Jupiter in Cancer: How It Affects Your Luck and Personality

If you have Jupiter in Cancer intuition and luck seem to go hand in hand for you.

Jupiter in Cancer

People born with Jupiter in Cancer in their natal chart are the best at handling matters of the heart because their energy is focused on compassion. They have their way with feelings and emotions, being able to guess what others are going through when they are happy or sad.

Jupiter is a master of hope and new beginnings, so these guys would do great in self-help or as life coaches. It may sound strange to have this planet coupled with the Cancer, but astrologers are saying is one of the luckiest transits.

Jupiter in Cancer in a nutshell:

  • Style: Nurturing and attentive;
  • Top qualities: Artistic, sociable and instinctive;
  • Weaknesses: Pessimistic and suspicious;
  • Advice: Avoiding confrontations is good but you still need to cope with some things;
  • Celebrities: Taylor Swift, Steve Jobs, Kurt Cobain, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence.

Jupiter Cancers can be very successful in real estate, so don’t be surprised if they have more than one home. This previously mentioned planet in their sign means they are expansive so they can grow to have a big family and friends from all over the world.

The impact on personality

Trusting their gut, Jupiter Cancers are instinctive and emotional. They can process others’ reactions in a deeper way than most of us. Kindhearted and empathetic, these guys will offer sound emotional support to anyone who’ll ask for it.

They are open to listen and to help when people are feeling distressed or don’t know how to process their own feelings. This means they will have relationships that last for a long time.

But they need to be careful with those who want to take advantage of them. Jupiter in their sign makes them even more emotional than usual. They will be happier if they’ll think seriously of their feelings before taking action.

Jupiter gives them a whole lot of energy, but can defeat their mood swings. If they will learn how to no longer over-think, they will not be so prone to change all the time.

The secret with these people is to develop slowly and from the center. Jupiter’s main purpose with them will be to help them grow and expand while being the most generous and abundant people in the zodiac. Development comes together with abundance, and growth is not possible if the person doesn’t have enough for sustenance.

It goes the same way for any organism on Earth. Every creature needs more energy in order to transform and grow up. And the Jupiter Cancer’s generosity depends very much on excess. Giving can’t exist without having. For people not to self-destruct, they need to have more than they need.

Because Jupiter Cancers have more than enough to give, they will help other people in a lot of ways. As soon as they will find something they are interested in, they will climb the social ladder much faster. People born under this transit have a need for security and will look for financial stability all of their life. The more giving and comforting they will be, the more luck they’ll attract.

Being intuitive would also help in a great way. Using their imagination and being compassionate will make them succeed. Not to mention people will feel they are being taken care of, around them.

Home lovers, they will make others comfortable by taking only the best from their available resources. Their ability to feel vulnerability will be of great help when they’ll have to give a hand to someone.

Ambitious but ruled by emotions and intuition, these guys are also artistic. Their memory is incredible. Because they want security, they are very likely to build a nest no matter where they may be.

When they remember their homeland and loved ones, their heart fills with love and pride. It’s easy for them to grow attached to a group because they are feeling secure when surrounded by people.

And others will love being around them because they are caring and generous. Many youngsters will take them as their mentors and they will be more than happy to share their morals.

Where does their luck come from

Jupiter Cancers will be the luckiest if they will work in domains that have something to do with home or foods. So catering and real estate would be their perfect line of work because they will also have the possibility to help others.

As they are moody and tend to hold on to values that are no longer of actuality, they need to be surer of their feelings and progressive.

Friendly and sociable, these guys like going out and meeting new people. They will meet their best social ascension around middle age.

Because they have relations, they won’t have problems taking on opportunities and making money. All of their ideas will be based on personal experience and their own philosophies on life.

However, they will become nervous when they’ll be in unfamiliar environments. If they don’t know anyone at a gathering, they need to reach to new people. Just like the other two Water signs Pisces and Scorpio, Cancers are highly intuitive. Jupiter influences them to be even more like this.

The more they will trust their intuition, the luckier Jupiter Cancers will be. When others will try to rationalize their feelings, these guys will allow themselves to be ruled by them.

If Jupiter Cancers will learn how to make use of their sixth sense more efficiently, they will only have successes in life. Sensitive and very family-oriented, they always take care of their loved ones like no one else.

And they can help strangers too so a career in nursing or child care would be great for them. Jupiter won’t stand in their way when they’ll want to build a nest or attain a higher level of financial security.

The Jupiter in Cancer man

The Jupiter Cancer man will make sure everyone he loves is safe. He will never turn down his family or friends. This guy is also the most generous out of all people with Jupiter in their sign. His ideals are high and his care for others can rarely be seen in other people.

Security is his main worry. Because Jupiter is in his sign, he will always go the extra mile to help others. And he’ll be happy to do it. The more people will appreciate him for his efforts, the happier he will be.

Not to mention the same Jupiter will help him to know his way around the bedroom. But his partner needs to be careful not to spend too much money on useless things because he wants financial security badly.

This guy needs to know his bank account always has more than needed. He won’t stand being with a woman who doesn’t appreciate money. Talking about future plans and commitment makes him happy about his relationship.

The Jupiter in Cancer woman

The Jupiter Cancer woman is the best mother, sister, grandmother or aunt because she likes feeling needed. She’s the most attentive and caring lady in the zodiac.

Whenever someone will want a home cooked meal or a hug, she’ll be there to offer it. Her home is her sanctuary and people will love to visit her place. In her guest room, you can find scented candles and comfortable couches.

The bedroom at her house will always have fresh sheets and a nice smell. It doesn’t matter how the Jupiter Cancer woman will speak, others will always hear her loud and clear. The love she’s able to offer will be well received by anyone.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.