Jupiter in Libra: How It Affects Your Luck and Personality

If you have Jupiter in Libra your aim, everywhere you go, is to make people get along.

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter is sometimes defined as the planet of luck and soul searching, whilst Libra is a sign of cooperation and great relationships, associated with the 7th house, that of partnerships, so you can only imagine that someone born with the Jupiter in Libra transit in their natal chart will prioritize relationships.

These people are keen to find their other half more than anything else. Jupiter can make them a little bit nomadic, so they will search the entire world for someone perfect. They would love to date or even spend their life with someone from a different culture because the variety would make them shine more.

Jupiter in Libra in a nutshell:

  • Style: Gracious and trustworthy;
  • Top qualities: Wise, encouraging and fair;
  • Weaknesses: Prone to conflicts of interest and criticism;
  • Advice: You don’t need to force yourself to cooperate with everyone;
  • Celebrities: Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston, Alan Rickman, Natalie Portman, Justin Timberlake.

Represented by the Scales, Libras want justice and peace and this position of Jupiter will help them work towards it.

These natives will look for fairness and equality in everything they will do. You will probably find them supporting different causes for the animal and human rights.

As far as their taste goes, find out they like expensive and refined things. They will collect rare objects and enjoy a life of luxury.

As soon as they will find balance in their life, they will start helping others achieve the same. So it’s not impossible they’ll work as yoga teachers or counselors.

The impact on personality

Jupiter Libras are beautiful both inside and outside, they are gracious and elegant creatures who will look to have stylish clothes and a beautifully furbished home. People will admire them for this.

Because they are also gentle and charming, they will have nice conversations with everyone and this will bring them many advantages. They will mediate fights and balance relationships because they’re all about negotiating and being diplomatic.

Libras want equality, so Jupiter will help them expand their playing field in this direction. It will be impossible for Jupiter Libras not to bring peace everywhere they will go with these forces at work.

They could be great politicians or lawyers if they would only pick a side for which to play. You will often find them protesting for the rights of those who are less fortunate. These guys have a tendency to put other people’s needs above their own. This is why friends and family will appreciate them a lot.

As partners, Jupiter Libras are supportive and loving. It’s possible they’ll forget about themselves completely when they will be in love. Many might take advantage of their kindness if they are not careful enough. And it will be very painful for them to have to cut off some people from their life.

Beauty and luxury bring them joy more than anything else. That’s why they need to be careful with how much they are spending. While they are aware of what they truly need and what’s meant to spoil them, they will still end up spending all their money at once from time to time.

If they would try to find beauty in their relationships and other things that are free, they wouldn’t be broke so often. Jupiter Libras are the happiest when justice and equality are involved.

Interested in learning new things, they are flexible and they never take sides. Others can convince them to change their mind sometimes. When it comes to their work, they function better in teams of two.

Because they have a keen eye for style, they would do great as decorators or fashion designers. Writing and entertainment sounds good for them too. Jupiter Libras have ideals and are at their best when they collaborate with people who have the same ideas as theirs.

They are convincing but also open to compromise because they take other people’s feelings into consideration. When they are working with people from other cultures and with different backgrounds, they are the happiest.

They are very curious to learn new behaviors and traditions. Not to mention they can make friends with anyone. Because of this, they will have many acquaintances and enjoy interesting experiences.

Jupiter Libras are noble creatures that inspire virtues and high principles in others. Their nobility comes from their elevated sense of justice. Their inner faith and the fact that they promote only peace makes them aspirational icons.

They believe people deserve to be treated equally and that diplomacy can fix anything, that’s why they will contribute to make the world a better place. And along the way, they will get to enjoy the finest things in life.

The best wines, classical music concerts and exotic foods, these are all meant to feed their refined soul.

A balance of needs is required

These natives most certainly borrow from Libra’s justiciar spirit so will never accept injustice or to argue over trivial reasons. Jupiter in Libra means people born with this transit will usually be successful if they work with these principles they believe in.

For example, they would be great lawyers, judges or referees. They may have issues when they’ll have to make a decision. It’s excruciating to watch them weigh all the pros and cons of a situation.

They hesitate until they are forced to come to a conclusion and when everyone will think they have managed to find a solution, they will change their mind over and over again, second-guessing what they have thought of before.

Because they love people very much, Jupiter Libras will be very lucky and surrounded by friends. Through diplomacy, they will solve many problems, be it theirs or others’.

The more they will pay attention to their own needs, the better. Dignifying people, they will do their best to be of help, not to mention they’ll be able to dismiss what others are saying about them behind their back.

If they’ll be able to contribute to the society and at the same time be creative, they will be the happiest because they would live in harmony. They also have negative traits, for example, they tend to have a big ego and to be too positive or greedy.

Sometimes they act snobbish and other times they are condescending. But if they are careful to be their funny, caring and sociable selves, they will be fine.

Every opportunity that will come their way will be explored because they will focus only on the good things. But it’s important they don’t become over-confident or they will be very disappointed when things are not going to go their way.

Not to mention they can become cocky and feel invincible whenever someone will agree with what they’ve decided. While they usually have a sound judgment, they tend to be too full of themselves and this can impede them from thinking rationally.

As said before, it’s absolutely necessary for these natives, both men and women to have their egos in check. This is the only way for them to remain down-to-earth and respectable.

The Jupiter in Libra man

The man with Jupiter in Libra will always treat others as equals. He will be innovative about his role in the family, at work and in the community.

It’s very likely he’s close to his mother and an opinionated feminist and this means he won’t mind splitting the bill at the restaurant.

But the generous Jupiter may at the same time make him a gentleman who wants to spoil his lover with small gifts and attentions. However, his generosity needs to be reciprocated because he believes only in fairness.

As Jupiter is also the ruler of trust, he will give a lot of importance to this aspect when in a relationship. Mutual trust turns him on, as a matter of fact.

This guy is usually attentive to everything their lover has to say or do because this is how Jupiter influences the Libra. If he will be appreciated for his honesty and neutrality, he will be fulfilled and in love for a lifetime.

The Jupiter in Libra woman

The woman with Jupiter in Libra will get all her energy from the relationships she develops. The closer she will be to the people she loves, the more empathetic she’ll become.

And she will get to be a bliss for the community in which she lives. Jupiter makes her generous and hopeful, while the Libra is the one responsible with her sense of justice and equality.

She will be full of ideas on how to make the world a fairer place. At her home, everyone will be treated equally. It’s essential that she discusses with her family about who’s not being respected or who doesn’t contribute enough.

It would be better if she would do this while Jupiter is in Libra because she would be more objective, and she’d have a better chance at getting what she wants.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.