Jupiter in 8th House: How It Impacts Your Personality, Luck and Destiny

This placement of Jupiter encourages people to seek for pleasure in all aspects of life, plus makes them be quite spiritual and very sociable.

Jupiter in 8th house

Jupiter in 8th house natives are very good at dealing with problems and determining the root of any issue they may have because their instincts are impeccable.

They love mysteries and don’t mind dealing with situations that are little bit more complicated and sticky. The sexual life will always be rich because Jupiter is the planet of expansion and the 8th house deals also with sex.

Jupiter in 8th House summary:

  • Strengths: Spiritual, intuitive and warm-hearted;
  • Challenges: Manipulative and overly emotional;
  • Advice: They need to stick with the causes they commit to;
  • Celebrities: Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lawrence, Grace Kelly, Benedict Cumberbatch.

If you are the type doesn’t like one-night stands, it would be better for you to look for someone else as natives with Jupiter in 8th house are always looking for a new partner and want as much diversity as possible when it comes to their bedroom.

Not ones to care about limits

When in the 8th House, Jupiter predominantly influences one negatively. This means individuals with this placement might have problems in their career and at the same time live a long life that wouldn’t be too happy.

If on contrary, the other planetary aspects in the chart are beneficial, natives with Jupiter in 8th house and the influence of these celestial bodies will be very attracted to the occult.

The position of Jupiter in this house indicates they like children but may not have some of their own. Their friends will be selfish and spend many of their money.

Some of them will love astrology and get the chance to become famous in this field. If Jupiter happens to be placed in Fire signs like Sagittarius Leo or Aries, people with these influences will most likely inherit a fortune and become rich.

When Aquarius or Scorpio are the signs in which Jupiter resides, people with this placement will have many problems in life. They will probably not have any success with business and even destroy everything they’ve inherited.

More than this, their death will be painful and very difficult. Death is addressed so many times here because the 8th house deals with it among other things.

As a matter of fact, natives having Jupiter in 8th house will benefit from many things that are related to death, whether in a metaphorical or literal way. For example, they could be great morbid artists or funeral directors.

If there aren’t any negative aspects with Jupiter in their chart, they’ll have no problem with money and inherit as much as they need. But if there will be oppositions and squares with this planet, they will probably fight for finances and may even have to wait for their money to come in.

This can happen especially if Saturn or Mercury are in negative aspects here. If the malefic Mars is also involved, they will be the very aggressive type and even fight with people for wealth, spend everything they have and not even think about others.

The 8th house is about the money of others as well, so those having Jupiter here may marry someone rich.

However, when this planet’s aspects are not that beneficial, they will get money from others and not return them, or they will spend a fortune on things they don’t actually need.

The same Jupiter when in bad aspects can influence natives to have all kind of legal problems, to do illegal things, fight with banks and even the government.

All the individuals with Jupiter in 8th house give a lot of importance to sex and are very active when it comes to lovemaking.

They want pleasure and will have deep, spiritual relationships with some of their partners, even taking the sexual encounters with these people to the point of extreme.

For them, sex is not just an activity, it’s something mystical that can bring two people together and makes it possible for other territories to be discovered.

If they don’t have someone stable in their life, they won’t mind having sex with anyone that comes their way.

Jupiter represents the planet of expansion, so people having it in the 8th house will not care about any limits when it comes to love and sex.

As a matter of fact, they will spend too much time thinking about pleasure that they will lose the meaning of what lovemaking is. They’ll be very interested in the paranormal and will try to find out what happens after death.

Very intuitive, it’s like they’re psychics who could master the Dark Arts like no one else. Not so well-intentioned people won’t be able to influence them negatively because they immediately perceive harmful energies and have a good perspective on what to do in order to protect themselves.

It’s important for them to be spiritually content and to know they’re in power. While power struggles are not at all beneficial for anyone, they may learn from others that the simple life is also enjoyable.

Jupiter in 8th house people are manipulative and don’t care if others have strong emotions about them. As a matter of fact, they may use emotional blackmail to obtain loans, convince others to give them money, to have sex and usually to get what they want.

They should try and understand people and also try giving a hand when they can because being trustworthy could have them get what they want in life.

Moreover, they must be careful with their inheritance and plan their finances very well. Investing in a new home and perhaps a new car would mean they’ve done the smart financial decision.

It’s also possible for them to marry people who will help them become wealthy, so they should use all of their Jupiter’s expansiveness and become warmer and more attached to the person they have in their life considering all the help he or she offers.

The goods and the bads

If Jupiter crosses Scorpio in the 8th house, people with this placement will be able to heal faster from any type of emotional problem.

Usually, all the individuals having Jupiter in 8th house are fascinated by mystery and want to find out things that are not revealed to them. This and learning about what power means make them thrive and want more.

They really know how to come up with strategies and are usually using everything they have to keep the luck coming towards them.

These natives love to study the occult and to learn from any mystic teaching, so if they’ll usually transmit only positive energies, expecting the exact same thing back.

Being enigmatic, many people will want to know them. They have many friends and don’t even struggle to be popular. Although they’re very dedicated as friends, so their loyalty will always be repaid.

However, no one will get to know them because they keep many things to themselves.

These people don’t want others to be aware of what their weaknesses are, so they’re holding to their thoughts very tightly.

Jupiter in 8th house indicates they may even hide things from their family members. While doing this, they seem to have the ability to read others like open books.

It can be difficult to get close to them, even if they want someone with whom to spend the rest of their life with. Many will not be able to see what their intentions are, so they should at least open up to their partner when dating for the very first few times.

This way, they will present themselves and maybe get the opportunity of a lifetime by getting together with someone who is their soulmate.

With Jupiter in the 8th House, the natives of this placement usually have luck, enjoy their job and have money coming towards them from inheritances and even marriages.

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