How To Get a Virgo Woman Back: Tips on Winning Her Over

To win her back you need to appeal to her desire to help and change the lives of others, by showing you need her too.

Virgo woman back

If you’re planning to make your ex Virgo lady trust you again, you must deal with her very tough exterior. It’s very possible she’s still feeling in love with you but doesn’t want to admit it.

While some other signs in the Western zodiac wouldn’t even think of accepting help from others, this is still the best way to keep the Virgo woman close to you: to need her.

Top 5 tips on how to get a Virgo woman back:

  1. Show that you have learned from your mistakes
  2. Apologise profusely, even if you don’t know exactly what for.
  3. Make her feel needed and useful in your life.
  4. Avoid sending her gifts, instead spend time with her.
  5. Get on with a private life and she’ll be curious what you are doing.

Show you are learning from your mistakes

If you’re looking to never argue with your Virgo girlfriend or wife, or if you’re planning on getting her back into your life, there are 2 things you should consider.

First, you should be aware living up to her standards requires you to make many efforts. Second, it would be easier for you if you’d just admit your mistakes and ask for her assistance when you’re in need.

Solve the most complicated issues in your life with the help of your Virgo partner because this is what she likes doing the most: to help others and to forget about her own needs when doing so.

Therefore, as soon as your Virgo life partner has come to you with a list of what you should do in order for your life to get better, just give in and let her sort things out for you, or at least give her the impression that she’s doing it.

It can be very difficult to make the Virgo woman come back to you. After all, she only seemed to notice your flaws anyway.

It would be a good idea to have her feeling guilty about the breakup as she would hate this and think she’s made a big mistake.

When in error, this girl can feel like she hasn’t done enough in order to explore that area of life in which she has failed.

If you want her back into your life as soon as possible, act like you’re helpless and that only her intelligent solution or clear analysis can save you.

She’s one of the most practical natives in the zodiac, so everyone loves having her around, but she’s used to being asked for her assistance.

It’s also possible for the lady in this sign to make you feel very guilty about the breakup between you two as well, so you may end up apologizing and not knowing what for.

This girl tends to criticize too much, from others to herself, which means she doesn’t have a too big self-esteem. It doesn’t matter what happened between you two, you should make her feel admired and loved when discussing a breakup with the Virgo woman.

She’s known as very willful and even eager to get her revenge. Therefore, try and stay on her good side or she may never give you a chance to apologize.

It would be a good idea to send her a long email in which you’re saying how sorry you are and that she has been right all along.

Improve her opinion of yourself

She also likes it when others are depending on her because she gets to feel useful and in control. Don’t send her a gift if you want forgiveness because it’s very likely she’ll send it back to you, together with a letter in which she’s describing the nastiest things about your character.

It’s important you manage to break the tough shell that’s surrounding her heart. She may still love you and think of reconciliation, but she just doesn’t want to admit it. Many people find her very criticizing and judgmental.

This doesn’t mean she gets a kick from noticing people’s flaws, she just has a very observant eye and can’t refrain herself from commenting.

This lady is neat and highly opinionated, not to mention she’s constantly trying to self-improve and can obsess over the smallest details.

However, she can make everyone feel relaxed because when she’s around because it’s like things are getting done on their own when she’s around. It can be difficult to make the Virgo woman happy because she’s always looking for perfection, no matter if it’s about her man or her work.

This girl has a tendency to only see the flaws in others and she seems to do this when it comes to herself as well, so the right person for her could be hard to find.

As soon as she’s asked what could she help you with, don’t hesitate to clearly tell her. It’s easy for this girl to daydream about love as she craves for this feeling all day long.

It wouldn’t matter how angry and determined she is to not forget a person who crossed her, it’s impossible for the Virgo woman to hold a grudge for too long.

For this reason, she may seem very vulnerable for the men who happen to be in her life at some point. She may end up being taken advantage of, so it would be better for her to look for a partner who’s kind and doesn’t have any bad intentions.

While it can be quite complicated to read her mind, you can be sure she’s all yours if she has committed to the relationship with you.

Luckily, while a perfectionist, she also has her practical side that informs her there is no perfect man and that she’ll always analyze her relationships very closely to see if they’re at least close to perfection.

She doesn’t want the type of perfect to which she didn’t bring her contribution. When saying that you love her, make sure you’re also mentioning the reasons for which you do.

The more needed and useful she gets to feel, the happier and better for you. If you want to be with the Virgo woman for a very long time, just be at all times rational and calm because she really doesn’t like emotional people or those who are crying too easily.

Seeing you committed to the relationship with her can have this lady feeling very impressed.

It’s possible she wanted to end things with you in the first place if you seemed somehow superficial, but if you manage to show her you can hold on to something and that you’re not going to run away from her at the first sign of difficulty, she’ll want to listen more to what you may have to say.

Be open in your suffering

If you don’t want to seem destroyed after the breakup with her, you could play the jealousy game and date other girls. She’ll go crazy knowing she’s no longer the perfect person in your eyes.

She’ll suffer a lot and start over-analyzing herself, thinking if there’s something she may have missed on doing perfectly when she was with you.

She’ll think of every little detail and remember all the strange situations between you two.

While generous and compassionate, the Virgo woman also has a way of ignoring her own emotions. She appears to be distant, reserved, passive, composed and even insensitive to other people’s pain.

However, she can really feel if you’re suffering, especially when she didn’t cause you to be hurt. She’s very proud of her decisions, so you should try and get as close to her ideal of a perfect man as possible.

This girl will probably get back together with you again if you won’t get back to your old habits. Let her know that you want your connection with her to be perfect and she’ll appreciate you for making an effort.

However, keep in mind she only likes a man who’s calm, cool and not quick-tempered. She simply hates drama, so don’t even think of crying or throwing a tantrum in front of her.

All that she wants is an open discussion in a nice place or to read a letter in which you’re confessing that you want her back and that you’re going to invest twice the efforts in making things between you two work.

This lady really enjoys taking on responsibilities and committing to new tasks, so she may go with your idea. It’s difficult for her to deal with failure and she surely doesn’t like repeating the same mistakes all over again.

It’s good to know these things about her before trying to be her partner again. She wants to see commitment more than anything else, so don’t hesitate to show her you’re ready for it.

Everyone knows people born in Virgo are almost obsessed with perfection, neatness and accuracy, so they pretty much admire individuals with these qualities. It would be better for you to have them all, especially if you’re looking to get back with your ex Virgo girlfriend or wife.

Make sure she notices you’re precise, attentive to details and disciplined. This is what she likes the most in men, not to mention you’ll have to work day and night for the reconciliation to happen.

She wouldn’t accept you doing things halfway because she’s known for doing everything as perfectly as possible.

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