Jupiter in 7th House: How It Impacts Your Personality, Luck and Destiny

This placement of Jupiter helps people have a charm and a smile that can warm anyone’s heart and that can turn opponents into friends easily.

Jupiter in 7th house

With Jupiter, the planet of prosperity and good luck, and the 7th house, ruling over marriage and any other type of relationships, meet, they make for fair-play people. They’re usually lucky with legal issues and capable to mitigate any conflict.

Their relationships will most of the time be successful because they’re charming enough to convince others they’re always right. There’s the danger they get too comfortable with being lucky all the time, so being overconfident is not a good idea for them.

Jupiter in 7th House summary:

  • Strengths: Determined, cooperative and diplomatic;
  • Challenges: Meddling, arrogant and stubborn;
  • Advice: They need to learn how to rely only on themselves;
  • Celebrities: Marilyn Monroe, Mahatma Gandhi, Christina Aguilera, Jim Morrison.

People having Jupiter in the 7th house may get married more than once. This planet is the ruler of Sagittarius, which is a sign of philosophy, travels and the search for knowledge, so they may get married with someone from a different country and belonging to a whole new culture they will get to interact with.

Very connected with their own emotions

Individuals having Jupiter in the 7th house will marry beautiful people. They’re generous and usually more successful than their parents were.

Jupiter in this placement makes them the best students of life and has them lucky with everything they may be doing.

They really know how to talk and will probably make it in a country far away from their home.

Very attracted to philosophy, religion and matters of spirituality, they’re usually successful in the high society.

Very connected with their own emotions, honest and devoted, they will probably meet someone they really love and get to live a very happy marriage.

It’s possible their spouse will bring many good things into their life. For example, the men will be taken care of and the ladies will marry someone rich. As said before, it’s very likely for them to find someone beautiful and giving.

In case Jupiter is influenced by a malefic planet, which can be Rahu or Saturn, the natives with this planet in the 7th house may cheat on their spouse and not know how to be loyal. On the other hand, this Jupiter placement usually gives people a lot of luck when it comes to business.

With the Jupiter in the 7th house and the Sun sign of Libra or Cancer, the possibility of two marriages becomes available. Because the 7th house rules over marriage, many with Jupiter here will get to have a spouse at least once in their life.

Their partner will probably be someone important and rich, some of them being very attracted to the chubby type. A good heart and sense of humor are things they’re really looking for in someone they want to fall in love with.

They will get to feel enlightened as soon as their significant other will enter their life. Their wedding will be like in fairy tales because they want to spend a lot of money on this important event.

Many people will come and joy will be what defines that specific day. They want someone religious and philosophical because they’re interested in these subjects themselves.

In case Jupiter happens to be in Sagittarius or the cusp of the 9th house is in this sign, expect them to marry someone from a different country. Almost all natives having Jupiter in the 7th house are good negotiators, whom other see as being diplomatic and able to make enemies get together.

Another thing they do is turn their opponents into friends. Having a charm and a smile that can warm anyone’s heart, they’re the best when working in teams.

The fact that they can build any partnership will have them making a lot of money and being successful when it comes to legal matters. Expect them to work as negotiators, lobbyists or mediators, especially in the situation in which Jupiter has relations with the 10th house or is in a trine with a planet in that house.

All this will have natives with this placement convincing and making their money in a passive way. It’s like individuals with Jupiter in the 7th house can always obtain what they want from partnering with others and by gaining the approval of the public.

They don’t mind sharing their life with someone and can learn a lot from a partner who appreciates them from who they are.

Their relationships will always be strong and benefiting them. When meeting someone from a different country, they will expand their views on life and be very happy about it.

Everything about relationships make them happy and more successful. They can break up just like any other person, which means their lover will get to feel very sad for their leaving.

As said before, it’s easy for them to win at legal matters, so in the case of a divorce, they may end up with a lot of money. Their problems will usually get solved because they can talk things through and prefer to settle by making others not even realize they’ve made a compromise.

Is very likely they’ll work as consultants or advisers because many of their friends look for their help all the time.

They should expect to gain popularity wherever they may be going and their relationships to be many, warm and not at all difficult.

New friends will always come to them because they don’t mind meeting people and talking about anything.

The goods and the bads

Jupiter in relations with Venus or the sign of Libra, which are the rulers of the 7th house, makes people find love more easily and able to establish strong friendships at the same time.

This planet can really help individuals be more attractive to the people who are very important in their life.

Those who have these planets and sign in their chart, especially in this house, will develop more efficiently when in relationships, no matter the stage of the connections they may have.

When with someone, they’d see themselves better through the eyes of the other. It would be the same with their business partners, so their success with money will be very much influenced by how many partnerships they’re having.

Jupiter in 7th house individuals love to listen and can be really empathic or biased. They want to give everyone a chance and can really pay attention to both sides of a problem.

This is the reason why many look for their advice. They usually accept anyone in their group, which means people of all walks of life will be their friends.

This type of karma will make them luckier than others, so they should be proud of who they are and always be aware of the fact that good things happen to them because they’re the good ones.

All the traits they display with others will remain the same when they’ll be dealing with romance as well. Unable to feel complete without a partner, they don’t want to fight without listening to what their other half has to say and don’t mind not being right from time to time.

Aware relationships require two people to be situated at two sides, they don’t mind being with someone who’s their complete opposite.

They will always look for that person who can make them feel complete because it’s in their nature to want a half. The fact that they’re a little bit indecisive when dealing with problems is not at all in their advantage.

It’s often difficult for them to be objective and to decide fast, so don’t be surprised if they’ll say there is no solution to some of the problems they may be having or that someone else should come with an idea.

It’s good they have many friends, so one of the persons in their life will eventually help them. However, letting others decide for them can completely change their luck.

It’s true they’re not the most organized people in the zodiac, so finding a way to set their priorities straight will help them achieve their goals more easily.

While many will come to them in search for wisdom, they may not be able sometimes to find the best solutions.

People with this placement must always stand by their decisions and face those who contradict them. After all, they’re charming and able to convince anyone to do what they want, so standing their ground should come easily for them.

They shouldn’t despair when things between them and their partner don’t work as good as they expect them to. Jupiter in the 7th house will give them enough luck in love and with collaborations, so their marriage will be happy and their business partnerships prosperous.

As said before, there’s a good chance for them to marry someone who can bring them many benefits and even wealth. It’s possible for their spouse to be someone influential, older than them and even more profound.

The fact that they want to cooperate will make many of the people around them happy they’ve been chosen as collaborators.

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