patience are famous.

Whenever they want to succeed, these guys take things step by step. Strong-willed and lucky from a financial point of view, it’s not surprising Jupiter Taurus will always have a stable income.

They are constantly paying attention to how much they are making and spending. Investments for the future will always be their favorite. But if they’ll be more generous with their money, they’ll attract even more luck.

Because they are materialistic, they will only want the finest things in life. It’s important for them that they are doing anything appealing to their senses. Good food, passionate sex and expensive clothes, these are all things these guys will want from life.

It’s possible they’ll engage in artistic activities like cooking or designing and they will get to make good money out of their talents.

Just like anyone else with Jupiter in their chart, these natives will want action and to be pleased from time to time. They really know how to enjoy life and to make their dreams become reality.

But they need to be careful not to indulge themselves in too much pleasure. Only this way, they will be able to have a happy life. Jupiter Taurus attract good luck when they are waiting patiently and are giving.

Because they are practical, they will build their own fate by taking action. It’s impossible for them to ever want to take risks. Only hard work and sustained effort will be their answer to what life has to offer.

The more goal-oriented they’ll be, the more effective as well. And they only care about the results in their down-to-earth approach. Nature makes them feel like they have been reborn.

These guys recognize beauty when they see it, so an artistic pursuit would suit them nicely. Wanting comfort, luxury and security, Jupiter Tauruses won’t hesitate to take on hard work and challenging projects.

Their sense of humor will always make others feel better no matter how tough life will get to be. Stable and resourceful, Jupiter Taurus will use their money to make themselves and others feel good.

They are stubborn, but this can only be of help when they’ll want to build a financial empire for them and their family. Seeing the big picture, they will approach problems one step at a time.

Pushing them will never get anyone anywhere. Their business talents and efforts to achieve practical results will help with money making.

Their determination, common sense and optimism will always have them prepared for anything. It’s possible you’ll find these guys talking about the environment because they have a thing for renewable energy and combating global warming.

This can be one of the most fulfilling activities for Jupiter Taurus as they believe in nature and our power to protect it.

Gardening may be one of the hobbies they’ll enjoy the most. People of senses, they will always eat or drink too much. Not to mention how many hours a night they will spend making love. If they don’t want to lose themselves into pleasure, they need to go out in the wilderness more often.

Their expectations in life

There’s nothing Jupiter Taurus want more than a home, security and to be comfortable. They love having a family and working for their future.

Jupiter will make them even more creative and open to expand as much as possible. Everything with people who have this planet in their chart is about being bigger. When it comes to saving and investing their money, Jupiter Taurus are true geniuses.

They will only be happy if their bank accounts will be fat and ready for the future. One negative trait of theirs is that they can give themselves completely into life’s pleasures such as eating, drinking and having sex.

That’s why they need to be careful not to spend all their money on their senses. They will spend a lot on them anyway. At least they are hard workers with a knack for the business world.

When they’ll feel like they don’t have any more financial resources, they will find solutions to bring more money in. The more comfortable they’ll be, the luckier as well.

Overindulging will only change their luck and cause them to fail. As a matter of fact, because Jupiter is in their sign, they need to be as generous as possible with what they have made for themselves.

They will attract more only by giving to others. And they are lucky when it comes to other things in life as well. Because they believe in true love and long-term relationships, it’s very

The Jupiter in Taurus man

The man with Jupiter in Taurus will be rich and a smart investor. This guy is very good at distributing wealth and offering others great money-making opportunities. He’s a great provider who will spoil everyone with expensive things.

But he won’t forget to give back to his community either. His lady will always feel special and the most important woman on Earth. He will remember what she likes and will buy stuff for her. Expect private plane trips and rent being paid for you if you are his lover. He won’t creep you out with all the attention, he just wants his loved ones to enjoy the life’s pleasures as much as he does.

Even if he won’t be that rich, he will still bring his partner her favorite flowers and chocolates. Not to mention he’s a very good cook who likes to make homemade meals each time he gets the chance.

Once this guy has committed to someone, he will be next to that person for a lifetime. Because he’s a man of senses, the woman in his life should always be affectionate with him.

When he invests his entire love in someone, he wants to get the same thing back. He’s patient, calm and sensual, so the bedroom encounters with him will be unforgettable.

The Jupiter in Taurus woman

The qoman with Jupiter in Taurus will be wealthy and happy because she will work hard for all these things. It’s important that she remembers to appeal to all of her five senses and enjoy more of art, food and fashion.

Sensory experiences are what will make her truly happy. It’s preferred she’s as discerning as possible and doesn’t allow herself to be carried away by all sort of thoughts and temptations.

Her gift to double her abundance will be at higher levels whenever she’ll grateful and satisfied. Jupiter will only help if she’ll be willing to give and share.

When this planet will be in Taurus, this lady will have to be more trustful, open to friends and her partner.

The more grateful she’ll be for having so many people in her life, the better her efforts will be repaid and she’ll feel like her life is making sense.

She isn’t superficial because she wants pleasure and to be surrounded by possessions. She just wants to deal with tangible things.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.